Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another One Pixelotto Related Post

Hi Guys!

Do you still believe in Pixelotto?
That's all 'bout Pixelotto. :)

The next thing I'd like to talk about is the ways you guys earning money.
There are too many comments here in my blog from anonymouses that are introducing themselfs here as a men of business.

What business do you own?
Is this online business or offline business?
You can still keep your name hidden and sign your posts as Anonymous.

The second thing I'd like to ask you is the following.
I've created pixelottoreport.com website for the one goal: monitor Pixelotto activity and show up daily trends.
Now as we all can see there are no any activity and Pixelotto website is slowly going down.
And here in the blog you guys are cooling down too.
I don't see any reason to continue "masturbate" on Pixelotto :)

I want to start another theme that excites me the whole last year.
This theme is closely connects with my ways of earning money online.
I can exchange my experience with yours if any :)

What do you think about it all?


Anonymous said...

Do you still believe in Pixelotto?

No, not at all, it is a cheap stunt.

What business do you own?

A local IT support business.

Is this online business or offline business?

"Offline" in the sense we do not sell products online, although we do have a website that our clients visit.

The URL I will not expose here to protect our business from spammers, time-wasters etc and to protect myself from the "Mastubration Man" :).

What do you think about it all?

The original MDHP was an interesting idea/stunt, thought clearly not a genuine sustainable business.

Pixelotto was a poor attempt to make more money out of the original idea.

Alex Tew has a lot of work to do to prove his is more than a "flash in the pan" and even more work to rescue his reputation.

Good luck to those people here trying to create something new and innovative.

Alex Filatov said...

Thank you, man!
I'm Glad that I have at least one real businessman reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

It seems that as interest in pixelotto has died down so has interest in your blog. Now you have added ways to make money through google adsense and are now trying to create some sort of 'conversation' to get people back and to hopefully increase your finances.

Not masturbating off this.. or pixelotto.

The funniest thing is your link for Ukaraine women - it's hilarious!

Alex Filatov said...

Yes, man!
Please come back and make me a millionaire! :)
If you familiar with Google AdSense or know paradigms of earning money with it you possibly know that to have at least $50 daily income you need 2,000 unique visitor to your online resource :)
This blog is not that place dude.
My AdSense ads are placed on other resources of mine.
Here I want to distinguish gold from shit, men of business from anonymouses.
Are you gold?

Alex Filatov said...

Regarding link of Ukrainian Women - this is for best SE rankings :)
You may visit it, may not - I don't care :)
Same thing is for Free Stuff link

alex fan said...

oYeah you are losing loads pf visitors since you block us being able to have fun by enabling moderation so Stuff you

Alex Filatov said...

man, you're useless visitor :)

Anonymous said...

Your now debating whether your vistors or wortheless or not? Who are you to judge this?

And, your little 'challenge' to the other anonymous post 'are you shit or gold'... seriously, if someone is a business man your little reverse psychology just to find out is bullshit... nobody needs to prove themselves to you.

Lets face it.. all you are trying to do now is make money off the back of Alex Tew! How sad!

Filip Roman said...

I think Alex Tew made one mistake with pixelotto : 1 year is too long to wait for players.

On the other hand, I think from september on there will be more action on and interest from media in pixelotto.

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned about Alex Filatov's claims that he has something big cooking, and while having made a half hearted attempt to put together a lotto money back website now decides that that is ancient history and everyone should get on board his latest project without giving details, demo, etc. Sounds like another Alex we once heard about.

I'm a real businessman. Hence my cynicism.

Erik said...

I'm a player and a businessman. My business is web development and it's very frustrating to play on your website. It's incredibly slow and often freezes my computer.

Alex Filatov said...

Thank you Erik for your comment.
There is no any game on my website.
You mixed up with Pixelotto.com

Alex Filatov said...

> I'm a real businessman. Hence my cynicism.
Yes man, you possibly right.
Developing process shouldn't start like my LMB.
Maybe this is the main reason why LMB project will not be released soon.
Also there are too many other problems connected to the legal part of the subject.
No one of all law companies I've contacted were interested in this problem - they don't see profit for them from this issue.

Bob said...

Alexander, I don't think you can succesfully start another theme.

