Sunday, February 25, 2007

Internet Law Advisory service is coming! :)


I working on website about a month that will help to all adverts to return their money.

The goal of this website is to collect Internet lawyers and protect adverts from fraud.

I wanted to make a surprise to all of you but I see some anons already making some activity in that way :)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

avoid putting in google ads like the other site, it distracts completely from the site and it looks very bad

keep it concise, clean and relevant.

Anonymous said...


I know we can trust Alexander to do an excellent job on this.

Anonymous said...

"Alex fan"

You don't happen to be related to the Tew's do you? You certainly sound like it.

If Alex Tew has done nothing wrong, then his argument will stand up in court... if he has done something wrong he's in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Pixelotto website faced enormous technical problems during the first crucial month, for which a lot of traffic was lost. Advertisers who asked for a refund at that point had all the right to get a refund, but were denied.

Pixelotto also promised to pay out the full prize fund to a lucky winner.

Alex Tew's brother is not the lucky winner, yet he just took $500 out of the prize fund.

Phil said...

Excellent work Alexander! I look forward to seeing the site when it is finished :)

And good to see some sensible points being made on your blog regarding the refunds.

My only worry is... will a handful of unhappy Pixelotto advertisers be enough to change anything? Time will tell...

pixelya said...

good work Alexander

pixelya said...

(Alex fan)

Do you thik that your screems will cover the bitter facts ?

Alex Tew is a stupid greedy person who causes a lot of pain to so many peoples, advertisers and clickers.

Sales in pixellotto has stopped and that’s means that people lost their trust in pixelotto.

When a business loose trust, it is very hard to get it back again.

Mdhp sold in 4 months, we have three months now and pixelotto did not sell 30%

The prize amounts get down from 150,400 to 149,800 and if it was real that Alex refunds his relatives then this means that he has committed a fraud activity.

pixelya said...

I said :
"Mdhp sold in 4 months, we have three months now and pixelotto did not sell 30%"

I Meant 15% in 25% of the Supposed time (one year)and 75% of mdhp selling time

alex fan said...

Yes a you can stop
the clock......£148,800 to $148,900
pixelotto ROCKS.....the future is bright...............GO GO GO You scumbags on this website are big LOSERS and ALEX a big WINNER. Try 2 click the ads and become a winner yourself.

me said...

im no 'fan' of tew or anything but i do think tough luck to the people who are wanting a refund. the t&c's state nowhere that he has an obligation to do any 'work' for the site - such as drum up media attention through interviews etc.
what about all the other failed pixel sites?.. its only because he was sucessful once that people hate him - i think thats called jelousy. now he's failed people think they have an excuse to lay into him.

as for tew causing 'pain' to clickers and advertizers, well ive clicked every ad and feel fine! true ill be pissed if he ends up giving nothing away, but we all knew it was a gamble - advertizers to (surley?!). advertizers got exactly what they paid for, or am i mistaken? like a tv advert, you pay for it to be broardcast, but if no one watches it, thats the gamble you take.

the fluctuating prize fund is iffy, agreed. but the basic premise of the site - plain clear and people shouldnt complain about that.

Micheal said...

im no 'fan' of tew or anything but i do think tough luck to the people who are wanting a refund.

All factually arguable.

I think that the concept of good faith is important though. And refunds are part and parcel of any well regulated consumer environment

The "pain" comment is over the top, I agree. I wouldn't let emotions get into this.

Anyway, if some people are getting refunds and others not then that is of concern. Broadly, it's in everyone's interest to see fair play in internet commerce. It is still not as easy as we'd all like to set up online payments on our websites as risk managers are far too cagey about letting every tom dick and alex take money from punters who get nothing in return.

Forget the fact that PL is no use to advertisers.

Forget the fact that AT is talking our of the wrong end of the digestive system (don't we all from time to time?)

Forget the fact that the terms and conditions don't promise anything.

Implicit in the premise of PL was the notion that it would work and be a success. Punters have paid for this to happen. There are probably many ways in which AT could have attempted to deliver value to the customer.

As I said earlier, sometimes consumer watchdogs play a role of saving people after the fact. It's not enough to always say "caveat emptor". As much for raising awareness of this than any other reason.

I'm assuming AT himself assumed everything would go hunky dory, but it's a cold lesson for him to learn about delivering value (raising expectations of valuable site traffic for advertisers), customer service (clearly none), honesty (viz. refunds etc), and so forth.

He was paid up front and did nothing to ensure the quality of service provided. And was not confident in his offering to allow refunds.

Forget in fact it's PL we're talking about. Any business should have an incentive to deliver value for cash paid. And not exist purely to take money from suckers.

