Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still worth investing? Let's hear from the Pixelotto Team...

I asked the Pixelotto team if they thought it was still worth a new advertiser taking out an advert on Pixelotto. Here is what Chris from the "team" had to say:

Things have indeed been a bit slow in the past couple of weeks.

Part of the problem is that the site has been literally slow for players, which means there's been a reduction in the number of clicks over what we'd expected. However, we've just released a major site upgrade, and things are back to normal now. We'll be contacting all our existing players soon to let them know, and they should be back and clicking soon.

With the site back up to speed, we're also in a position to really get out there and start agressively marketing the site to new players, which is our main priority for the new year.

If you're unsure, I would give it a week or two, get back to me, and then I can give you some up-to-date representative click stats.

Interesting :)


Anonymous said...

I want my money back.

This thing has not turned out to be as planned, and it is time for the "pixelotto team" to aknowledge the failure and warrant refunds to advertisers who have requested a cancellation.

No player is clearly going to ever "win $1 million" as promised, thus taking away the appeal of the site and any hope of a positive return for advertisers; major loading problems made the site almost unusable for the first crucial month, yet advertisers were charged with no shame and cancellation requests have been ignored or rejected.

In addition, an advertiser was told that nobody was getting refunds, in face of the evidence showing that a selected few were able to get one.

I want my money back. Period.

Anonymous said...

I found some interesing comments on related to this topic. Here they are:
it's a "failure" in the sense that he is not following up with the implicit promise of tons of publicity.
he sold 95% of the site BEFORE it launched by saying "I promise this one will be at least as good". he deserves to be asked for refunds, he is NOT DOING HIS JOB.

he can't the product has no value.

Anonymous said...

And more from the same author:
What TV newscaster worth their salt would promote this obviously lazy, greedy, unimaginative follow up? there's no value for the viewer. the initial story made the viewer feel good or inspired hence a newscaster will broadcast it. now, the newscaster would simply be Tew's thankless pimp. Note : he thought he could do it all without trying, hiring his mum and his opportunistic brother, rather than people who might challenge him and his ideas. Lesson for Mr Tew : find people who will challenge you and are smarter than you, i.e. most people.

Anyhow, I think the kind of people who follow blogs do so for intellectual excitement, none of which pixelotto delivers. I'm sick of the word pixel, it communicates zero value and I think tew is broken record every time he uses it. maybe he's too busy coming with the e-book on his incredible creative skills, you know, the kind that he demonstrates by driving a pansy mini and being a "college drop out" with a "low attention span" because staying in college might force him to not be the smartest in the room and have to deal with people who think different to him.

Such hubris.

In short, 143k or not, he doesn't deserve it as he hasn't delivered on the basic premise of the site

Anonymous said...

interesting comments indeed

and here's more from comments in another blog (

it's a quote from a certain person's website, what does he say?

That’s why it’s sad to see all those pixel-copycat sites sending out badly-written press releases thinking that just sending out a press release will create interest. It won’t! Forget copying my idea, no other individual will become rich from a Million Dollar Homepage copycat site. Do something different! And I do not mean a pixel-site-with-a-twist! Do something TOTALLY different! If you do something unique, totally unique, then you will stand out.

which site were these extraordinarily prophetic comments from again?

answers on a postcard please... or check out the link above...

Anonymous said...

if a writer gets paid an advance for a book, and then doesn't write the book, is the publisher entitled to the money back?

so, if Alex Tew gets $130.000+ advance from people on the premise that he will bring them decent web traffic through his PR efforts and story etc and then doesn't should he refund people?

should he in fact pull out all the stops to make sure he helps his customers get value for money?

should he be on telly? in the newspapers? or is he on a beach in the carribean blissfully whiling away the british winter while he assumes people are now working hard on his behalf, clicking on pixels and putting cash in the bank?

read his old blog, he still has a common sense approach while the old site was winding down as he knew he'd gotten lucky and worked hard. he talks about deferring his degree, not living it large in london like a lad while everyone made him rich with his "sustainable business plan". He realises that he got rich and had to workall day long for months (admittedly, this amounted to fielding calls and emails, but energy expended nonetheless) however as he settles into his plush pad in the city, he bgins to feel that he is indestructable and has neatly sidestepped ever having to work again.

