Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New updates: added web pages for each pixels buyer!

Hi folks!

I've made new updates on my pixelottoreport.com - I've created web page for each advertiser.

Key point of such advert-web-page is:

  • Total investment of each advert into pixelotto ad campaign.
  • Total amount of pixels that each advertiser have bought
  • Links that adverts submitted on pixelotto to have traffic income.

Also I've added screenshot of almost each website - now I'm in process of creating the rest of screen dumps and will update pixelottoreport.com with new screen dumps regulary.

Here is an example:

Advertiser: rc.am - RCAM Corporation - High-End Laptop Computer Manufacture Webpage: http://pixelottoreport.com/advert/wwwrcam515 Screen dump:

RCAM Corporation

So, as usual, if you have any suggestions or coments - I'm looking forward for it. Next update will be statistic charts! Bye :)

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