Buyer Beware seems to be the catchcry of PL supporters. Well, Provider Beware also. Any exchange of cash for value is a contract. Whether the law eventually upholds one position or another based on technicalities in terms and conditions does not negate our right to disagree, nor Phil's et al right to seek refunds.

If AT did a good job none of this would be under discussion.

Phil said...

In my opinion Pixelotto needed someone like Micheal here running it, not a complete moron like Tew.

Someone with a genuine understanding of "how things work". Someone with some sense of morals and integrity, with the knowledge and wisdom to see what needs to be done when problems crop up.

But then again, someone who thinks like that would never have been stupid enough to start a site like Pixelotto in the first place.

Micheal said...

In my opinion Pixelotto needed someone like Micheal here running it, not a complete moron like Tew.

As we say in my 2-and-growing person startup, "Arrrr!" (we have a pirate theme going. Serious Arrrs merit a "Summon the Kraken!").

BTW, phone ringing off the hook today with all the PPC ads generating sales. Honestly, who needs quirky "pixels"? Larry and Sergei are holding up their end of the bargain, all we have to do is have a decent product and make the sale. And it feels good to really go the extra mile for the client, that celebratory beer after making a few sales and later delivering is totally guilt-free lemme tell ya. And we DID have to blag our first few sales, but we worked late nights for weeks to deliver.

Coz that's what matters really, the walk not the talk.

But then again, someone who thinks like that would never have been stupid enough to start a site like Pixelotto in the first place.

I think that if the issue is PL is stupid, then you can't get your money back. There's no law against being a moron. Also, by stating it's stupid, sort of makes you look bad for buying into it Day One, unless you bought without seeing it on good faith and a "promise" of some sort. As I say, keep emotion, aggression, and subjective opinion out of the picture.

Re: actually starting a PL, which looks just the same, and works the same, you could do yourself a favour by a) sounding out the idea with friends and others, and welcoming critical feedback b) focusing on "I don't deserve the money unless i deliver" c) working hard to prove the concept before release d) working hard to promote the thing and support it post-development e) etc etc etc...

I mean, hardly rocket science here...

Oh yes. all the above and change the colour ;). And technically just have one click, not ten, so people go back to the curiosity factor, and the site you click on becomes special like it did last time (last time, people clicked as many times as they WANTED to, selecting the quirkiest looking pixels to see what lay on the other side, until their curiosity ran out. By setting a number, now they click ten times and immediately fugeddaboudit.

That said, PPC is still the only way forward, as the process of designing a pixel ad is an unknown and completely inexact one, the likelihood of matching a viewer with the product on offer is also miniscule, and the lottery concept will still completely wash out any directed clicks (i.e. none).

PPC is soooooooooooooooo superior. And I do not begrudge those baby-faced billionaires one red cent let me tell you.

Really, there's no significant way to tweak PL. And changing the number of clicks per turn is also against his rules... If only he'd piloted. Made a strawman. asked people's opinion. Continued meeting entrepreneurs and maybe even getting involved in a real busines... I mean he had TIME. he had MONEY. damnit there are so many startups with neither...

OK. nuf rant. gotta leave the office

Alexander said...

Micheal, your comments are interesting.
Write me an email :)

Phil said...

Also, by stating it's stupid, sort of makes you look bad for buying into it Day One. There's no law against being a moron.

To imply that people who took adverts on Pixelotto are all morons is ignorant in itself.

As has been said before, people expected big "PR" from Alex Tew and were not moronic to do so. If Alex Tew HAD DONE HIS JOB, then there would have at least been the mega traffic to Pixelotto that the advertisers paid for, and they certainly would have been less upset with Alex Tew.

Remember, Alex Tew's job on the original MDHP was to go around the world promoting it. This is what the advertisers expected (rightly so) for Pixelotto. It is not up to the advertisers to come up with a way for him to do that. That is what we paid HIM for. He didn't deliver.

Yes, he can say "I never legally agreed to go on lots of tv shows, etc", but the very fact he would hide behind that says a lot about what type of guy he is. The advertisers simply had a little faith in the guy's ability, and that is what they are being punished for.

So please never get things the wrong way around - Alex Tew is the moron in all of this, NOT THE ADVERTISERS.

Oh, and although PPC is of course infinitely better than any pixel concept, it is still very flawed.

Anonymous said...

Phil, if you read carefully, Michael is not implying that advertisers are morons. He's saying that if you claim the issue is about Tew being a moron, then there is no case, because there is no law against someone being a moron.

If instead the claim is about not delivering on the promise (which is indeed your viewpoint), then there can be a case.

