Monday, December 25, 2006

Interesting article from MediaLife

Guess what I've seen there? :)
There are screendump image from with the biggest advert ad have been removed from Pixelotto :)

The great RC.AM :)

BTW, Phil is collecting answers from adverts which ads were removed from Pixelotto and in few days, I guess, he will show us the adverts ansvers.

We're waiting, Phil, be hurry :)


Phil said...

Nice post on the infamous missing RC.AM ad there ;)

Regarding contacting the seven removed advertisers, only one has gotten back to me. You can read about it here if you like:

I am waiting to hear if the guy is willing to go public with his name and website.

Anonymous said...

If you played it and clicked on this ad (RC.AM) it stays highlighted even to this date when it is remoevd and you cannot even click anymore on the ads that are covered by the highlight now - effectively counting a non-existent ad. It looks like a bug in the database or something...

Anonymous said...

come on - lets ban pixelotto and do NOT click on ads. Alex still owes e-comunity an ebook he promiced!

Alexander said...

Personally I don't like such slogans like "Let's ban" - it sounds like "come on let's do something first and think later".
If all of the people quit cliking ads on Pixelotto this activity harms advertisers first.
Alex earner more then $150K already and this is good for him.
He is the great man but the problem of Pixelotto - it doesn't have a story (like one of Anonymouses mentioned before in some of my posts).
If we want to win this game we should we should join our forces! Only with this condition adverts will get their desired traffic and Alex will earn his next million - everybody's happy :)

Anonymous said...

but what about ebook? he's cheating! he promiced ebook - he lied. i believe e-comunity has not forgotten about this

Anonymous said... is now closed.
What happened Phil?

Alexander said...

Regarding eBook - as I correctly understand him from his blog he's in writing process.
Have you ever write a book? :)
I don't but I think this is creative work and all creative haven't hard time limits.
Let's wait because I think he will finish it.