Saturday, January 13, 2007

Traffic Details: Comparison of Pixelotto and MDHP (Million Dollars Home Page)

Hi guys!

I've created page that reflects current traffic picture of Pixelotto.
You can compare it with MDHP traffic details too.

Pixelotto Traffic Details
Click to see pixelotto traffic details
Do you see some dependence? :)


Anonymous said...

actually they only visually simmilar.
in case with pixelotto it was coming up because site was launched and everyone to see it... but with mdhp it was because pixels are being sold at ebay.
they are close not simmilar situations...

Anonymous said...

one has to question your editorial integrity since your site is so dependent on pixelotto's notoriety. it's not in your best financial interest that pixelotto fail because that would reduce your traffic and your income from the sites you have.

what say you?

Anonymous said...

pixel lotto is already a failure!

This website is only reporting the truth instead of giving people false hopes of instant riches.

The only person who caused pixel lotto to fail is Tew himself but launching a copy cat site of his original idea.

Something he said could never be duplicated with success ever again!

Alexander said...

To anonymous that asked about my interest in Pixelotto.
The perfectness of my website is that it will be interesting in any case of Pixelotto success or fail.
I win in any case.
So I will be glad if Pixelotto website will reach the success or it will fail (Hope it will get success)

Anonymous said...

it was risky but if pixelotto is succesfull than we coulb be considered as a god of emarketing cause he waited year and launched the same at the moment when hundreds of similar websites are online...
he risked and lost...

Anonymous said...

he hasnt "lost" ... he has made money with pixelotto already.

he wasnt the first to do the pixel thing. he wasnt the first to think of pixel lotto (i have that distinction). my pixel lotto venture failed because of marketing. there has only been 1 successful pixel site and that was his.

the reason his pixel lotto site is the only one that has a chance of real success is because he had the notoriety, visitors, advertisers, press.

as far as the owner of this site is concerned, he has proven he has a bias with his response here. if Tew fails this site will become irrelevant. if Tew really succeeds with pixel lotto this site will benefit far more. this site's editorial bias is clear.

Anonymous said...

This website is only reporting the truth instead of giving people false hopes of instant riches.

actually, I like the idea of discussion around the whole "get rich quick" topic.

the MDHP was an accidental get rich quick enterprise, and it worked through its novelty. people who advertised may not all ahve gotten sold ROI on it, but I bet many did it for fun too, and that is something that made it worth while for them.

but once it became a business, and things got serious, the grey areas have become exposed and people are demanding service (not even ROI itself). I think that if Alex Tew walked up and down Oxford Street with a placard advertising the site, and put paid for ads on telly and so on and so forth, people would not be clamouring (so much) for his head (or their money back).

It's just that having promised something that would definitely work and then having nothing to show in terms of effort for the money paid it begins to strain one's sense of patience. Effort includes not only making calls to advertise the site to TV people, but also thinking and working out creative ways to boost the site's popularity. Work, basically. Services rendered.

Perhaps a court case woudl bring all this out in the open and show clear debate on the topic. And it could well be the boost the site needs for popularity.

but even then, the "click and close" nature of the prize draw still wouldn't do anything for advertisers. It was the emotional value of being part of the grat adventure, with so many groups of stakeholders, one big community all pulling together that made the first happen. the newscasters, page viewers, advertisers and all of us were happy to play our parts in what was essentially a community project with the Grand Jester (not a negative term....) Tew leading the merry band as everyone got happy in the site's success for a while. A miracle, it seemed, and Tew the miracle worker.

but there was no miracle, and it wasn't even Tew himself by the end of it, it was the whole crowd once the thing was taking off, Tew was jsut the focal point (and major benefactor).

It's a shame to think but if the site were started by a rape crisis centre, noone would want to knwo about it, but making someone ELSE rich, we all want to touch the celebrity and feel we were included...

anyway, bit of a rant there. Basically, there are no free lunches, there's always an underlying economic reason (incentive) for people making the choices they do and those are what determine the direction of the value generated. Here people's incentives are a) click and win b) take advertisers' money.

but the curiosity factor is killed by the greed factor hence nobody ACTUALLY VISITS the advertisers sites in relation to the clicks on them. completely different incentive (get click rather than explore this wacky advertiser) and also no story to warm the heart and make us all feel included (another form of value that can carry an economic price).

I bet there's a mathematical proof out there that Tew has not delivered on his promise. a clever lawyer coudl get him to admit that he promised something (his public PR statements amount to promises... lesson in business there...), and then show how he didn't and thus shoudl refund.

Anonymous said...

one has to question your editorial integrity since your site is so dependent on pixelotto's notoriety. it's not in your best financial interest that pixelotto fail because that would reduce your traffic and your income from the sites you have.

I think this is a pretty fair website.

It exists and gets traffic probably because Alex Tew is not blogging on his own. And also, this phenomenon is worthy of study. It fills a gap, basically, as people are interested in the story, though in the same way that people are interested in Enron (not making a direct comparison here!) as well as happy stories.

good site, Alexander. who's the bird in the photo? :)

Alexander said...

good site, Alexander. who's the bird in the photo? :)
She's my muse :)

Anonymous said...

to the guy who sais it is not a lost...

it is. it is not only about making money - he already made a million so it is not a biggest part - here he had expensies for the team etc...

it is all about the name. if it was successfull he would have very strong argument to market any future online product but as it is going nowhere his next project under his name will not have good strat as it might have. don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Given this utter and complete failure, Alex Tew must immediately refund advertisers who have requested so.

If he doesn't act NOW, his website shall be officially called "SCAM a LOT"

Anonymous said...

it is already

Anonymous said...