Basically Michael misunderstood Phil, who was simply saying that Alex Tew did not deliver and is not refunding because he's a moron. In turn, Phil misunderstood Michael's reply.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand it is true that the stupid part is contradictory.

Phil says "stupid enough to start a site like Pixelotto in the first place." which should be clarified to read "a site runned like Pixelotto"

Otherwise if the fault lays in the idea itself (not the execution) then we're back to not being there any case one can make.

Micheal said...

He's saying that if you claim the issue is about Tew being a moron, then there is no case, because there is no law against someone being a moron.


To imply that people who took adverts on Pixelotto are all morons is ignorant in itself.


Phil, I support your cause to seek redress, and thresh out this issue. I think you are bearing a flag for all people who have been let down by service providers, and the implicit promise of PL included work being done by AT to deliver on the supposed value proposition, namely bringing useful traffic to your site.

That's one reason why I always recheck my mails when I send 'em, depending on the interpretation of words used, people can imagine that the mail was written in a spirit which a vocal delivery would clearly not imply.

So, apologies on my part for ambiguous phraseology. No offence meant whatsoever.

Phil said...

Lol, ooops, sorry guys - looks like I totally got it wrong there! My sincere apologies! :)

I guess I have been thinking of Pixelotto too long now, and it has finally gotten to me :)

One thing to note however from that incident there:

See how there was some mistakes made, people apologised in an honourable fashion and things are all fine now?

Well, I hope you watched how we did that there Mr.Tew...

Anonymous said...

Alex made more money yesterday - well done Alex, those advertisers just keep on coming!

Tew's sites are the ONLY place to advertise. He should up the charges to $10 a pixel or even $100 a pixel for the valuable space on a Tew site.

If Alex created a thousand websites, he would gross ONE BILLION US DOLLARS. Well done Alex. You could solve world hunger with that.

Anonymous said...

The site is temporarily down for scheduled maintenance as of 14:48 UTC.

We will be back online soon.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like it when someone underestimates Alex Tew to the point of writing that Alex would need to open one thousand websites to gross 1 Billion.

How dare you? If Alex wanted to, he could open a single page, charge 1 million per pixel, and make 1 TRILLION DOLLARS in no time.

Right now he's just choosing not to, and concentrate instead on trying to get back that shelf-stacker job he had at TESCO.

After all, that £5 an hour salary amounts to much more than what Alex CHOSE to make this month with Pixelotto.

Anonymous said...

I agree he could do that. If they will pay to listen to Jay Leno, they'll pay for anything!

Alex again reeled another cool 100 bucks today - well done Alex, the business model is working!

We should recall he earns this money from his spot on the beach talking to the blondes!

Check out the Ferraris Alex, you earned one!

Ferrari is the only car for a rich kid.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Alex made $100 so far this week, I may aswell quit my $1400 a week job and set up a crummy pixel site instead!

Anonymous said...

One of the things is that the million dollar is too far away for winning.

Alex should try to give some smaller prices. If he spends 50 dollar of every 200 dollar for smaller prices, pixelotto might come alive.

It is disappointing, that he doesn't try anything.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that was me,


Anonymous said...

Exactly! It is because he isn't even trying anything to fix things that is annoying people most I think!

Anonymous said...

it's cool but guy you damned fucking assholes... u spent money, your mistake...

alex fan said...

Yep to all the anti Alex-posters...

1) Pixelotto is providing an outstanding advertising opportunity and value for money to all advertisers

2)You paid your money for a service and Alex is providing that service as promised.

3) NO the terms and conditions NO REFUNDS

4)Pixelotto has plenty more time to fill up...maybe one big advertiser might take all the remaining pixels.

5) Try to do sonething productive like Alex rather than whinge...look in the mirror the reason your products are not selling is because maybe no one wants them.....

6) Alex has more business acumen than you lot put together...thats why he is a millionaire while U lot waste your time trying to get a few hundred bucks refund.


Anonymous said...

As for this last comment about Alex being a millionaire.....I would guess that at this point he is far from it. Of the previous "million dollars" he earned he probably had to pay about half that to the tax man, then he had to pay for his trips to the US to promote MDHP that he did, then he probably gave some money to his family, then he has had to live off the money for the past few months now, not to mention the business/legal costs of getting PL up an going. My guess is he has no more than $250k left. Sure, that's still a nice chunk of change....but he ain't no millionaire!

Anonymous said...

Alex should open a bidding process for pixel space, just like google's adwords. Clearly some space is very keenly sought, and other space is less valuable.

