Saturday, January 6, 2007

Pixelotto Traffic Brings Sales!

Hello fellows!

I've got a message from Pixelotto advertiser Dan Grossman.
He told me that Pixelotto traffic on his website has brought him 5 sales!

His message:

You'll see daily clickthrough and sale counts from 12/8/2006 through 1/5/2007 and I update the stats regularly. As the blog entry discusses, I only purchased a single $200 block, and the traffic from that block has brought five new sales so far.
Pixelotto experiment

So, things not so bad :)

Friday, January 5, 2007

Registered users in TOP by Pixelotto Traffic Tool

Hi guys,

I really glad that some of you like my traffic tool.
There are 4 adverts registered in this TOP by now:

They already have started collect statistics for future comparison.
Total amount of clicks registered is 325 clicks.

If you're Pixelotto advertiser you can join this TOP here: Pixelotto Traffic Tool


Pixelotto PC Performance Bug has been fixed

From the beginning of Pixelotto we all have noticed that there is big pc performance problem while clicking ads on the board.

This is described detailed in this post performance while clicking ads

Personally I am lotto player too and want to win million dollars :))
Today I've got a comment on my performance post and wanted to check it by myself.
Guys, this is really true, they have fixed this at least!

We all can continue winning our million more easily now :)