I'm sure he'll figure it out, close the pad, go chill out at home for a bit, call up some of those peple who offerd him jobs and say 'let's work on somethign together' but really until then, he's a one trick pony munching through the last of teh hay from his adoring fans...

as long as he doesn't end up as a barfly telling al who'll listen that he coulda been a contenda...

Anonymous said...

advertisers - go kill yourself - it is absolutely your problem that you invested in this piece of sh*t. you are loosers so live with it

for Alex's team it will be extremely hard to advertise project cause everybody thinks now it is not good to invest to...

Phil said...

Another genius shares his well thought-out opinion with us all there.

Lol :)

Phil said...

Apart from Mr."advertisers - go kill yourself", there were some very good points made in the previous comments.

My next question is: Where is the amazing Mr.Tew himself in all these Pixelotto discussions? Has he ever "lowered" himself to actually come and defend his ideas on any of the blogs, forums, etc? Or is he above all that? Has anyone ever seen him comment or defend himself?

Ammar said...

Although the original idea for the milliondollarpage was good, people came to check out the page for its uniqueness value, and actually clicked on one or two of the ads to see what its about, as their is an actual in the page and the idea.

The new version is a completely different story. Its about visitors signing up and clicking as many ads as they can. This just means that visitors click one after the other without even checking out the opened windows. There is no interest in looking at the page; it is only being clicked to get a chance in the lotto.

Good idea for effort, but overall a concept that unfortunately doesn't work too well. If you're looking for hits, sign up for it. But if you're looking for actual sales, probably not.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see how they will manage to advertise project in future cause it has already lost the battle... and noonve would believe it worth to invest. well, i don't...

Anonymous said...

Pixel Lotto is a marketing scam.

The website is a complete failure and advertisers are entitled to a refund.

Mr Tew is quoted in a BBC article before launching Pixel Lotto saying the following:

"This idea has longevity,"

"I don't know anyone who doesn't want to win $1m dollars, so I can keep doing it again and again."

If anyone thinks it will reach $1MIL they are dreaming. It will end well before that mark and he will take off with your money.


Phil said...

Has anyone noticed that since about two weeks ago, Mr.Tew is no longer paying for sponsored search results on Google for Pixelotto?

Maybe that shows just how much confidence he has in the idea, and also how much he is willing to invest back into it to give his advertisers value for money.

Anonymous said...

i put a posting on one blog urgig people to click the pixelotto gogle ads like billy-o and take some money back from the guy, perhaps have them on a page where teh fraction of the ad revenue goes to a charity (and loads to google itself of course)

I assume he or someone is reading these blogs in dismay trying to figure out how to get people blogging positively about him.

who knows, maybe some charismatic internet entrepreneur may come up with a similar scam with a story that the papers actually like and learn from all the mistakes made here (and importantly, from all the things that went right about the first million dollar page).

think about it, there were so many stories in version one, the poor student story, the testimonies from satisfied clients, the page that brought a patchwork of the business world together long tail in action... the stakeholders were numerous and ordinary but each one special. and it's not like Tew was a gernius and planne dit all out he basically acted with common sense and allowed things to fall into place. and if the newspapaers and telly DIDN'T like the idea, he could be here til now trying to get his neighbour to buy 100 dollars off him.\
the story sold papers and got TV eyeballs, THAT is why everyone heard of it. and the media came to him.

quite possibly he's rounding up interviews as we speak, but you'ld want to really do the guy a favour as anewscaster to promote this story.I mean we'd all like thousands opf people to send us cheques, but that's hardly a reaosn to come on telly.

Anonymous said...

and now 1 not successfull idea is putting his name dead in ground

Anonymous said...

