Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Notice for pixelotto pixels buyers.

I've noticed that there are exists two types of pixelotto visitors:

  1. Users that just clicking on ads
  2. Lotto Players - they're clicking ads to win 1 million :)

A friend of mine, the owner of gave me his stats: for yesterday there were visitors:

14 visitors - Players

4 visitors - just clickers


Furhaan said...

18 visitors?

That's quite a poor return on investment isn't it?!

Alex said...

I completely agree.
I want to understand dependence of bought pixels, the ad shape, smth else from profit.
And the result of such investigation would be the following: what ads advers should buy to gain most profit from such investment.

Lyrinda said...

Lyrinda it's my test project.
I'm using non-common promotion methods.
I'll calculate all results after NY 2006-2007 and will post here