Thursday, December 21, 2006

First response from Alex Tew

Here is what Alex Tew told me regarding RC.AM and the dip in prize fund:

"RC.AM vanished because there was an error in the payment for that ad and we did not receive the right amount of funds. The prize fund can dip in cases like this, where payments fail or where people later cancel their payments."

So this means people CAN cancel payments, even after an ad has appeared for a number of days on the site and HAS BEEN APPROVED BY PIXELOTTO?!

I will set up a discussion forum for this soon!


Anonymous said...

Alex, I think your coverage is starting to tend to focus a little too much on the negative. Although this might be your viewpoint it can lead to a dismissal of your arguments if they are seen as too one-sided. Just something to consider, all in all I think you're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

And obviously if people can "later cancel their payments," Tew will not be the one to tell us HOW to go about this. I don't think that emailing Tew with a cancellation request will work. If there is a way, it most probably has to do with Paypal.

Does the owner of pixelottoreport have a record of ads removed from pixelotto? We should contact the owners of those sites and try to find out HOW they were able to cancel the payment.

Anonymous said...

I don't see ways of "cancelling payments" through Paypal, other than to open a dispute for:
Item significantly not as described: You received an item that was significantly different than the seller’s description
If this is the case, we should identify what is the element we can claim was significantly different from the description. It must be something that allows us to make a strong case and win the dispute.

Anonymous said...

Could it have something to do with the day in which the ads on pixelotto were linked to a framed page with the pixelotto invitation to signup on the top and the advertiser actual page on the bottom frame?

Alex said...

To First Anonymous (December 21, 2006 9:11 AM):
Thank you for your comment, I'll try to increase quality of my website by adding more services and improving of already added.
But what do you mean by saying tend to negative?

Phil said...

Sorry everyone, the "negative" has been mainly started by me, not Alex (the owner of I am making a dedicated "negative" forum as we speak so pixelotto customers can continue the negative discussions, and so that Alex can keep the focus of his site on the "report" aspect.

Anonymous said...

Personally I very happy with Pixelotto so far. I only purchased one block and have already recovered half of the money back on my PANTS-N-NAT Store located on my site. I have also received over 1000 unique hits from Pixelotto. If and when Alex realizes he has to invest some of his earnings back into the site it will get even better. I do feel for the folks that spent large amounts on their advert. Big is not always better.

I personally call on clients to place adverts. I have found that by looking at their keywords and suggesting a few changes and explaining the power of a good link and fantastic search engine optimization, it makes for an easy sell. If you want to make money on the internet you have to work for it. Shame on the person that thinks by investing $500 in a website your going to get rich overnight.
Take a Peek

zack said...

I think when he first did the millionhomepage he didn't realize how profitable it was going to become. Now he is trying to make a business out this and the first rule of business is that the customer is always right, especialy when you someone makes a 20,000 thousand dollar purchase or his sales will be declining very fast.

John said...

I found another site, but it's quite different - it doesn't sell pixels, but rather letters.

Jack Smith said...

It's very simple. If paying via paypal, using their credit card to fund the payment. The user could file a 'charge back' claim through their credit card company, not paypal. Paypal would then put the funds on hold on Tew's end until the claim was complete. The claim would centre around if the user claimed their credit card was stolen and used to fund the advert, or they did not wish to make the payment. It could takea number of weeks to complete the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Alex has proved himself anyway. He creates in effect blank pages and asks people to pay thousands of United States dollars to place their logos on his pages. The fact that people pay him, is a sign of his brillance. The Tew sites have nothing except advertisements. If someone can make that work, then advertising on a content site will be very easy for such a person. He has on the last site in effect created a gambling site, and got advertising payments to pay for it. The next logical step would be a content site with advertisements on it. There are a lot of options, for example a newspaper online about cars, and then lots of car links. There are countless options. Google proved advertisments are the way forward for revenues, so Tew has a good future.

Anonymous said...

The last anon is clearly an amateur in this field.

People have paid for "a piece of internet history" in other words for being part of a site that was shown on major tv stations, newspapers, and magazines around the world. People paid for their share of fame.

The pixelotto model is completely different: the advertised supported lotto site has been done already, and has been done in a much better way than pixelotto. Yet, it has never had great success, and pixelotto is clearly posed to be a failure as well.

Yes, great discovery that a content site can implement the advertising revenue model, but good luck to Alex Tew to create and run a content site with enough traffic to raise $1M a year through advertising.

Alex Tew should realize he has a long road ahead, and go back to University to get the degree, which by the way is the reason he asked for our money and sympathy in the first place.