Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Traffic Tool for Advertisers

Hello Pixelotto Advertisers!

I've created traffic tool for gathering traffic data from Pixelotto for your websites.

Here is description of this tool:
Traffic Tool for Advertisers

The main goals of this tool are in the following:
- Collect traffic data from Pixelotto
- Compare it with traffic from another advertisers
- Present collected data in charts for better view

Starting from NY I'll create "View Module" of gathered traffic data.
It will include:
- TOP of most trafficable advertisers
- Charts that will show most trafficable zones on Pixelotto ad-board

The release of "View Module" is scheduled on 15th of January, 2007.
I'm inviting you now to participate in this experiment and help us to collect and share that traffic data.
For do this you need to place Traffic Tool Button on the landing page of your website, as described on PixelottoReport Traffic Tool webpage.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me via email or here in the blog.

Alexander Filatov


Anonymous said...

good work!

Anonymous said...

Traffic is miserable wherever you place your ad and whatever size and image you have.

It's a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

please give some date for you site

Anonymous said...

I spent around $2,000 and got a big and visible ad for this:

60 unique pieces of junk traffic per day. This number is further decreasing every day.

Alexander said...

Near 10th of January I'll create simple statistic table with host and hits data of adverts visitors.
I have 3 adverts registered in the top already :)

Anonymous said...

Its all going down hill now, Pixelotto has the same concept as Million dollar homepage with a few alterations (the lotto bit), which meant the media wouldnt be interested in this a second time, will they? At present theres no media buzz

Anonymous said...

Hope Alex will find solution for that. Every advert wants traffic. If they think that they're screwed up with investment so traffic increase will they only hope.
And Alex will earn his $2mln :)

Anonymous said...

There can't be media buzz on this one. The free lotto advertising supported model is nothing new, and nothing of any interest whatsoever.

Alex Tew should really call it quit, refund whoever wishes to cancel their ad, and go back to University to get a degree, which he should remember is the only reason he asked for our money and sympathy in the first place.

Ironically he did not reach his goal, which was to pay for his studies and get a degree. The amount of money and fame ruined and confused him. He now has a last chance to get back on track with reality.

Anonymous said...

pixelotto dies...