Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Traffic Tool for Advertisers

Hello Pixelotto Advertisers!

I've created traffic tool for gathering traffic data from Pixelotto for your websites.

Here is description of this tool:
Traffic Tool for Advertisers

The main goals of this tool are in the following:
- Collect traffic data from Pixelotto
- Compare it with traffic from another advertisers
- Present collected data in charts for better view

Starting from NY I'll create "View Module" of gathered traffic data.
It will include:
- TOP of most trafficable advertisers
- Charts that will show most trafficable zones on Pixelotto ad-board

The release of "View Module" is scheduled on 15th of January, 2007.
I'm inviting you now to participate in this experiment and help us to collect and share that traffic data.
For do this you need to place Traffic Tool Button on the landing page of your website, as described on PixelottoReport Traffic Tool webpage.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me via email or here in the blog.

Alexander Filatov

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stats details from Pixelotto advertiser

Hi guys!

I've got statistis data from one Pixelotto advert.

This advertiser bought 2 blocks - both 10 x 10 pixels.
As he said to me he is quite happy with it.
Here is his daily click stats: and his message:

Hi Alex,

Your is great - I
love it and subscribe to the RSS.
I bought two adverts on pixelotto, each for 100 pixels or $200, one
pointing to and the other to I am happy with pixelotto,
even though the traffic has not been overwhelming (I get about 40
a day on the first and 80 clicks a day on the second). My
objective is
not sales, just getting traffic (hopefully by those with the Alexa
toolbar installed). One thing I am disappointed about is that I
I would get some sort of statistical report from, but so
far nothing. I notice on some of the posts that other advertisers
indicate that they are getting some sort of report....

Keep up the good work.


Mike Blakley

EZ-R Stats, LLC

Just found that Alex Tew is a A-Plus!

"A-Plus" is a famous beat-box-man.
If you don't know what it is - the men make noices by their mouth and that noices sounds like a some musical composition.
So, I just found that Alex have founded the website HUMANBEATBOX.COM

This is amazing action! Look here on Youtube:

Ronny Size if I'm not mistaken :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

How much advertisers have bought 100 pixels blocks?

While playing with database data I've created the following table:
Here you can see how much adverts have bought what pixels blocks.
For example, there were sold 261 100-pixels-blocks
Also please notice that I've excluded adverts with removed ads from this table.


Pixel block











































Interesting, isn't it? :)

Interesting article from MediaLife

Guess what I've seen there? :)
There are screendump image from with the biggest advert ad have been removed from Pixelotto :)

The great RC.AM :)

BTW, Phil is collecting answers from adverts which ads were removed from Pixelotto and in few days, I guess, he will show us the adverts ansvers.

We're waiting, Phil, be hurry :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

PC Performance while clicking ads on Pixelotto

In previous post I've got a comment about PC performance while clicking pixelotto ads.
Here is the video that reflects this issue:

Thanks to anonymous that provided me with link :)

My comments to the video - It would be great if guy that record this video provided us with detailed information of PC performance while cliking on pixelotto and approaches how to avoid such a big PC load.
Maybe use some Windows tweakers or tools like them.
What do you think?

Some stats for you

... do you need any comments?

Hope things will be better after NY holidays!

Question To All Pixelotto Advertisers

Dear Adverts!

I'd like to ask you one but very important question.

What do you want more: Return your money back from Pixelotto OR case when your investments will bring you desired profit?

Please answer here as much as possible detailed.
I have an idea that maybe will help you in any of these cases.

All answers with information who are you, what is your investment and website link on Pixelotto you can send me by email
Thank you in advance.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ads removed from Pixelotto


I've compared previous states of and current state and have found that 7 (SEVEN) ads blocks have been removed from
Ads removed from Pixelotto

There are such companies:

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Wish list for PixelottoReport


Sitting here at my PC, drinking beer and working on new update for

The update will include information of all ads that were removed from

Also thinking on what additional and useful info can I present to your attention?
What information, statistics, and so on would you like to see on
I'm open to any suggestions!

First response from Alex Tew

Here is what Alex Tew told me regarding RC.AM and the dip in prize fund:

"RC.AM vanished because there was an error in the payment for that ad and we did not receive the right amount of funds. The prize fund can dip in cases like this, where payments fail or where people later cancel their payments."

So this means people CAN cancel payments, even after an ad has appeared for a number of days on the site and HAS BEEN APPROVED BY PIXELOTTO?!

I will set up a discussion forum for this soon!

Possible reason of RC.AM ads disappearance

A friend of mine, the owner of and also angry advertiser proposed the following reason of RC.AM ads disappearance.

He said that Alex needed a good start for his project.
And for do this he had follow deal with RC.AM Corp - Alex will post RC.AM ads and if RC.AM will pay full price after profit and ROI analysis.
In case of profit failure advertisement will be removed.
The fact of presence such a big advert on will whip up the rest adverts to bring money to Alex.

What do you think?

My friend's comment is below:
" skazal 4to daet baner, a zaplatit potom... kogda budet effect.alex soglasilsja, potomu 4to emu nuzhno bylo neskolko reklamshikov dla tol4ka.teper otkazalos' platit, samouverennyj alex ubral naxuj reklamu.copy by lyrinda"
Sorry, it's transliterated russian :) Literal translation: said that he will give banner and will pay sooner...when will be some effect from it.alex had agree, because he needed some adverts for kick off.Now refused from payment, self-assured alex get rid off f@cked ads. copyright by

Pixelotto Anger Management

I'm still continue receiving claims from pixelotto advertises regarding disappointment on their investments.

