Friday, December 8, 2006

New Day has come! Another 16,300 pixels

Hello again folks!

I've read an article about Alex Tew and the main point of his success is that he doesn't spend his time in a University! :) After he's got his first million dollars he started thinking about new brilliant idea!

Lucky Alex has got another lucky day - there wese sold 16,300 pixels for 38 new adverts!

BTW, I'd like to ask something:
Does traffic from highly converted for advertisers?
Is there somebody who can say "YES!"?

In the end - statistics:
Date: finished December 7, 2006
Total pixels sold: 105,200 pixels!
More $10,000 - 2 websites
$5,000-$10,000 - 3 websites
$1,000-$5,000 - 37 websites (9 up)
$800-$1,000 - 32 websites (4 up)
$400-$800 - 60 websites (6 up)
and $200 - 166 websites (23 up)

Great! :)


piove said...

I know of someone who bought a quite visible adspace on pixelotto ($1800) and is very disappointed with the low amount of traffic he is getting.

Also, the conversion is non-existent (currently ZERO).

Alex said...

Yes, piove, the main feature of such kind of traffic is very low conversion into potential clients :(

I really can't realize why these guys are spending tonns of bucks for it... Maybe point is in just show, everything will know that particular website is advertising on pixellotto... some kind of prestige, you know... :)

Alex said...

BTW, I've visited your blog, but I don't know Italian unfortunately.. so sad..

piove said...

I had warned him about the very low conversion (though this is beyond the worst predictions), but at least I thought it was going to bring a lot of traffic and exposure to his site. Instead, in addition to conversion rates, it was also a complete failure with respect to traffic.

It has been $1800 spent on a lesson in "advertising mistakes to avoid." Expensive lesson in my opinion. Save yourself the money.

Alex said...

I agree, very-very expensive lesson!

michael said...

Pixelotto vs tickettoamillion

I launched my website

on the same day as Alex. I had the idea six months ago and registered the domain name on the 16th August. The same concept but a one of attempt to get rid of my debt.

Please note this is not a copy cat website but my own individual effort to get rid of my mountains of student debt. I had this idea back in August, but the only little problem was I didn’t have a computer or know how to build a website. But by borrowing a computer from my little brother and by selling the idea to people and offering them free adverts on my site, I have managed to convince various IT companies and programmers to give me the help to complete this project.

So please come visit my website if only to see how similar they are. Also ask yourselves this question - where did Alex get the idea for this second website???

He is very careful not to say anywhere on his website or on his email that he sent to previous customers, when and how he thought of this second twist and dosnt even claim its a unique idea (strange dont you think!). His PR people have so far been unable to answer me the simple question of when/where and how he got this idea for the website?? All I want is an answer - but it doesnt look like im going to get one.

Alex said...


All I can answer you is if you want do make some crazy idea into real life you should do it as faster as you can! Otherwise somebody will do it first or steel it.
God luck with your website, hope you'll get rid of your debt is shorten period!