Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Did Alex's brother get a refund after all?

Here is the "official" response from Pixelotto:

Dear Phil

The prize fund fluctuation was purely a technical bug on the site and its now been rectified, no one received a refund.

Best regards

So did Alex's brother get a refund for his ad after all? Maybe they have decided to call it a "technical bug" now to stop any legal problems? You decide...


Bob said...

Whether it was intentional or a bug (a bug that by coincidence affected Alex's brother ad along with another one) we don't know. Yesterday the site was down for maintenance at some point.

What's sure is that now the two links are back and the money is back into the prize fund. This is what ultimately counts.

Anonymous said...

Yes but that could all just be for show after everyone complained. Maybe his brother still got a refund and Alex just put the ad back up anyway.

Anonymous said...

come on guys, stop this bullship. stop masturbating on pixelotto. you damn fucking loosers if you buy this shit. but it fully yours responsability.

Anonymous said...

What I think is a guarantee is that Alex is reading these posts, and all the talk about class action probably convinced him to stage a "technical error" to try and back track on the refund to his brother. It is too much of a coincidence that the "technical error" just so happen to affect his brother's ad. And considering Alex is read this.....Hi Alex!

Bob said...

It is true though that the graphic ad never disappeared from the pixeltto board; only the link disappeared, and with it the money in the prize fund. Now the link and the prize fund are back.

If it had been a "refund attempt" then the entire ad (graphics and link) would have disappeared. Therefore I believe it was indeed due to a technical glitch this time.

Micheal said...

stop this bullship

yeah, weigh anchor you bullshippers!

for some proper swearing lessons, see

Do you see what happens, Alex? do you see what happens?

Anonymous said...

michail are idiot? I not this fuck Alex and even not his friend. i am fucking against this shit, pixelotto but what you want is to screw him without a reason. it was fucking fully your responsability purchasing when pixels... if it does not perform as expected - your fucking problem. stop fucking around and start promoting your pages normally. he had, that's true. but it was only because you are fucking fools. and according to his rules he is not responsable. he ruined his reputation in eyes of damn fucks like you - thats true. but so what? i thing refound in this case is stupid idea cause there is NO reason for that! you got what you are prommised. it is not working like this - you cannot return car to the dealer just because you think suspention is too soft or you do not like build-in radio quality. IT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM! even if he gave moneybacks to someone it is his decision untill he decreases prize fund.. do not be fool - seek cool ways of promotion and forget about the pixelotto shit.

Anonymous said...

If some people get refunds for the car but others don't there is a problem. Plus there were technical difficulties which meant there was much less traffic to the advertisers sites. And lots of other things. So you are talking shit.

Anonymous said...

I think that, the great shame is that people are having a go unecessarily at Alex. Alex never promised that the links would ever get high hits to their website, in fact, he could not promise that. Everyone assumed, on the basis of the success of milliondollarhomepage that pixelotto would have the same media profile and therefore same hit rate. It didnt. That is no-ones fault at all. No one can be blamed.

I think it is sad that people would take this out personally on Alex, it is sad. It amounts to jealousy. Alex has done well. Many successful businessman have both sucesses and failures, Alex has had one success and one failure. Any highly successful business person would instantly realise that this has not danaged Alex's credibility whatsoever. Alex's success for milliondollarhomepage still stands, no one can take that away from him. Alex was also successful in the beatboxing world. Alex is a very clever individual and has achieved things that many people havent. Credit to him.

Give respect to what Alex has done. If you have issues with regards to the payment of your links deal with it in a professional, honourable and credible way.


alex fan said...

What a bunch of big time losers...

ALEX is KING Pixelotto is fun and exciting and making Alex richer by the day...All credit 2 him. NO REFUNDS...NO REFUNDS...NO REFUNDS..get the message you paid ya money for a service and you are getting that service LOTS OF CLICKS from prize hunters looking for their share of the cash you gave to ALEX.

Anonymous said...

M.J. - respect to you. absolutely agree.

Anonymous said...

M.J You're feeling sorry for Alex for all the wrong reasons. The real pity is with the way he has conducted himself since day 2 of Pixelotto.

