Monday, January 7, 2008

Just found an interview with Alex Tew just after his success

Really JUST found this interview, maybe some of you already saw it.

INTRUDERS.TV cought him at the MOO Stickers Party


Hugo said...

It's not "just after his success" but July 19 2007, when MDHP was anchient history and pixelotto had already failed from a long time.

In the video he talks about a new idea in the pipeline that will be ready in 6 months (which means January 2008) which will be a genuine startup with something tangible and useful.

Alex Filatov said...

Thanks, Hugo, I didn't notice that.

Anonymous said...

Useful my ass.

Anonymous said...

he is fucking genius!

Prince said...

"something tangible and useful"

a nice way of saying that he's going to pocket the 153k prize (tangible) to pay for his expenses (useful) while he's unemployed.

January is 2008 right now, isn't it?

huhah! said...

It's the 8th and still no results... what a douch.....

Anonymous said...

9th and no result... keep on masturbating... fuj counting.

Anonymous said...

"which will be a genuine startup with something tangible and useful"

so he admits that the pixelotto was neither!

he says, naw I'm finished with pixels, the next one will be genuinely tangible and useful. i.e. pixelotto was neither.

great, so why not offer refunds? He admits his service was useless.

Filip Roman said...

I'm curious about his new project. I hope he will tell me something about it (I don't dare to ask it, it's not very polite I think).

In the meantime, there is a small problem. I was stupid enough to fill in my playersname (witch is filip roman) as my real name, when registrating on

Luckily, my address and birthdate was correct.

Alex Filatov said...

Haha, this is funny but now I have new address because I have new apartments :) What have I do in this case?
(excepting fact that I should win the lottery first:))

Anonymous said...

filip said

I was stupid enough to fill in my playersname (witch is filip roman) as my real name, when registrating on

Don't worry Filip, you're not exactly dealing with someone who has a real process for choosing the winner or applying the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (remember those?).

Awesome really.

a) Filip (innocently) breaks the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and thus is disqualified but no worries, he's a believer.

b) Others dissatisfied with the game demand a refund but the TERMS AND CONDITIONS are held up in their face.

c) Turns out that Tew has already met Filip and it is therefore likely that Filip was earmarked earlier as the winner. For no other reason than Tew hates this forum, and reckons the cleverest revenge is to break the labyrinthine rules he uses to deliver poor service.

d) the "thanks for clicking all the ads" email indicates that they decided that that is going to be the criterion for choosing the winner, as obviously the randomness of choosing someone from the list could throw up someone who will not kiss Tew ass in public, and they will need some sort of excuse for how they chose the winner.

I doubt Tew is in league with Filip, I hope Filip enjoys the cash. But Tew is one to watch as being untruthful. I really do hope his so called "actually useful startup" bombs, and bombs badly.

dear dear dear

Kortvelyesi said...

If someone help me out with a "million dollar" idea, i would surely return something.

Kortvelyesi from Budapest