Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pixelotto Anger Management

I'm still continue receiving claims from pixelotto advertises regarding disappointment on their investments.

For example, Phil said:
These clicks are simply people "entering the draw" - they don't even look at my site!
I have emailed Pixelotto my concerns a few times and have been totally ignored!

Another disapointed advertiser Anonymous claims about ads that disapointed from in strange way:

The big question that this strange decrease of the fund raises is "WHAT IS GOING ON?" All I can think of is perhaps a payment didn't go through, but what if instead somebody was able to get his money back?

This is really interesting because in regulations there were said that advertisers cannot withdraw their money from "Company" ( in any way. BUT as we can see now there no HUGE ad from RC.AM Corp present in the pixels board.

Phil suggested to get all angry advertisers together and find out what is really going on there!

Is there any other advertisers that want to know real things?


Edd said...

I hate to say it but most of the advertisers are idiots for going for it in the first place, and probably don't deserve their money back.

Clearly Pixelotto was never going to spread like the original MDHP did, because the press don't care that much. The previous one was a first, and was fairly unbelievable in how explosive it was and how virally the word spread. This time, people tend to shrug and roll their eyes when they hear about it - "wow, he's a genius" - great, but do they visit the site like they did last time? No. It's old news.

Anonymous said...


I probably don't deserve the money back.

Nevertheless, I will try to get it.

Anonymous said...

advertisers are 100% loosers that thought that if they missed mdhp they can get traffin from second attemp. i do not see any serious projects posted to or i am wrong?

David Bland said...

I think that it was a good idea or a quick pop in clickthrough traffic, but I figured that the interest would soon die out. The one thing that I find hard to imagine is that some advertisers would actually go into this believing that the clicks they received to their sites were anything other than entries into a contest. Surely most people have entered similar contests (such as where you click on ads fast and furiously just to get your maximum number of entries in and then you split! You couldn't care less about the ads and probably couldn't recall a single one you visited five minutes later!

Another problem is the high cost per pixel here. That fact alone makes it harder for advertisers to achieve a decent ROI.

I've just started a pixel ad site myself and I realize that most clicks are simply curiosity clicks. Therefore I am at least attempting to build into the system reasons for the viewers to dig deeper into the ad partner's ads (i.e thru contests and quizzes where viewers must answer questions about the ads they see, targeted placement and multiple ad placement throughout the site, etc.). There has to be some kind of lasting value for the ad purchase to be worthwhile for the advertisers.

I'm really rooting for this site (Pixelotto) to be successful, however. It would be simply terrible if even Alex Tew couldn't top Alex Tew!