He had a golden opportunity to make a real go of this if he could be bothered.
A true entreprenuer is able to overcome any obstacle, yet Mr Tew stumbles at the first hurdle and gives up. What a loser.

If i was tew. I'd be out there doing everything I could, to fight my corner and if at the end of the day I lost. Well at least i would know i gave it my all.
Tew will never be able to say that. But then maybe he just doesn't care anymore.

With regards to the
"Save my Brother the Embarassment of being associated with this Disaster Fund" Lets not forget that he was giving away X amount to charity. And we all know where charity begins... at home.

micheal said...

michail are idiot?

Perhaps. But may not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?

I not this fuck Alex

Neither have I.

Please see above youtube link for swearing lessons.

you cannot return car to the dealer just because you think suspention is too soft

Maybe not in Kazakhstan, but you can in many countries, including I am sure the UK. And any decent dealer worth their salt, the kind that you go back to, would take you seriously and engage you.

or you do not like build-in radio quality

How about "or you think it looked at you funny?". Your argument is fraying at the edges in an effort to create an analogy between poor customer service complaints and someone's car.

But I shouldn't be so harsh. Clearly someone has sold you a lemon sometime in the past, and you got angry, got nothing in return, and then decided to rationalise the experience and move on. The PL arguments which are being expressed and refined in ever clearer fashion on this forum remind you subconsciously of this bad experience and your failure to stand up for yourself. Hence you are standing up for AT, as it is consistent with your previous decision.


Yeah mate. And yours is that caps lock is stuck. And you haven't looked at the youtube swearing tutorial.

do not be fool - seek cool ways of promotion
Totally agree. And I'd add a little to the marketing angle by adding "look for reliable ways of promotion". Cool is fine, bit most people don't know what that is. That's why they pay insane amounts of money to buy savvily developed brands that promise the wearer / user / etc that they are sharing in the dream.

But back to the laziest marketer in the world.

>>>(another post)
Alex never promised that the links would ever get high hits to their website, in fact, he could not promise that.

I think you'll agree that the issue is that AT never ever ever ever ever ever did ANYTHING for his customers. EVER.

Look. Just get him to admit publicly that he had no intention of delivering any value to anyone ever and just wanted money from people who didn't know any better and then we are at least all on the same page.

Unbelievable how some people are willing to give up their rights, or rather encourage others to so. Not even sad, just unbelievable.

So, the plumber did a bad job? Tough. The loaf of bread never actually guaranteed that it wasn't mouldy? Eat it and call it ice cream.

Which brings me to another Coen Brothers movie for those of you who have not looked up the swearing tutorial (hint hint).

'I'm talkin' about character. I'm talkin' about, hell Leo, I ain't embarrassed to use the word - ethics.'

So... it's clear what I'm sayin'?

For those of you who have not watched Miller's crossing, this little vignette will be completely lost on you...

Alex has done well.
Again, the Stockholm Syndrome. Sure he has. The facts are not in doubt. But have his customers?

and if it was all a swizz that was designed purely and simply to take money from people who thought erroneously that he was going to deliver value for money, then put it in plain words.

But puh-leese, don't call him a a businessman. As an actual businessman, it twists my gut to be likened at this level of ethics to someone with such utter contempt for his customers.

Are you a customer? Of anything? Do you feel that there are some products or services that simply are "different" and thus don't have to be treated the same as ones where you expected quality and service? If so, say which ones they are, and justify your viewpoint.

I guess we're not out of the middle ages yet...

All this duplicity gives internet commerce such a bad name... And we all can benefit from enforced standards.

Sorry, am I repeating myself?

>>>(another commenter)
If i was tew. I'd be out there doing everything I could, to fight my corner and if at the end of the day I lost.

of course. and one other thing "fighting the customer's corner".

does he have any respect for where his money came from?

Anonymous said...

The problem is with the lack of customer service and the lack of overcoming problems. There has been no communication from Alex Tew on the site since it launched, or to his customers and it takes Aaron, Alex's apparent secretary, two or three weeks to reply to emails.

I think it's about time Alex Tew came forward and explained to his customers why the project is failing. You only have to look at some of the advert hit stats to see a dramatic drop in traffic in the last few months.

Gracious said...

