Friday, December 8, 2006

Is there some regularity?

Last update December 8, 2006, 12:59 pm
Status on this date:

28 advertisers registered
and they're bought 5,800 pixels.

So, from my previous post pixelotto's earnings raised.
The total amount of sold pixels is 111,000.

I think there is no sense just to write about status.
More interesting is write about data analysis.

I've pointed that best value brings not high paying adverts, but the lowest paying ones.
This is shows in the following table:

Pixels - pixel-type of adverts, e.g. 100-pixel advertisers.
Dollars - amount that advertisers brought.

e.g.: Advertisers who bought 100-pixel ads made value of $37,200

What do you think? Is there some regularity?


piove said...

Yes, this is interesting.

Also, it would be interesting to have a chart that tracks the daily revenue (or pixels sold) for pixelotto. Possibly this could be paired to the alexa daily pageviews chart.

It would allow to monitor the trends of pixelotto, if and when it's loosing or gaining momentum, and so on.

Thanks for this site, it is very useful.

Alex said...

Thanks piove, this is interesting idea.
Yes, I'll add various types of charts soon, I have few ideas.
Thanks again! :)