Everyone file a claim with Paypal before it's too late!!

He's hiding behind his "pixelotto team" hoping he will get away with this scam.

Phil keep fighting for whats right!

Anonymous said...

hey you loser advertisers you took a risk with pixelotto and you dont make cash tough sh*t. Alex has made himself another 148k already more than you crap sites will give the guy a break...if you cough up $200 bucks per square and dont make a return then that is your problem not alex' NO REFUNDS 4 YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY LOBS TRYING 2 GET TRAFFIC ON THE CHEAP

Phil said...

That could be Alex Tew himself talking there! lol :)

Anonymous said...

For those who say it's not a failure, look at it this way. Alex intended to turn this into a business model, he looked at it as a way of creating a Millions Dollars every few months. I'll be amazed if he achieves this the once. Ok so he's bagged $148K so far but at what cost? Prior to Pixelotto, Alex had most people’s respect. He seems to have lost that the instant he launched this new site. And with that could be the loss of all those opportunities that came about as a result of the MDHP.

Anonymous said...

"on the cheap"? It was meant to be "good value" or "bang for your buck". It wasn't meant to be some kind of mystical "invest in my Prester John / Northwest Passage / discover Atlantis mission", apparently there was a real product out there, and a promise from a vendor.

Why not take this seriously as a product not delivered? Why not?

OK, example : Alex Tew says "I'll buiold a balloon with your ads on it and fly it all over the UK so you get loads of exposure. Millions will see it and you'll get exposure". Alex instead builds the balloon out of papier maché to cut costs, doesn't bother fuelling the thing as he assumes someone else will do it, and last seen it was lounging in the treetops over a small house in Wiltshire.

Would that be cause for a refund?

Alex says to old clients "I am going to outdo my last job, it'll be really big hence you ahve to pay double for it. I promise i'll work hard to make sure your ads get noticed and people have the opportunity to visit your site". He doesn't do ANYTHING.

I have no doubt that had the BBC / CNN / Time magazine / etc picked up on this, and made all the effort to contact him, set up appointments, etc etc etc A Tew would happily have fielded their calls and basked in the glow of their attention. What Alex forgot was that he had to do something, i.e. work, sell, make calls do everything you're supposed to do.

Why is everyone so keen to protect and support a scammer? Tew's hubris protects him from realising that he's selling snake-oil, but he has to realise that he screwed up adn let down his customers. and therefore in a well regulated consumerist society he owes people a refund for Marketing Services Not Provided.

PayPal doesn't think Marketing services are tangible, but they are. What' you can't pay for services on the Internet? Only physical goods? Rubbish. Pay 'em back. And Tew should be honest enough to encourage PayPal to do so. If people don't get the goods promised (Marketing Services) then pay back for heaven's sakes.

Imagine Tew paid the plumber to fix hisleaky toilet and the plukber showed up and did a cursory inspection adn left it at that as he had a "low attention span" and claimed "ah don't worry I'll get aorund to it sooner or later". I bet he'd completely understand... He'd probably even fight to the bitter end for the plumber's right to do jack all just becuase the contract wasn't tight enough.

I just don't get the people who support this kind of nonsense. Advertisers had every reason to believe that Tew would deliver on his promise. If you are honest in business and deliver then you will prosper. Tew just thinks everyone else is stupid, and therefore a justifiable victim. Naive perhaps (those RC.AM tied payments to results... well done RC.AM!) but nobody signed up to be ripped off.

Would be interesting to see an actual court case, surely the small claims court could settle this with no real expenses for either side, the company is a legal entity and therefore sueable. Tew could use the publicity!

BTW, the traffic stats in the MDHP vs PL plots are fascinating.

Alex Fan said...