Alex is hiding.

He has failed on a personal and ethical standpoint even more than on a business one.

Regarding the similes thrown around previously, this is really like subscribing to a phone service and paying one year in advance. During the first month the phone has very bad reception and most of the time you can't even make a call. So you tell the merchant you want to cancel and get a refund, and for a good reason. Merchant denies refund of first month when service was bad, denies cancellation of service, and denies a refund for the remaining 11 month of unwanted service. I would say that this is very bad business practice.

Regarding the comment about jealousy, keep in mind that some people here make over $ 1,000,000 every single year, so they can't be jealous about a guy who has made $ 1,188,700 in the last close-to 2 years with a one-off (or to be precise, a one and a fifth-off). In other words, no sustainable business model.

Seriously, Alex will have to resort to his shelf-stacking job at TESCO soon. Problem is, he has lost his humility now, so it will be very difficult for him to hold the job.

Anonymous said...

2 michail:
Maybe not in Kazakhstan

fuck you sick bastard! do not touch Kazakhstan! it is great country. it has the most newest capital built from zero. so fuck off and shut the fuck up.

Micheal said...

fuck you sick bastard! ... so fuck off and shut the fuck up.

Ah, good, you've watched the swearing tutorial.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for reading these posts and agree that Alex has indeed failed miserably with Pixelotto, but those of you that are posting super long comments seriously need to get a life. Do you not have anything better to do in life than to take the time to write a 10 paragraph comment about a sh!tty failed website? Please.....get a hobby!! Or a girlfriend!!!!

Micheal said...

those of you that are posting super long comments seriously need to get a life.

You're making certain assumptions here... ;)

Do you not have anything better to do in life
You mean.. I can have MORE? :O

Please.....get a hobby!! Or a girlfriend!!!!
Got both (several of one and a single one of the other). I appreciate your heartfelt concern nonetheless.

Actually, your posting was a wasted opportunity. I bet if you put your mind to it, you could turn this forum into a way of examining issues that business people face and give your 2 cents on it, and maybe get some good learnings in return.

That's a good entrepreneurial attitude!

Anyhow, I better go do my stuff. Being my own boss means the cat's away most of the time. see y'all next week

Alexander said...

Bye Micheal, see you next week :))))

Anonymous said...

site is down,
is M.J Alex?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alexander and all else, check this:

Milliondollarhomepage now regularly outperforms Pixelotto in traffic rankings ...

Pixelotto has arrived indeed Mr Tew, it merely left sooner than anticipated

Anonymous said...

Or go to

Shoter URL, same destination

alex fan..... said...

Yes there are some real big time scumbags on this forum....Alex is an honest chap offering great pixel adverts with guaranteed clicks for only $200 for a whole year!!!!!! Around 50 cents a day...Talk about VALUE 4 MONEY.....Well done ALEX the pixelotto KING ! Good riddance to the stupid idiots protesting on this forum. NO REFUNDS...I REPEAT NO REFUNDS.....

Anonymous said...

150,800 USD in a few months! Way to go Tew. He is a natural business man.

What's next? What about pixel games. Everytime someone clicks on a game player, eg a football, the advertiser pays a USD, or two US dollars.

We have all seen product placements in movies, but not games yet. Tew should hire staff, write a game, and then get advertisers to pay for pixels in the game.

When's the e-book coming out Alex? How will you spend the next 1,000,000 USD you collect from advertisers?

Advertisers cannot get enough. Open up more websites and repeat the famed business model. Let the advertisers come!

Anonymous said...

I have a web-site based on a "pixel advertising idea" too, but let's not speak about it now.

"Pixelotto" is a copycat of MDHP. It's a principal cause of a current status.

Everyone who visited MDHP waited for a result but noone knew what the result would be like. All million pixels have been sold and the page now looks like a colorful canvas serving only as an inspiration for copycats.

The idea interesting where not only the selling process is exciting but also the end result. "Pixelotto" is not so interesting anymore.

Nevertheless Alex Tew is a successful person. :)


Anonymous said...

Shut up!

Alex Tew can open a chain of restaurants and serve pixels instead of food.

Alex Tew can call up the President of the European Central Bank and enforce pixels as the new currency instead of euros.

