Friday, January 5, 2007

Registered users in TOP by Pixelotto Traffic Tool

Hi guys,

I really glad that some of you like my traffic tool.
There are 4 adverts registered in this TOP by now:

They already have started collect statistics for future comparison.
Total amount of clicks registered is 325 clicks.

If you're Pixelotto advertiser you can join this TOP here: Pixelotto Traffic Tool



Anonymous said...

only 325 clicks? :(

Alexander said...

Yes, only 325 clicks on 4 ad blocks:
3 blocks with 100 pixels
1 block with 200 pixels

Traffic Tool was launched on 27th of December.
This is NY holiday period - dead period.

Such small blocks cannot bring huge amount of traffic.

I'd like to have registered adverts with huge ad blocks :)

Anonymous said...

This is Pixelotto - dead project.

Too bad the traffic tool can't generate traffic! That's really what's missing here...

Anonymous said...

Even those clicks are pointless because people will just click to enter the competition and not even look at the site!