TOUGH SH*T you advertisers paid $200 a square and got your ad posted thats WHAT WAS ADVERTISED and NO REFUNDS as well.....SO YOU GOT WHAT YOU PAID 4....As far as I am concerned you can GO 2 HELL if NO ONE LIKES YOUR PRODUCTS THEN IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITES..and stop complaining about ALEX and come up with something better yourselves...he's got another well deserved $150K already and hopefully more once he gets some more idiots to cough up like you bunch of LOSERS !

Anonymous said...

This is the type of person who becomes an Alex Fan these days.

I heard that a group of Alcatraz expatriates and the Thief Anti-Discrimination league are joining in as well in support of Scam a Lot.

Anonymous said...

TOUGH SH*T you bunch of LOSERS !

wow. you're so right. really.

there I was thinking we could discuss the pros and cons of business ethics when the the vendor is not holding himself responsible for the quality of his service. When really the answer is that sometimes it's OK to rip people off.

this is a bigger debate than gimme my money back, and it helps us all think through related issues rather than stick our necks in the sand.

and if refunds are offered to some, then offer to all. It's a bit sickening to see someone hold on to money without delivering a service, rather than admit the goods were not delivered.

and strange to see someone with a limited vocabulary try to stir things up. my tip to you is, 'make the sightest effort at a rational response'. Sort of like Tew making the slightest effort at doing his job. Or facing the rabble at the gates.

Let them eat pixels, he's probably saying to himself.

Anonymous said...

With regards to the "Limited Vocabularly" comment made "ABOVE" maybe the guy's got a very big vocabulary but just has no time 4 lo-o-o-sers!!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Alex Tew in taking the money and running away after pixelotto's collapse.

That money does not belong to you, give it back!

Alex Fan said...

NO REFUNDS I REPEAT NO REFUNDS you useless lazy have got your pixel ads bringing you useful traffic so GET LOST and STOP COMPLAINING

Alexander said...

I will turn comments off if you guys will be fighting here.
This is not a refuse pit.
Only advisable, essential comments appreciated.

Micheal said...

Limited Vocabularly
that's vocabulary, without an 'l'

moderator's comment is well taken, we all enjoy the privilege of public comment on this blog so let's make the effort to make the experience worthwhile

I guess the topic is running out of steam, and it's due to the non-story of the origin, namely

but it is a GREAT story to help people pit their thoughts against the possible phenomenon of 'crowd sourcing' people who for intangible benefits will aid the enterprise of another, regardless of the eventual benefactor

if we all put our money to 'charitable' causes or 'right thinking' political action we'd possibly make this world a better place, but really this debate shows that at the end of the day this is a debate on celebrity, not substance.

a fund for famine victims in Darfur, for rape victims in Pakistan, for alcoholics in our own neighbourhood will never be talked about.

but hey, let's throw our money at someone whose stated goal is to never work again

where's bob geldof when we really need him? and where's his clickable website?

Micheal said...

Part of the problem is that the site has been literally slow for players, ... and they should be back and clicking soon.

what sort of alternative reality do these people live in?


No doubt once the flux capacitor has been reconfigured and Merlin waves his magic wand, the rain will fall again on the dry plains.

clearly the reason this has not been in the news is because people are waiting longer to see those pages they will immediately close.

Dang, they really should have hired that OTHER programmer.

guys, guys, guys ... and Diana ...

this is a non event, and people have sunk money into another dot com

except this times the venture capitalists and pension funds have not been the losers, but Joe Public, a step down the ladder of Web 2.0

it remains to be seen if the investors this time are willing to bring this fraudster to book.

Earth to Tew. Your site is not working. You cannot make it deliver. You should refund the money NOW and close the website.

but no

hubris is its own reward...

Anonymous said...

When I go to Pixelotto site and read the following sentence:
"With a $1m jackpot on offer for one lucky web surfer"
I wonder if this senrence is legally correct or not ? I think it carries a promse with a matter that the announcer is not sure of its happening
And when I reach to the following part:
"Pixelotto is set to become a global internet phenomenon"
I fall into the grund of laughing

A. R.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, just found do you think this will work?

Anonymous said...