As you see, the possibilitis are endless!

The days before Alex Tew will have to find a regular job are not.

Anonymous said...

"150,800 USD in a few months! Way to go Tew. He is a natural business man."

Oh shut the f... up!

"What's next? What about pixel games. Everytime someone clicks on a game player, eg a football, the advertiser pays a USD, or two US dollars."

What an absolutely SHIT idea.

"We have all seen product placements in movies, but not games yet. Tew should hire staff, write a game, and then get advertisers to pay for pixels in the game."

What??? Another SHIT idea.

"When's the e-book coming out Alex? How will you spend the next 1,000,000 USD you collect from advertisers?"

He'll never make another $1M from selling shitty pixel ads.

"Advertisers cannot get enough."

They can.

That is why Pixel sales have dried up over the last 2 months.

"Open up more websites and repeat the famed business model. Let the advertisers come!"

Ain't gonna happen you punk.

Filip Roman said...

You're all just jealous.

Anonymous said...

haha, yeah right, we are jealous of wrecking our chance of ever making big money from the internet ever again. Asshole.

alex fan said...

Pixelotto is doing just great. You stupid idiots who think you will get a refund are useless good 4 nothings... My advice is for you to stop showing how jealousl U R of Alex and start showing him the repect he deserves...He has succeeded and idiots will never do so...I can't wait for his next idea you clowns will get even more jealous.

Anonymous said...

Filip Roman must be some homeless drunk bum to think someone can be jealous of a guy making 500 bucks a month.

Same for the Alex scam fan, who calls his hero a success.

If that's success, we're left to wonder how miserable life must be for these people.

Simplate said...

I'm sick of those pixel sites, the web is getting flooded with them.

Ive signed up with it seems like it'll do a better job of getting publicity... It hasn't even taken off yet and I'm already getting a bunch of hits to my site (

Anonymous said...

Simplate, you might fool the two bums in here with YOUR two urls, but for the majority of people, you are just showing that you are the lowest form of scum on earth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, weak effort Simplate to try and act like that isn't your own pixel site. How pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Lol simplate is typical of the mentality of a pixel ad site owner. What a dickhead!

Anonymous said...

I think the "Simplate" from above got the name for his site all wrong i think would be far more appropriate.

I had a peek out of curiosity and in just under 2 seconds spotted at least two major flaws that would make me wary of this site.

1) They mention Ad Displays but mention nothing about How long the ad is displayed for???

2) Even worse they want $5million from ads ($5 x 1 million ads) before they even think about displaying your ad. (Doesn't that say something?)
In the mean time you get a link on the homepage Big Woos!

They will need a whole bunch of suckers to make this work! Any takers???

Anonymous said...

Simplate is just another looser gone wild

They just can't have enough of it, so they are constantly looking for new ways to fail miserably and feel more and more loosers.

ViewAMillionAds said...

Thank you recent repliers for the response and attention as well as opinions of our new online advertising site good or bad. This spot was brought to my attention while monitoring traffic to our website.

I would first like to address that Simplate above and our organization are not one in the same. We have a relationship with the owner and merely offered hosting service in an exchange of favors.

To address the concerns of the previous poster: To clarify what an Ad Display is: An Ad display is basically a combination of a company's banner (400 x 75) as well as their short description (up to 200 characters, usually a slogan) displayed in an Ad Cycle window. A sample ad cycle window can be viewed by signing up with our site. An Ad Display is viewed for as long as the viewer chooses, usually as long as it takes to enter in a verification code. We are toying with the idea of placing cash prizes behind randomly selected ads to add incentive to clicking on ads.

As far as the $5 million figure. Companies will get publicity prior to even the contest starting simply by listing their company and URL on the front of our page until the contest begins. Ofcourse it's orderd by purchase amount so the more you purchase the higher you are on the list (ties are broken by purchase date). This in conjunction with the actual ads in the contest will give better exposure to a company than any pixel ad lost in a sea of thousands can. With the amount of prize money we are able to raise and give out, we feel that this will attract a larger audience and therefore benefiting all parties.

We're sorry if you feel this may be a scam, but it is not.

