Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pixelotto Still Has Sales

Hello everybody!

I'd like to inform you all that Rocks! :)
It still has sales!

Yesterday the Onlien Casino Topic bought 100 pixels! :)

Are you still hazitating of success? :)



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just clicked on it. And promptly closed the page down again.

Filip Roman said...

It's weird that the pixelotto site has so little success (especially when compared with milliondollarhomepage).

150 clicks for $1.
150 Google ad-clicks cost at least $15 (and not all of high quality).

It's a pitty, because I'm going to win the jackpot:-)

Filip Roman said...

Look at alexa: the milliondollarhomepage is still more popular than pixelotto.

How is that possible?

Alex Filatov said...

I think because of domain age and amazing phenomenon - selling pixels! There were real shock how young student could sell pixels for real money :)
BTW, I'll win the lottery :)

Anonymous said...

Filip where do you get the 150 for $1 from?

Since the minimum purchase is $200, that means at least 30,000 active players!! Which is far more clicks than most advertisers are reporting.

Filip Roman said...

Good for us, then.
There are nearly 30.000 players. I expect they click all ads. If not, more chances for us.

Anonymous said...


Should we start a countdown to the draw on PixelottoReport?

Alex Filatov said...

Yes, good idea!
I'll create countdown.
There are so many anonymouses are producing good ideas but still stay hidden, without names, strange...
We all remember Micheal and also remember all Micheal's thoughts and I even don't know Micheal's gender but I remembered the name!
Anyway, thank you all for your ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

still masturbating on puxelgotto?

Micheal said...

We all remember Micheal

Ah, good old Micheal... Hey, wait! that's me!

BTW, since Pixelotto was started we've sold over 150k of services and this is still our first year of operations. We're taking on a new partner soon hopefully and we look forward to a big year in 2008, where we'll leave this year's results for dust as we expand overseas.

Two or three years will fly by quickly enough, and then we expect to be making some serious money.

Bottom line : you can make it if you work hard and have a product people want. Screw snake-oil stories. Their popularity only serves to show how totally unlikely and rare they really are.

And I'M gonna win the jackpot, you wait and see... Will be interesting having beers with Alex when he hands over the cheque and explains where he's been for the last year!

Filip Roman said...

Hi Micheal,

you wrote: Their popularity only serves to show how totally unlikely and rare they really are.

That's totally truth.
But it's good to have rare things in life, once and a while.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, No! Please, not another year long wait on a Pixelotto grid. Charge 10 bucks an ad and multiple giveaway prizes every month - that'll keep us interested.

Filip Roman said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I hope there still is a jackpot!

Looks like the site is dead and if he's ignoring his e-mails ... who knows? :S

I guess tomorrow is a year since pixelotto started (according to milliondollarhomepage blog). Hmm... But saying that no-one really does know when it all started. I guess we're all gonna have to wait a month to see what happens. Hopefully Alex hasn't drank too many pints and can keep to his word easy enough.

Anonymous said...

Pixelotto is alive and the jackpot is still there !!!!

This is what I received from them:

How would you like to start the new year $153,000 richer?

Well it's time to get clicking, because the countdown to the Pixelotto draw has begun...

On January 5th 2008 we will randomly select one lucky winner to walk away with a cool $153,000. Plus, a charity of that person's choice will receive a donation of $15,300. That person could be you!

Remember, you have 10 clicks per day so the more days you play, the bigger your chance of winning.

Good luck and happy clicking,