No one can rationally deny he has made a lot of money from almost nothing. Since the end of last year, he has reeled in 150K US Dollars. Someone said here he was earning 1400 US Dollars a week, which is 50% of what Tew made in just a few weeks. There is also one big differenc: you work 40 hours a week, Alex works 10 minutes a week. He has no qualifications, you probably spent years studying and have a huge student debt.

So who's better off?

Whatever Tew does will get worldwide coverage, that's the nature of fame. If a famous person gets a parking ticket, it makes headlines.

That fame will mean he can easily make money. People will pay him just for an interview. When he completes the e-book, he will reel a huge amount of money. He probably has a book deal already for another million US Dollars.

Also, someone said about taxes. Taxes are easily written off when paid to a business. You only have problems when you declare it personal income, then you get hammered. But if he invested the money in property (which he did do), then there is no tax liability when the property is a company asset.

Tax is complicated, but rich people pay little tax. He probably paid no more than 10% on the million dollars.

Anonymous said...

A lot of ramble above here by a bunch of ignorant losers coming together to glorify a failed enterprise set up by a moron.

These people are such losers that Alex Tew, despite being a complete failure, still manages to make more money than them.

Anonymous said...
He's the man!

Micheal said...

Clearly some space is very keenly sought, and other space is less valuable
Indeed. I believe the special properties of anaconda command a significant premium over the rapidly commoditising cobra in the burgeoning snake oil market...

"Clearly" very "keenly" sought... I bet those last 100 dollars (which I admit I'd like to have in my pocket, though honestly earned) threw the analysts into a tizzy... Maybe it caused the recent global stockmarket downturn!!

Wow... we have really underestimated the power of PL...

Since the end of last year, he has reeled in 150K US Dollars
This is all old hat, we've been there before. Nobody disputes the gross (no pun intended) figures. Under the hood, it's not like comparing one ongoing concern with another, it's a combination of a) initial burst from MDHP mailing list and b) the few people left who have not had a think about it and for whom the initial burst seems promising.

I guess this forum essentially splits into people who look at the numbers and reckon any dollar made is a fair dollar, and those who have a fairly holistic view of business in general and view it as an ecosystem of stakeholders in the enterprise.

I'm the second group, cause I have to stay that way. If I started thinking in terms of how to make money FROM people rather than how to EARN money by delivering value I'd steer the old ship onto the rocks pretty soon.

Anyways, I hate the fact that I'm goaded into making a comment here but there's a 1% chance that the commenter is actually serious in saying

Whatever Tew does will get worldwide coverage,

Right. Like PL. That media juggernaut that we see on our screen every day... "World exclusive : AT farts. CNN's Paula Zahn reports."

you know those comedy skits when someone makes a grand announcement and there's silence followed by the odd cricket chirp, and then the characters watch a tumbleweed roll past...?

Million dollar book deal? Yeah, who knows? Someone may have approached him on this. Sell your story! Like the air stewardess who joined the Mile high Club with that Fiennes chap. she got canned but "earned" a few thousand dollars for the interview and movie rights. There's probably a travelling freak show measuring out a cage and leotard for him right now "Roll up, roll up folks! See the Amazing Milllion Dollar boy! Every word is genius!"

And there are people who will pay for this!!

I know what you are thinking, "yeah, but only in America". well that IS the land of the original million dollars, is it not?

anyhoo, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the scene is more like the following (movie rights are negotiable):

It is a small cottage in Gloucestershire. Three figures sit around a table, upon which sits a desktop computer at which a stressed, starving long haired man is earnestly tapping. Another person is a late-middle-aged woman, the third is a 30-something male, dressed in smart casual.

Smart Casual : Golly! Life as a famous entrepreneur's brother is pretty awesome, eh lads? I wonder where he gets his incredible ideas from? Mum?

Mum : Oh, that Alex, he were always a right little scamp, sellin' swigs from 'is water bottle and DVDs of 'is beatboxin'. But naught to compare with yon million shilling house page. That be right clever and no mistake! That be the Tew genes, not moine. arrr...

Smart Casual : Gosh, Mum! do you think I'VE inherited the same genius? I gave up my job to be his PR man! So the whole world would know as soon as he cracked a fart or came up with a billion dollar business idea! That, and manage key customer relationships, like our other brother!

Long haired computer chap : Sshh! Do you hear something? it sounds like footsteps?

they wait in hushed silence, and sure enough, the earnest clatter of million-dollar feet racing towards the cottage is heard, gaining in volume. The door bursts open, a ruddy-cheeked twenty-something with an "I [heart] Minis" t-shirt and boots that are a little too big for him careers in

Boy Millionaire : Chaps! Oh, I say! you'll never guess! A cheque came in! For two HUNDRED dollars!

(All) : GASP!

