Friday, January 5, 2007

Pixelotto PC Performance Bug has been fixed

From the beginning of Pixelotto we all have noticed that there is big pc performance problem while clicking ads on the board.

This is described detailed in this post performance while clicking ads

Personally I am lotto player too and want to win million dollars :))
Today I've got a comment on my performance post and wanted to check it by myself.
Guys, this is really true, they have fixed this at least!

We all can continue winning our million more easily now :)


Anonymous said...

true... fixed. in both IE and Firefox. much better now. Still other bugs remain - displaying older ads which you clicked before and covering ads you haven't clicked yet (i.e. if you clicked on rcam ad, it is still being displayed as "clicked").

unfortunately the page will not bring a million at least not as it is currently going. the myth will die out very soon before reaching even a half of its goal. i don't think it will go over $200,000 for the prize fund. the trafic the advertisers get is simply not worth it (the players click on the ad and close the window immediately - do you recognize yourself in that?)

Alexander said...

Yes, sure, I absolutely agree with you - I don't look on the page I clicked.
But I bring traffic to the website ad I've clicked.

The website that decided to promote on Pixelotto have to create something like an EYESTOPPER to detain visitor and interest him.

The common scheme "just pay and get success" will not work there.
This is UNCOMMON way.
Isn't it?