Tew has made $300,000 with this pixelotto site. No way his costs add up to that much, so ... it is not a failure. Will it reach its goal?? Maybe not. But he's pocketing big time cash just the same. And if he doesn't reach the goal does it really bother him?? No. Once he reaches $1 Million, he WOULDNT WANT TO REACH THE GOAL. Why? Because he keeps all the money ... doesn't have to give any of it away. He only gives money away if they reach full sales.

Sure, there is follow on business ... like another lotto and another. But the likelihood of that happening is next to nil. If this ended today, he still made some good money off it. So he hasnt lost.

Phil said...

First off, he has to pay the prize fund, even though it wont reach the million.

Secondly, people who say that his site is still a success because it brought him a couple of hundred thousand more than he had before, consider this:

Before Pixelotto, Alex Tew was in the position of being headhunted by some big companies. He could have been set with a great job! He also had interest in his “new ideas” and had a great platform from which to launch something original and exciting.

Instead he has ruined his reputation, and lost the interest of the public.

So if you squander the chance to make millions, are you an amazing success?

Anonymous said...

listen to phil - he sais the truth! so it is a lost.

Lucas said...

I feel pitty for Alex Tew. He is very young and he already had an idea which he can never beat in the rest of his life. That is his curse. The inevitable will happen, that he gets addicted to alcohol and other drugs and will loose his million. Very sad.


Anonymous said...

or he will buy f430, participate in gumball and crash in copcar...

he can go to NY and get bullet from eagle .50 of local gangsta...

he can be crashed by asteroid...

he can sink in his bath...

his mini can be eaten by godzilla...

batman can his his car during parking...

he can be killed by ex-girlfriend...

etc etc etc

everything can happen...

let's start new topic: what is your fantasies about Alex Tew?

Anonymous said...


good points, but truthfully, few people will remember his failure more than his success. tew has a lot of gas left in the tank even if you consider this a failure. sure, he is no longer a wunderkind in many eyes, but he will always be the guy who created a worldwide phenomena. people will listen to him more than they will me when he comes up with a new idea.

Diana said...
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Diana said...

I think that as long as Alex does right by the advertisers and by the one who becomes the "winner", whether Pixelotto reaches the goal that he is hoping for or not, I would consider it to be a success. And I wonder, what will the lesson be for you and for him anyone else who has become involved by their comments and/or their contributions? That remains to be seen and it depends on if an individual will even see the lesson.

I'm hoping for success of the highest magnitude.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for success of the highest magnitude.

why? because you want Tew to become rich? as any entrepreneur worth her salt will tell you, you become successful by delivering something worthwhile. So wishing for success is wishing that somehow this snakeoil will turn into a real cure for business people's ills.

good business solve problems that people face and are willing to pay money to see solved.

the pixel board does nothing for advertisers, remember the original site delivered value to its sponsors through allowing them to participate as much as get new clients (which I am sure most didn't really, even if a few dozen of the hundreds did, hence the less than 100% return takeup of new site...).

In contrast to google which for a pittence brings me directed customers practically every day of the week, this is a nothing.

folks, the original site sold a feel-good story. get that inot your heads.

hoping that this will be a success is serious water-into-wine miracles happening here (I note from Diana's profile that she is a believer in the divine).

anyhow, what amazes me is that people are still actually purchasing blocks, probably people who heard of the original and looked this up and without thinking too hard spent money.

this has to be a busines sphenomenon, what I need to ask myself is it it ethically possible for me to take advantage of it? I worked for an online trading firm whose business model (as do most of the big online margin-trading firms in the UK at least) depended on the fact that retail (average joes who like to "play the market") traders are usually wrong en masse, and use their emotions and "gut feeling" to guide their investment decisions rather than looking at facts, and of course the idea that belief and wishing were enough to make a dream come true. and boy do these companies make money. Vast returns as a matter of fact.

so, bottom line is, there are suckers born every minute, and they pay hard cash.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for success of the highest magnitude.

sorry me again, but fascinating book you shoudl all look up and read it's called "the symobic uses of politics" by a guy called Murray edelmann. while he explores human bahaviour in terms of politics, the same principles apply to business, branding, religion, nationalism and in fact loyalty forms of all kinds.

Basically, people need to believe in something out there that is bigger than them and once they ahve identified it they choose to align their hopes along its goals. they are the sheep and the benefactors are the few people who actually realise tangible benefits from all this. Tew is unwittingly one of the latter, i am wiling to believe he believed in his own hubris initially at least, but has unwittingly tapped into something beyond delivering "normal business value". Tew is selling a dream, and there people out there who are willign to pay for association with it.

sorry for the abstraction and apparent Marxism here, I'm really jsut trying to analyse what's going on, and from busienss perspective can there be actually any value from this type of advertising? Or are people really paying for somethign else? Tew reminds me of Dogbert or these crooked evangelists on telly who ask for your money to rid yourself of the hole it's burning in your pocket. It'll be interesting if he comes clean after a while (I'm sure he reads these blogs, he shodl do, it helps to get different perspective even if you don't action along them or accept them) and says "OK, game's up, I realise now this is not moving forward".

Thing is though, if he does, there are real possibilities of legal action.... he has a fairly open ended agreement with the advertisers by never saying when the site will close. and the value proposition does appear to state that it will be up for a year at least. and is he obliged to continue the service in some fashion?

Is this, basically, a millstone he is capable from loosening from around his neck?

rant over... C'mon someone else take up the baton please!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that many people missed many strong points in the whole story.
I believe that the media roll has made 90% of this story. It all started with the media interest, then Alex made a million dollar in a very few months. This was the seconded important factor in the story. I wood add to all of this, the idea it self was strange but I am sure that Alex was not the first to invent it.
I think that the performance of Pixeloto tells a LOT.

A. R.