Friday, September 28, 2007

Moved blog under domain name

Now the new address of this blog is

There is nice feature of the Blogger - create blogs on your own domain names, not only under *
You may update your bookmarks if you want but old address also exists - just for redirect to the new one.

But something is wrong with RSS feed link, :(
I'll try to figure this out and fix it asap.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Got a mail from Pixelotto Player. Maybe you have the same problem

Few days ago I've got a email from one of Pixelotto players. Here it is:

My wife & I can't login to our Pixelotto Player accounts and we have no response to our emails. We tried changing passwords & do get the email reply ...but the new passwords don't work either.
I'm worried that we won't be counted in the final draw in December- or if anyone will collect the $.
Do you know if anyone else is having login problems?

I've asked that guy for approve of posting his email here but he disapeared.
So I just not publishing his name here.

So, Pixelotto players, do you have the same problem?

My attention took something else from this letter - the phrase "have no response to our emails". Looks like Alex Tew continue to behave in his old manner.
The draw date is very close!
Who will pay to the winner if Alex Tew ignoring his customers?
Will be a winner there?
Seems to me that things are not so optimistic and maybe he's trying to find out how to cancel the draw.
I hope I'm wrong with my thouhts, but ignorance fact it not the PRO for this.