Sunday, December 10, 2006

10,000 pixels sold of Sunday!

Seems like making money don't need time to have a rest :) 40 advertisers registered today, and they're bought 15,000 pixels! Reagrding website - I've started work on making charts that will show history of selling activity. Hope I'll deliver first version by Tuesday. I'll make a post here in the blog when I finish charts.


piove said...

I think the number you are posting as far as "pixel sold" on Sunday is incorrect.

Actually the counter yesterday was at something like 132,200 and today it reached 133,900. A net gain of 1,700 (very different from 10,000)

Most of these pixels where not sold today, but in the days around the launch. The space was left black and some advertisers today UPLOADED the image for the spot they had previously purchased.

Also, Bodog should be counted as a single advertiser; he has bought more than one block to include his image, but it is a single advertiser that registered (same goes for previously).

I think we can conclude it has been a slow weekend for pixel sales.

google said...

Actually you wrote 15,000, and as I say these pixels for the most part where not sold today, but previously.

And there is an interesting detail regarding advertisers who bought separate parts of the same image:

Each part of the same ad counts as a separate ad, so in the case of a player who wants to click all ads, he would have to make sure to click all part of the same image.

For example you have the big square which is in reality 4 different ads with 4 different codes (r163, r164, r165, r166).

So in rare cases like this one there is this an anomaly that a player would not be aware of.

He would click perhaps r163 and not be included in a draw for r164. Unless of course the rule will be amended and include all clickers of the four parts if one of the parts ends up being drawn.

Alex said...

Yes guys!
I've noticed that many advertisers are buying pixels many times and I'm fixin it - is a good example, this advert has bought pixels for big amount of money.
I'm wandering that I'll distinguish and group them by their website domain names.

Alex said...

piove, I suspect that I have a bit mistiming of daily sells.
I have to check it and fix in case of any issue.
Regarding to groupping of pixel buyers - I contrived how to do it and will do it ASAP (i think today in few hours)
Thank you for your remarks :)