Sunday, January 21, 2007

Location of pixelotto adverts

I've got a message from Mike Blakley.
He had posted some interesting data of his pixelotto links.

Pixelotto - Location makes a difference


Anonymous said...

so we can continue to masturbate on pixelotto...

Micheal said...

so we can continue to masturbate on pixelotto...

a less puerile comment would be appropriate here

perhaps I would ask why someone would pay 600 bucks for 3 squares when for 1% of that Sergey and Larry are bringing people to me every day. And with me in mind as well, not click and forget visitors (like me, that reminds me, been ages since I clicked. I might win something...)


I propose : this blog be terminated by Alex Filatov (who has done an outstanding job) and a new one started where people exchange ideas on how something might work.

any name will do. just set the appropriate tone.

and for those who wish to sue alex tew, well, you have a case, but yu also have the option to let him get away with it and focus your energies on something meaningful and instead of recuperating a few hundred dollars (valuable, I know) you could make millions more by focusing your energies where more productive.

I say sue the bas**** but you may lose. And in any case, just ignore the guy. Success is worth more than schadenfreude i.e. move on

Anonymous said...

i agree and my comment was exactly about that - stop masturbating on his page and your pixels - you will not get your money back! do not be loosers - focus on promoting your business ideas.

Edd said...

OUCH! $600 for 29 clicks.

And these are low-value traffic clicks too.

Gotta hurt a little bit!