Thursday, March 8, 2007

Class Action

I've thought a lot about it.

Is this a class action?

As I noticed there are advertisers that are going to claim Pixelotto regarding bad traffic, bad service, bad whatever...

But how many?

I've started project (LMB).

The idea is the following:

1. Find Internet Law firms and interest them in cooperation with LMB
2. Register advertisers that have feelings of bad service and give possibility to Law Firms to help.

Benefits are:

1. For Law firms: give them additional possibility to "show up".
2. For advertisers: meet their needs.

Now I negotiate with one Law Company about this service.
Everything seems to be OK but I need additional "forces".
I mean not only law firms but engaged people.

Who want to participate in this crazy project?
Write me an email if you feel ability to add power.