For example, Phil said:
These clicks are simply people "entering the draw" - they don't even look at my site!
I have emailed Pixelotto my concerns a few times and have been totally ignored!

Another disapointed advertiser Anonymous claims about ads that disapointed from in strange way:

The big question that this strange decrease of the fund raises is "WHAT IS GOING ON?" All I can think of is perhaps a payment didn't go through, but what if instead somebody was able to get his money back?

This is really interesting because in regulations there were said that advertisers cannot withdraw their money from "Company" ( in any way. BUT as we can see now there no HUGE ad from RC.AM Corp present in the pixels board.

Phil suggested to get all angry advertisers together and find out what is really going on there!

Is there any other advertisers that want to know real things?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Are the dead?

or dying...: Yesterday there were no pixels sold on!!! Here you can see this on 7-day chart!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Few small updates on

Hello guys!

I've made small updates on my pixelotto report website:
I've added personal page for each of pixelotto adverts and they're look like this:




and so on.

I'm planning to launch another interesting programm for pixelotto adverts within next week.
Keep in touch to get this first :)

Kind regards!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Last 7 days on pixelotto

This line graph shows how much pixels were sold on in last 7 days. You can view this graph directly from the website Pixelotto Report

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Notice for pixelotto pixels buyers.

I've noticed that there are exists two types of pixelotto visitors:

  1. Users that just clicking on ads
  2. Lotto Players - they're clicking ads to win 1 million :)

A friend of mine, the owner of gave me his stats: for yesterday there were visitors:

14 visitors - Players

4 visitors - just clickers

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Statistics on 12th of December (by now)

Advertisers registered - 14
Pixels bought - 6,700

- 138,500 pixels sold
- 378 advertisers registered

New updates: added web pages for each pixels buyer!

Hi folks!

I've made new updates on my - I've created web page for each advertiser.

Key point of such advert-web-page is:

  • Total investment of each advert into pixelotto ad campaign.
  • Total amount of pixels that each advertiser have bought
  • Links that adverts submitted on pixelotto to have traffic income.

Also I've added screenshot of almost each website - now I'm in process of creating the rest of screen dumps and will update with new screen dumps regulary.

Here is an example:

Advertiser: - RCAM Corporation - High-End Laptop Computer Manufacture Webpage: Screen dump:

RCAM Corporation

So, as usual, if you have any suggestions or coments - I'm looking forward for it. Next update will be statistic charts! Bye :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Some small changes

I've added distinguishing logic and now we can see real picture. 22 advertisers registered Today, and they're bought 4,200 pixels

Sunday, December 10, 2006

10,000 pixels sold of Sunday!

Seems like making money don't need time to have a rest :) 40 advertisers registered today, and they're bought 15,000 pixels! Reagrding website - I've started work on making charts that will show history of selling activity. Hope I'll deliver first version by Tuesday. I'll make a post here in the blog when I finish charts.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Weekend time :)

Seems like Alex have a rest time :) Stats are the same like yesterday. Will be waiting for Monday.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Is there some regularity?

Last update December 8, 2006, 12:59 pm
Status on this date:

28 advertisers registered
and they're bought 5,800 pixels.

So, from my previous post pixelotto's earnings raised.
The total amount of sold pixels is 111,000.

I think there is no sense just to write about status.
More interesting is write about data analysis.

I've pointed that best value brings not high paying adverts, but the lowest paying ones.
This is shows in the following table:

Pixels - pixel-type of adverts, e.g. 100-pixel advertisers.
Dollars - amount that advertisers brought.

e.g.: Advertisers who bought 100-pixel ads made value of $37,200

What do you think? Is there some regularity?

New Day has come! Another 16,300 pixels

Hello again folks!

I've read an article about Alex Tew and the main point of his success is that he doesn't spend his time in a University! :) After he's got his first million dollars he started thinking about new brilliant idea!

Lucky Alex has got another lucky day - there wese sold 16,300 pixels for 38 new adverts!

BTW, I'd like to ask something:
Does traffic from highly converted for advertisers?
Is there somebody who can say "YES!"?

In the end - statistics:
Date: finished December 7, 2006
Total pixels sold: 105,200 pixels!
More $10,000 - 2 websites
$5,000-$10,000 - 3 websites
$1,000-$5,000 - 37 websites (9 up)
$800-$1,000 - 32 websites (4 up)
$400-$800 - 60 websites (6 up)
and $200 - 166 websites (23 up)

Great! :)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

The 7th of December - First Analysis

The has launched!
Today is 7th of December and after first data analysis we can see the following picture:

- Total amount of sold pixels since 4th of December is 88,900 (we all remember how much one pixel costs :)

- Amount of advertisers by now is 230
friend of my, the owner of the website also bought ad place on the
Still don't know is he did the right thing :) I'm sure the ROI will be much more above Zero!

We can separate advertisers by money they're spent on ad campaign.
More $10,000 - 2 websites
$5,000-$10,000 - 3 websites
$1,000-$5,000 - 28 websites
$800-$1,000 - 28 websites too
$400-$800 - 54 websites
and $200 - 143 websites

My respest to the Alex Tew - he is genious!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

New 2 Million Dollars Homepage has launched!

From cteator of "1 million dollars homepage"!
Here is brand new website from Alex Tew of the famous Million Dollar Homepage, named "Pixelotto".
You can win up to $1,000,000 just by clicking ads on the website day by day.
This blog is live reporter from Pixelotto.
It will reflect all activivty on the website and give you to know:
- how much owner of the website earning each day :)
- how much and who are the Advertisers on the website
- process of increasing adv. area on the website
Keep in touch with this blog to have complete view of website's success!