Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another One Pixelotto Related Post

Hi Guys!

Do you still believe in Pixelotto?
That's all 'bout Pixelotto. :)

The next thing I'd like to talk about is the ways you guys earning money.
There are too many comments here in my blog from anonymouses that are introducing themselfs here as a men of business.

What business do you own?
Is this online business or offline business?
You can still keep your name hidden and sign your posts as Anonymous.

The second thing I'd like to ask you is the following.
I've created pixelottoreport.com website for the one goal: monitor Pixelotto activity and show up daily trends.
Now as we all can see there are no any activity and Pixelotto website is slowly going down.
And here in the blog you guys are cooling down too.
I don't see any reason to continue "masturbate" on Pixelotto :)

I want to start another theme that excites me the whole last year.
This theme is closely connects with my ways of earning money online.
I can exchange my experience with yours if any :)

What do you think about it all?