We appreciate any feedback and opinions you have and can email us at ViewAMillionAds[at]

Anonymous said...

Seriously, who the f**k is going to sit there and view a million adverts?

Secondly, all that will happen is some geek will create a "robot" program to sit there and "view" the ads until a million is reached.

That concept is totally fucked from the start!

Why don't these webmasters create a product or service that provides some "value" to the customer and not simply be an attempt at making loads of cash for fuck all work!

Anonymous said...

I just read the faq from and signed up as a contestant on the site. They have a ad cycle window demo, seems like they put a verification box in there so that scripts can't be used.

You know a million ads sounds like a lot so I did some calculating with my coworkers here, seems like it a person can go thru an ad within 5 secs then it would take about 55 days to do nonstop 24/7. That doesn't seem too bad.

Anyways they are giving away 1.5 million dollars for free, who else does that? I'll be clicking away when i'm at work hehe...

Anonymous said...

Big thank you,

For providing some feedback on points being made here about your site viewamilliondollarads.
If Alex Tew is reading please take note, this is how you improve customer relations. (No one line excuses offered here! No technical errrrrr's either in this post.)

However getting back to the viewamillion format. You mention advertiser will get publicity from having a link on the homepage. I can't see anyone getting excited about a list of links. Especially in the format you are prescribing too.

What's the difference between a sea of pixel ads and a sea of links??

None - You sink either way.

I think you need to have a re-think on this one? Or Alex F and Phil will be dedicating a site to you.

Anonymous said...

"You know a million ads sounds like a lot so I did some calculating with my coworkers here, seems like it a person can go thru an ad within 5 secs then it would take about 55 days to do nonstop 24/7. That doesn't seem too bad."

Doesn't sound great for the advertisers - that you *might* spend as much as 5 seconds on their advert!

"Anyways they are giving away 1.5 million dollars for free"

It's not *free* money, the advertisers are stumping up the cash!

Anyway with only 190 of 1000000 Ad slots sold, you're more likely to die of old age waiting for that prize fund to grow.

As an advertiser (who fortunately did NOT bother with MDHP or PL) I'd rather buy Google Adwords thanks!

Anonymous said...

viewamilliondollarads has suddenly lost all credability after that last manufactured post. Do they really think we are all that "stupid" to beleive that anyone other than a "Simplate" would know that they have incorporated a script and that it takes 55 days to view a million ads.

Pull the other one. Your doing yourself no justice here.

Anonymous said...

i recommend one more time - stop masturbate on pixels. find something else. may be girlz :D :D

ViewAMillionAds said...

Again we thank you for your feedback and opinions.

We realize from the previous responses we need to be a bit clearer on how Advertisers will get publicity. Regarding a sea of links, the links on the main page are only a preliminary method of companies being able to get publicity. The true publicity comes in during the contest where the actual ad viewing takes place. During the contest, the ad cycle window randomly draws one company banner out of the million available. The more ads purchased, the higher the chance that a contestant will view one company’s banner / slogan multiple times. This combo gives much better insight to what the company does rather than a 10 x 10 single colored pixel block. Side note: The address is rather than :)

As to the response about a Script: We are not quite sure what you mean here. We do know that anyone who attempts to use a script or bot will be disqualified from the contest. We have implemented measures to protect against this as best as we can, one way amongst many is the Text Verification Code (We do not want to give out all methods as it will give insight into breaking them). If we do suspect that someone is cheating they will be disqualified.

About the 5 seconds per ad response: It is not necessary that a person spend 5 sec on an ad, they may spend more or less depending on how fast it takes them to click, type, view, digest etc. In studies it is known that people subconsciously realize their needs and wants. When an ad is displayed in front of them that relates to a need or want their chance of remembering that is much higher. It doesn’t matter if it 2 sec or 3 hours that is the effect of impulse advertising. Besides this, as mentioned above, we are toying with the idea of random cash prizes when an ad is clicked. They get a chance to get it or not simple as that. This will further instill it in their memory.

To the 190 ads Comment: We know as well as many other companies do that it’s extremely hard to become a success instantly. An idea like this requires word of mouth and contributors with a positive attitude rather than pessimists with uneducated statements such as one above this (yes that one) to succeed. The potential is there, it requires all parties to succeed. If you’re interested in the idea we ask politely that you spread it around. If you’re not, we’re not ones to stop you from bashing.