Especially a generic one like "how to make money on the web" which is already vastly covered on other long established websites.

Yes, you're right, Pixelotto is finished, Alex Tew has taken the money, and any residual will and hope for refunds has now vanished.

So what is there to report or discuss about? Well, there is still the personal story of Alex Tew, which has been transformed into a web-reality show whith the MDHP. The rise and fall of Alex Tew. Can he recuperate from this failure or will he go further downhill? Your site can continue to monitor the situation.

Then there is the issue about the final draw, which assumes a new meaning with the pixelotto failure, since now we know there is not going to be any more rounds, and with no income coming in, the prize fund must look very attractive to Alex Tew. In the absence of third party auditors monitoring the draw, is it going to be played honestly?

Of course these residual themes are not going to be popular as the initial pixelotto interest or the subsequent refund discussion, and will further fade away with time.

But I frankly doubt you can transform the Pixelottoreport.com into something not related to pixelotto or alex tew. So I am sorry to read that you are endorsing the mindset of the sexually disturbed anonymous by saying: "I don't see any reason to continue "masturbate" on Pixelotto"

It would have been understandable if you had said "to continue to report and discuss on Pixelotto"

But if you consider it masturbation rather than reporting and discussing, then you should have called it "pixelottomasturbation.com" from the very beginning.

Alex Filatov said...

Thank you, Bob for your comment.
Majority of commenters are anonymouses.
And most of them are used to talk "masturbate" instead of discuss.
I just wanted to talk on language they used to, maybe they are better understand that way :)

Honetly I like my website and community around it.
From the very begining many advertisers were very interested in information provided by PixelottoReport.
That was great and very hot!
But today Pixelotto theme isn't interesting anymore.
I've digged into much more interesting theme and wanted to share it with all of you - this is about earning money, steps from my real practice, my misfortunes in it, my findings that brought me to good results and so on.
This is not about AdSense, but regarding it I can say that in AdSense were good results. This is much more interesting.
I think I'll create separate blog and will post my best practice there.

Bob said...

Yes, Alexander, the topic you mention is much more interesting, but there are millions of websites on this topic, subtopic, and subsubtopic, and pixelottoreport visitors already go to one of these websites when they want to discuss this.

On the contrary, pixelotto and alex tew is a topic of extremely low interest, even more now that all has failed, BUT your site pixelottoreport is the only website on this topic. It is site number 1 on a very small and insignificant topic, so you have your fair number of visitor.

If you had opened this same website on the topic of "how to earn money on the web" you would have zero visitors instead, because nobody would have ever noticed it even existed, and wouldn't care even if it happened to find it by mistake.

So your only assets is us, the visitors you have aggregated here to discuss the topic of pixelotto. If you change topic to a somewhat related but way too generic one like "how to make money on the web" I don't think any visitor will stick for long.

So I guess your proposed topic is not "how to make money on the web" but rather "who are you and how do you personally make money".

I doubt that many people will answer, given that the vast majority doesn't even share their name (signing as anonymous), so why would they now want to share even more personal information?

Filip Roman said...

There is some action on the pixelotto site.

Anonymous said...

well, this discussion does appear to have slowed up. There is nothing more to say about PL really.

On the note of topics to choose though, i suggest that Alex should maybe consider adding posts about mainstream news stories from the UK or the US. This way, there is more likely to be a steady inflow of people into the blog.

Then, when something does finally happen on PL, you can look at that as well.

maybe this blog was meant to be didicated to the PL site, however, PL simply doesnt provide enough news on its own.

Anonymous said...

Do you still believe in Pixelotto?

Yes, of course!
Pixelotto is truly brilliant. Simple, yet so powerful. It's OUR chance to win a Million dollars! Wow! Just think about that... Thank you Alex Tew for coming up with such an amazing idea and for being so generous with all of us!

What business do you own?

Fertilizers wholesale distributor

Is this online business or offline business?


What do you think about it all?

Although I agree that Pixelotto is exciting and hot, I wouldn't go so far as to masturbate over it. But hey, who am I to judge?

Anonymous said...

it's alex tew, not alex filatov that owns pixelotto.com :)

hence the similarity :)

Anonymous said...

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I would appreciate any thoughts you guys have!