Saturday, January 6, 2007

Pixelotto Traffic Brings Sales!

Hello fellows!

I've got a message from Pixelotto advertiser Dan Grossman.
He told me that Pixelotto traffic on his website has brought him 5 sales!

His message:

You'll see daily clickthrough and sale counts from 12/8/2006 through 1/5/2007 and I update the stats regularly. As the blog entry discusses, I only purchased a single $200 block, and the traffic from that block has brought five new sales so far.
Pixelotto experiment

So, things not so bad :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, 5 sales in the first month, but at a very low price of $1.95 each, that's not enough to even recoup the cost of the ad in the end.

So this news is in line with what we've been saying all along: traffic is low, conversion is ALMOST zero (which doesn't mean there are no sale at all), and ROI is negative.

I like it how Dan has his wording in the future "hopeful" tense, and not in the past "actual and factual" one:

"I fully expect a positive ROI on this campaign. A handful of medium size orders will cover the immediate cost of the ad and some percentage may even join my growing group of long-term repeat customers."

Dan said...


What makes you think the sales were all $1.95? The average sale on that site is $27.70.

Dan said...

Also, anonymous, regarding the tense of the post... it was posted December 16th, Pixelotto had just gone public, my ad had just gone up, there's no tense to write in other than future regarding results.

Anonymous said...

Dan Grossman sells TRAFFIC to people, so no wonder he is making sales from Pixelotto. It is also in his interests to make people believe that sites like Pixelotto work, when in fact they do not.

Dan said...

"Anonymous" would be Phil from That's the same line he used to respond to everyone showing success with Pixelotto for any type of site.

Anonymous said...

What are you selling then?

Anonymous said...

kind of bullshit must be. pixelotto could not work at all. and 1.95$ sales are bullshit but not sales.

Anonymous said...

I am the first anonymous, and I am not Phil. You'll find that most people here will sign as "anonymous" because there is no option to input a nickname.

As far as your reply to my post: what makes me think the sales were at $1.95? It's simple: the fact that you so casually omitted the sale amount from your detailed analysis on your site.

And now again, you gave us the average sale amount on the site instead of the actual sale amount you got from the pixelotto traffic. This further confirms that you are interested in generating positive propaganda for pixeotto rather than reporting hard facts.

I just hope you'll now refrain from making up a high sale amount. The lie would be self evident at this point.

Phil said...

I am "Phil" and have been none of the previous anonymous comments, however I totally agree with everything they have said.

People are not stupid Dan - they know Pixelotto is a terrible idea and offers no quality traffic. Trying to convince them otherwise just makes you look like an idiot.

Just like any site (Dan Grossman) that sells "traffic on demand", Pixelotto gives no value for money and should be shut down immediately before it takes any more money from people under false pretenses.

Dan Grossman said...

I'm not sure where you two are coming from. What do I stand to gain from promoting Pixelotto? Surely my comment on this barely-read blog isn't going to drive up Pixelotto traffic so much I get more clicks out of it. Nor are these comments going to get any of you to buy anything from me.

You also conveniently miss how my very blog entry you're discussing advises everyone to NOT buy advertising on Pixelotto.

"For most companies buying an ad on a site like this would be throwing away money."

"most of the clicks would be the result of curious advertisers or contest participants not interested in the actual sites being advertised"

Regarding how I "casually ommitted the sales amount" from my screenshot... that's because the sale amounts aren't in the screenshot to start with. They're from AdWatcher, a 3rd party ad tracking service, and their breakdown by day has only those columns shown.. date, clicks, actions, sales. Not that the exact amount of my sales is any of your business in the first place.

This is what I get for sharing my experience.. advising people NOT to waste money on Pixelotto.. and showing them exactly how many clicks I get so they don't have unreal expectations.

Anonymous said...

I said omitted "from your detailed analysis" not from the AdWatcher screenshot.

And regarding your comment: "not that the exact amount of my sales is any of your business in the first place", once you report your return on your pixelotto investment in such detail, you might as well include the most important of all: how much money you made on those sales.

If you think this is none of our business, just don't report anything because without the sale amount your analysis ends up being misleading, because some inexperienced webmaster (the primary target of Alex Tew's trap) might conclude from it that you can make 5 x $27.70 x 13 = $1800 (instead of the loss which occurs in reality).

Of course Alex's "Pixelotto Traffic Brings Sales!" enthusiastic title contributes to the overall confusion. It should be re-read as ""Pixelotto Traffic Brings Insignificant Sales ;("

Anonymous said...

mr Tew is screwed. it appears "The site is temporarily down for scheduled maintenance. We will be back online soon." on the

site is f*cking dead. it was too risky to launch same idea.

Phil said...

It is perfectly reasonable for a site to have slight downtime for site maintenance. Rest assured though, Alex Tew will have Pixelotto back up and running before you know it, as his greed wont let him keep it offline for long.

Anonymous said...

phil - you're right - he's back online :)
continue to click, loosers :D

Anonymous said...

Surely my comment on this barely-read blog...

so, you're saying nobody is interested in pixelotto?

are you sure it's a runaway success?

remember, it's the story and the discussion around MDHP that gave it success. no story, nothing to stimulate the imagination, no value to anyone.

'click and win'... it jsut oozes business value no?

anyway, gotta go.I have 10 ads to click on and close immediately as i want some of the ill gotten gains of TEw and I am not breaking any promises with anyone by doing so ;)