We enjoy all feedback and encourage email to us at Viewamillionads[at] Thanks for your time.

Larry said...


your blog is being spammed by a scyzophrenic delirating looser, owner of and, who writes about:

a) having bought advertisement on his own site

b) finding about his own post while monitoring traffic to his site

c) having signed up to his own site as a contestant

This pathetic piece of scum is making a fool of himself by impersonificating the owner, the advertiser, and the contestant of his mental derangement.

Phil said...

One simple question from me to ViewAMillionAds/Simplate/etc -

Exactly how (precise details please) are you going to generate MASSIVE public interest in your site?

Without that, then there is no point in us even considering any of the "fine" points of your ridiculous site.

Larry said...

Phil, don't you know better than to engage in a converstation with this deranged piece of scum? It's obvious that by offering $1.5 million for free the site is going to create MASSIVE public interest!

The fact that this grand prize does not exist is only a minor detail: it will exist in the future, when enough advertisers (he, him, and himself) will sign up. And if this doesn't happen, it only shows how narrow minded advertisers are, not to believe in this amazing opportunity.

Look, it's not his fault if he is mediocre, it's not his fault if he is so stupid, but it's his fault if he thinks he can spam this blog so shamelessy, and it's his fault if he thinks he can get away with impersonificating the owner, advertiser and contestant of his own mental derangement (which he calls ViewAMillionAds). So unless he is writing from a mental institution I don't forgive his behaviour, and think Alexander should delete his posts and ban him immediatelly.

ViewAMillionAds said...

It is often hard to convince someone with a view as skewed as some here (you know who you are), therefore we are stepping down from this post before we are accused of "Shamelessly Spamming." It is one thing to give positive criticism and another thing to perform false accusations and insults. This is not necessary and does not benefit anyone, in fact it deteriorates the sole purpose of the community that was built. If we've offended Alex or anyone, we apologize. Our point was only to clarify things about a topic that was brought up. To you Phil, our simple answer is advertisement and promotion. We would be more than happy to talk more about it with you through email, but we believe our business is finished here. Thanks all again for your response and feedback. ViewAMillionAds[at]

Anonymous said...

"We expect to be a site that generates a lot of traffic due to what we are offering"

( faq)

Phil said...

With all due respect, I didn't ask for a simple answer.

As potential advertisers on your site, it would have been wise for you to prove to us that you were going to get us the MEGA traffic we would be paying you for.

If you run away from a blog like this when people have genuine concerns over the service you will provide them in exchange for hard-earned MONEY, then you have to realise you have a bit of a problem.

Do you honestly believe that if your strategy is simply "advertisement and promotion" then you could deliver enough incentive for me to give you money to appear on your site?

If Alex Tew and Pixelotto couldn't get traffic, what makes you think you can?

Instead of working out your "terms and conditions" and "rules" and God knows what else for your site, I suggest you take some time to really think about how you yourself will get traffic to this amazing site of yours.

You will then realise that the best idea is for you to close your site right now. Simple as that.

ViewAMillionAds said...

Thanks Phil We're glad someone is willing to hold an intelligent conversation on here.

To clarify, we are not running away from anyones concerns and criticism about the site. We accept those happily. What we don't have to deal with and is useless to put up with is ignorant behavior by some. It didn't seem like anyone was willing to give intelligent criticism with out the cost of the previous.

Sometimes the context of internet messages can skew what the person writing meant. What we meant by our "Simple Answer" was not that its as simple as advertising and promotion but the fact that we wanted to keep the answer short here. We are a BRAND NEW website looking to get the word out and will try various tactics. If it involves changing our strategy than we will. I will not go into detail as it is not for all audiences, but I see no problem with testing the waters.

About Alex Tew. What was his major problem? He had one hit with MDHP. His problem was that he did NOT advertise and promote Pixelotto to become a success. An original idea will get popular with minimal promotion and advertisment. Do it again, and you will need to put work into it. We feel we have an idea or ideas (yes there are more) that may not be 100% original but can get popular with some work.

