Saturday, December 23, 2006

PC Performance while clicking ads on Pixelotto

In previous post I've got a comment about PC performance while clicking pixelotto ads.
Here is the video that reflects this issue:

Thanks to anonymous that provided me with link :)

My comments to the video - It would be great if guy that record this video provided us with detailed information of PC performance while cliking on pixelotto and approaches how to avoid such a big PC load.
Maybe use some Windows tweakers or tools like them.
What do you think?

Some stats for you

... do you need any comments?

Hope things will be better after NY holidays!

Question To All Pixelotto Advertisers

Dear Adverts!

I'd like to ask you one but very important question.

What do you want more: Return your money back from Pixelotto OR case when your investments will bring you desired profit?

Please answer here as much as possible detailed.
I have an idea that maybe will help you in any of these cases.

All answers with information who are you, what is your investment and website link on Pixelotto you can send me by email
Thank you in advance.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ads removed from Pixelotto


I've compared previous states of and current state and have found that 7 (SEVEN) ads blocks have been removed from
Ads removed from Pixelotto

There are such companies:

Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Wish list for PixelottoReport


Sitting here at my PC, drinking beer and working on new update for

The update will include information of all ads that were removed from

Also thinking on what additional and useful info can I present to your attention?
What information, statistics, and so on would you like to see on
I'm open to any suggestions!

First response from Alex Tew

Here is what Alex Tew told me regarding RC.AM and the dip in prize fund:

"RC.AM vanished because there was an error in the payment for that ad and we did not receive the right amount of funds. The prize fund can dip in cases like this, where payments fail or where people later cancel their payments."

So this means people CAN cancel payments, even after an ad has appeared for a number of days on the site and HAS BEEN APPROVED BY PIXELOTTO?!

I will set up a discussion forum for this soon!

Possible reason of RC.AM ads disappearance

A friend of mine, the owner of and also angry advertiser proposed the following reason of RC.AM ads disappearance.

He said that Alex needed a good start for his project.
And for do this he had follow deal with RC.AM Corp - Alex will post RC.AM ads and if RC.AM will pay full price after profit and ROI analysis.
In case of profit failure advertisement will be removed.
The fact of presence such a big advert on will whip up the rest adverts to bring money to Alex.

What do you think?

My friend's comment is below:
" skazal 4to daet baner, a zaplatit potom... kogda budet effect.alex soglasilsja, potomu 4to emu nuzhno bylo neskolko reklamshikov dla tol4ka.teper otkazalos' platit, samouverennyj alex ubral naxuj reklamu.copy by lyrinda"
Sorry, it's transliterated russian :) Literal translation: said that he will give banner and will pay sooner...when will be some effect from it.alex had agree, because he needed some adverts for kick off.Now refused from payment, self-assured alex get rid off f@cked ads. copyright by

Pixelotto Anger Management

I'm still continue receiving claims from pixelotto advertises regarding disappointment on their investments.

For example, Phil said:
These clicks are simply people "entering the draw" - they don't even look at my site!
I have emailed Pixelotto my concerns a few times and have been totally ignored!

Another disapointed advertiser Anonymous claims about ads that disapointed from in strange way:

The big question that this strange decrease of the fund raises is "WHAT IS GOING ON?" All I can think of is perhaps a payment didn't go through, but what if instead somebody was able to get his money back?

This is really interesting because in regulations there were said that advertisers cannot withdraw their money from "Company" ( in any way. BUT as we can see now there no HUGE ad from RC.AM Corp present in the pixels board.

Phil suggested to get all angry advertisers together and find out what is really going on there!

Is there any other advertisers that want to know real things?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Are the dead?

or dying...: Yesterday there were no pixels sold on!!! Here you can see this on 7-day chart!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Few small updates on

Hello guys!

I've made small updates on my pixelotto report website:
I've added personal page for each of pixelotto adverts and they're look like this:




and so on.

I'm planning to launch another interesting programm for pixelotto adverts within next week.
Keep in touch to get this first :)

Kind regards!