Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More than One Month from my last post

Hello guys!

There is too much time gone since my last post here.
Sorry for that but I have no idea what can I write here - there are no any news from pixelotto.com.
And I think stupid posts in "pixelotto fans" manner will be ridiculous.
You can see there are no any activity on pixelotto.com - 35 days from the last sale!

Maybe you want to see some new features on my pixelottoreport.com website?
If yes, what features would you like to see here?

BTW, few months ago I've implemented redirect mechanism for advertiser's links.
You may see "launcher" links like this one:
This is it.
With help of this launcher I'm gathering redirect statistic information from pixelottoreport.com to advertiser's websites.
But didn't implement view for this stat data :)
Do you have any ideas how this would be?


Anonymous said...

Seriously my friend, please give up hope on Pixelotto.

Five weeks with no sales proves Pixelotto is a dead idea.

Five weeks with no sales proves Pixelotto is a failure as the prize will never reach $250K let alone $1000K.

Five weeks with no sales proves Alex Tew has no credibility left and MDHP was a fluke.

Alex F, please use your time and skills to do other things, you are a good web developer/programmer and should work on a new project.

Anonymous said...

Any body knows when and where the pixelotto funeral will be held.