Thursday, December 21, 2006

Possible reason of RC.AM ads disappearance

A friend of mine, the owner of and also angry advertiser proposed the following reason of RC.AM ads disappearance.

He said that Alex needed a good start for his project.
And for do this he had follow deal with RC.AM Corp - Alex will post RC.AM ads and if RC.AM will pay full price after profit and ROI analysis.
In case of profit failure advertisement will be removed.
The fact of presence such a big advert on will whip up the rest adverts to bring money to Alex.

What do you think?

My friend's comment is below:
" skazal 4to daet baner, a zaplatit potom... kogda budet effect.alex soglasilsja, potomu 4to emu nuzhno bylo neskolko reklamshikov dla tol4ka.teper otkazalos' platit, samouverennyj alex ubral naxuj reklamu.copy by lyrinda"
Sorry, it's transliterated russian :) Literal translation: said that he will give banner and will pay sooner...when will be some effect from it.alex had agree, because he needed some adverts for kick off.Now refused from payment, self-assured alex get rid off f@cked ads. copyright by

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