We're glad you see our site as amazing (don't worry we're able to detect sarcasm in text as well), but we appreciate the criticism without ignorance.

Phil said...

Ok, let me put it like this...

How about you go away and work on getting the traffic to your site. When you have a stream of thousands and thousands of genuine hits per day, and once you are appearing in national media, then I will personally take advertising space on your site.

Remember, advertisers will only be interested if you yourself have MEGA traffic, and not before then.

Until then, all talk of your own advertising "tactics" and "strategies" just doesn't cut it I am sorry to say!

I hope take on board what I am saying i.e. That there is no chance in hell of you making a buzz about this, or indeed any pixel-related website.

Best wishes though!

ViewAMillionAds said...

Thanks we'll keep you in mind when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Still don't get it. If an ad is ad is randomly displayed. Does the same ad get displayed to everyone or does each individual visitor get a random ad everytime they visit?

If a random ad is displayed to everyone then how long does it last before the next ad is displayed?
Critical Question which so far haven't been very well explained. Excuse my (ignorance) please!

Anonymous said...

read above:

"An Ad Display is viewed for as long as the viewer chooses, usually as long as it takes to enter in a verification code"

what part you don't understand? this is not a self advancing ad slide show (a user would just open and leave it there day and night until the slide goes throught all ads). The user has to enter a verification code and click to advance to the next ad every time.

This is one of the most idiotic ideas I've ever heard, as it is clear it will never work. You must be pretty stupid to think otherwise.

But thinking, as you did, that this was an auto-slide, and the crucial question was to find out the amount of time per slide, is possibly even worse.

Anonymous said...

I guess one looses his own logic when trying to decifer such an illogic system

Anonymous said...

The insults are really flowing, I can feel the emotions being blasted. Is this the loser blog?

Just wake up and understand Alex is a winner - got that? He is 22, has a million bucks earning interest, and to boot he just collected another 150K for about 30 minutes work. Sounds nice!

He does no work now, and is effectively retired at 22. Where's the problem?

If he wants another million, he will just setup a new site and sell pixels. It's that simple.

I do not understand why he does not just sell enough to make a billion dollars. He could easily do that a number of ways, at $2 a pixel that is just 50,000 advertisers with 100 pixel blocks. That is easily achievable with the right coverage.

Anonymous said...

Duuuuhhh! to last reply. Obviously you've been starved of oxygen for to long, probably a result of residing on another planet on a galaxy far-far away.

Alex ain't got no millions and ain't gonna get anymore at this rate either.
He's cried wolf once. Who is going to beleive anything he says now. "This one will make Billions" Ow-ow-owww!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course, compared to the loser bums like simplate or yourself, Alex is a winner.

But I already told you: don't assume all other people are miserable like you.

Anonymous said...

Alex F. When you going to open a fresh post this one as entertaining as it is a week old.

I hope you are not suffering from "tewed" Syndrome tew??

Anonymous said...

Yes, Alexander, really...

Otherwise we'll open a with a clock counting the number of days from your last post.

Alexander said...

Well guys,
I didn't notice that you're too bored here :))
Ok, I have something to post.
Could you please wait a few hours?:)

Anonymous said...

may be create post where everyone will post his ideas about better advertising that via pixelotto?

Alexander said...

Well... good idea.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am from planet Xenyon, and Xenyonites loooove pixels.

Way to go Alex!

Anonymous said...

"may be create post where everyone will post his ideas about better advertising that via pixelotto?

Your going to upset the ladies with that one!

Anonymous said...

only stupid ladies.

and would have upset intelligent people, ladies and gentleman alike, by writing his/her or some other idiotically correct way.

Larry said...

yes, create that post and call it "SPAM SECTION"

Anonymous said...

my god, you are all a bunch of retards ... stop whining for you $100 idiots ......

Anonymous said...

The only retard here is you, since you aren't even able to do simple math calculations.

You would find out that the minimum amount is $ 200, so your $ 100 scenario is impossible.

And in any case, for some it is not $200 but well over $ 2,000.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of complete tossers you all are. I suggest you all stop sitting in darkened rooms, staring at computers whilst masturbating into your pot noodles, and get a life! freaks!