Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stats details from Pixelotto advertiser

Hi guys!

I've got statistis data from one Pixelotto advert.

This advertiser bought 2 blocks - both 10 x 10 pixels.
As he said to me he is quite happy with it.
Here is his daily click stats:

http://www.ezrstats.com/test/pixelotto.htm and his message:

Hi Alex,

Your pixelottoreport.com is great - I
love it and subscribe to the RSS.
I bought two adverts on pixelotto, each for 100 pixels or $200, one
pointing to http://www.ezrstats.com/EZSXL.htm and the other to
http://www.ezrstats.com/EZSWOverview.htm. I am happy with pixelotto,
even though the traffic has not been overwhelming (I get about 40
a day on the first and 80 clicks a day on the second). My
objective is
not sales, just getting traffic (hopefully by those with the Alexa
toolbar installed). One thing I am disappointed about is that I
I would get some sort of statistical report from pixelotto.com, but so
far nothing. I notice on some of the posts that other advertisers
indicate that they are getting some sort of report....

Keep up the good work.


Mike Blakley

EZ-R Stats, LLC


Anonymous said...

if they do not sell but need just junk traffic than it is ok. but they could buy 1 000 000 visitors for that price...

Anonymous said...

to view their pixelotto stats, advertisers must login on: