Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some stats for you

... do you need any comments?

Hope things will be better after NY holidays!


Anonymous said...

How about adding some posts regarding the unresponsiveness for the players. I played for few days and pixelotto has become incredibly unresponsive (the highlighting of the clicked ads is slowing it down after only 100 or so clicks).

I suggest a post on the subject.

Alexander said...

I saw video on this issue on Google Video or Youtube.
Some guy have recorded computer performance while clicking Pixelotto ads. The load was extremely high and whole system were slow and unresponsible.
I'll post this video here if I find it.
If some one saw this video too please give me a URL and I'll post it here

Anonymous said...

Here is the link of the video mentioned in the previous post:

Alexander said...

Thank you, Anonymous.
I created post on this here: PC Performance while clicking ads on Pixelotto

Anonymous said...

Some good analysis of pixelotto can be found at .

His ideas are kinda neat too...