Thursday, January 25, 2007

Interesting notice

Few days ago I've got a message from one Pixelotto player with one comparison screendump of my and
Here is:

Strange thing...
I started thinking on it.
I've re-checked adverts data from my webste, re-checked manually adverts data from website... And don't have found nothing like 470 entries.

Today I was dawned with an idea!
Remember, the Lotto rules gives you 10 clicks per day? :)
This is it!
Unrealized click possibilities for 47 days!

Small gap from implementers:
The value of unrealized click possibilities shouldn't be more than total amount of ads on the board.

BTW, today is 570 entries "to go" :))


Anonymous said...

I was worried at first that not being able to put in ~60 clicks over Christmas would drop my chances. But today I've clicked every ad on the site - with clicks to spare.

Unless things pick up, everyone playing will be entered for each advert, taking out the intrigue of which ads are the ones to click.

Anonymous said...

Alex Tew as the Ace of Pixels is going to have to pull out something very special and very soon if he is going to save this House of Cards from collapse.

Without a steady stream of new advertiser to the site. Die-hard clickers will be left with nothing to click on and will soon lose interest. This will have a negative impact on any hope of attracting new advertisers to the site.

"10 clicks a Day" is that guaranteed???

P.S. I'm surprised Alex Tew hasn't came out with a "public" response to all the criticism.

Anonymous said...

let's continue to masturbate on :)

Alexander said...

Hehe :)
There are too many anonymouses likes to masturbate on :)

Anonymous said...

yea i want to see alex tew on here defending himself because he will be reading all these comments but will be too scared to reply!

Anonymous said...

cause these comments are not false - you guys better think about idea how to make money but not how better to masturbate on pixeloto na mdhp. Alex is cool anyway - he had you. he got money. respect. but i'd bought evo instead of mini...

Anonymous said...

he will not answer probably cause he does not give a fuck about what shit are you writting here.
lear how he had you and make cool idea.

TheMan said...

Regarding comments above:

"masturbatin" on scam a lot does not exclude that one is involved in a very successful business, so I would advise you to stop masturbating on how other people should concentrate on making money, since this is already happening. Not in your case I guess.

Regarding the blog post on the discrepancy between 462 advertisers and 470 entries, the probable explanation is simple: as was pointed out previously, some big ads are really pointing to multile links (therefore entries) even though they generate from the same image. See for example, which is 1 advert, but 4 entries.

Alexander said...

I must admit that I've added a mistake in website header.
By now there are:
- 415 advertisers
- 464 ad blocks
registered on
I'll fix it asap on my website.

Alexander said...

So many anonymouses are here.... :)
Guys, are you scared of something?

Anonymous said...

we do not know how to input nickname. we are lammers in IT

Alexander said...

And your computer were gifted you by your grandma when you came of age? :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, exactly! i can press ctr+alt+del with 3 fingers - is that cool?

Alexander said...

I can teach you for free another key combination:
Ctrl+Alt+Reset - that's really rocks! :)

Anonymous said...

Alexander i dont have time to write my name

Anonymous said...

Alexander - so what i have to do in return for learning crtl+alt+del pro technics?

Alexander said...

You only have to buy my book "How to become proficient in Ctrl+Alt+Delete technique in 10 days" and read it before going to bed :)

Anonymous said...

i do not have a credit card... i am homeless... :( may be you can send me 1000$ so i can buy book from you. trust me you will make business.

Anonymous said...


Alex fan said...

Pixelotto rocks over $150 K in lotto prize fund($300k in revenue. Yeah despite what the sceptics on this board say it is 1/8th on the way to target!!!! ALEX is KING and you lot are the PEASANTS. Advertisers are getting outstanding value 4 money.

Anonymous said...

Alex fan - wanna lick my balls? what king of value is it for advertisers? go kill yourself :)

Alexander said...

Regarding last comments.
I have to turn on comments only for registered users.
Sorry Anonymouses.
I can stand such stupid comments on your stupidity mearurement here in my blog.
If you have something to say here and you think it is important for others - log in and post.
You're welcome only in this way.

Phil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phil said...

Nice one Alexander! :)

Just thought everyone might like to know that Alex and his team are definitely following this blog.

A few weeks ago I wrote to the Pixelotto team under a false name, asking if they still thought it was worthwhile taking an advert on the site (see previous blog entry).

They asked me to get back in a week or so, and they would give me some stats on the site.

I did get back to them after a week had passed.

However, 2 weeks or so have passed since then and they didn't get back to me.

Why? Because they obviously have read this blog and seen that the email was not from a genuine potential customer.

So come on Alex, stop hiding and please come and defend your site! We know you are there! ;)

pixelya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aTreasury said...

I am new to pixel things. is it worth to advertise my website ( at pixelotto? i heard that it is possible to buy unused pixels at milliondollarhomepage at 0.1$ a pixel - is that for real or someone is joking?

aTreasury said...

Sorry - link did not attached - site link

pixelya said...

Alexander, Good work. May I ask you if you have diagrams that shows selling action from the beginning and not for just one week.

Visitors, why don’t you give us your expectations for pixelotto and your analysis for what is going on ?

Alexander said...

To aTreasury
I never heard on possibility to buy unused pixels at milliondollarhomepage.
Seems like there are every pixel on MDHP is in use.

Alexander said...

Thank you, pixelya
Regarding diagram that display whole sales picture from the beginning - I'll create such in few days for you.
Let's say by 5th of February, OK?

Benito Camela said...

DUH! Its OBVIOUS... whoever sent you that screenshot is an asshole.