Boy Millionaire : Yes, I know, yesterday it seemed that at 150,800 dollars the prize fund just couldn't reach any higher, but today the "" owners took a punt on the sure-fire success of Pixelotto to get their products to market!

Smart Casual : Terrific! I just hope they can keep up with demand! (Gravely, in older brother voice) Have you advised them on supply and demand economics? You know you have a duty, nay, a moral obligation to impart your University education that all those people paid for to get their 2mm by 2mm ads on your website? [Sternly, now] With great power, comes great responsibility, young man...

Boy Millionaire : Oh, dash it, it completely slipped my mind! [Throws himself into his mother's arms in despair] Oh, WHAT WILL MY CUSTOMERS THINK OF ME??? [sobs quietly] All I ever wanted to do was to leave this world a better place than how I found it...

Mum : Oh, me dawlin' Million Dollar lad, don't you fret none. Those customers should learn how to run a proper business all on their own. You can't be chasing every single email they send. It's in the Terms and Conditions!

Boy Millionaire : I say... you're right! [brightens] It jolly well is! But, you know [gathers the family around him, except scruffy poorly-paid programmer] it's never BEEN just about the money... It's about creating value where previously it never existed. [Looks from one to the other, earnestly] It's about removing the stranglehold that Pay-Per-Click has on Internet advertising and truly being a company that never does Evil. [Looks into the distance, through the window, past a parked pink mini laden with blinged-up handbags and Rick Astley posters] It's about people... Ordinary people... [Holst's "Jupiter" from The Planets plays softly in the background] Plain folk, like you and me, that just need a chance, a chance to LIVE THE DREAM! To buy totally gay cars and make pink and purple websites! To advertise millionzloty websites for the equivalent of the price of a few thousand directed advertising clicks on the search results of the world's largest search engines that millions of customers use to actively seek the products and services they need, and are and willing and able to pay for! [Wistfully, as the orchestra reaches fever pitch] To allow the average joe to sell his online casino or get the one thing EVERY real business person dreams of, and until the genius of the MDHP and PL, could never get in a month of Sundays... Random bandwidth-gorging Traffic.

The grim-faced computer programmer is looking away, and clicking on a website with a gold label and something about 30 days and a strange word that doesn't exist in Olde Englande, but has something to do with exchange of cash for measurable value : "guarantee". He grins, evilly...

Million Dollar Boy : I say, everyone, when I get back from my shopping trip in Hawaii, I'll build the most daring and truly useful website ever! The Million Dollar Handbag website! Where people click on handbag-shaped pixels that play beatboxing clips that my fans make in my honour! Instead of a boring old pixel ad, servers will churn out a worthless cacophony of fart-like noises! The Traffic will go through the roof!

a rumbling is heard outside in the driveway, the programmer is escaping out the back window

Smart Casual : I say, our programmer has left! And random valuable pocket-sized computer accessories are missing! Wonder what that could mean?

the rumbling grows louder, a creaking, smashing noise is heard, followed by a small explosion that scatters singed Rick Astley posters up into the air

Million Dollar Boy : I say, what is that large armourplated tracked vehicle approaching our house? It appears to have a sign pained on it ""

the armour plated tracked vehicle swings round to face the doorway, and a 15-foot long gun barrel swivels to point directly at the babbling Million Dollar Mouth. A red laser dot appears on his forehead.

Million Dollar Boy : I say, maybe they're here to buy pixels!

Phil said...

HAHA! :D! :D!

That was seriously excellent man! A few "laugh out louds" there for sure! Pure genius! :D

Wait, did someone say genius? Has it all been a con! Is MICHEAL the Million Dollar Boy himself? :O!

Anonymous said...

Michael you got waaaay too much time on your hands........or is that semen?

Anonymous said...

lol this site is better fun than pixelotto any day!

Micheal said...

Is MICHEAL the Million Dollar Boy himself?

I better be someday. Not workin' my ass off for nothin'!

But I'm not now. And minis just don't do it for me...

Michael you got waaaay too much time on your hands

Not really... I just cut back on sleep that's all

........or is that semen?

My girlfriend also misses a lot of sleep ... ;)

Anonymous said...

I really do feel sorry for the people who have bought pixels.

However, if a site for refunds is being made i think the author would be well advised to visit a lawyer in advance, just to see if a lawyer feels there is any battle to be fought. Otherwise it could all be a waste of time, and personally i feel that asking for a refund would be pointless.

Alex Tew sold advertisers a space on his homepage with a link to their site. All have received this. The first month may have brought problems, but this can happen and was covered in the T&C's as downtime.

There was no promise that the site would sell out.

There was no promise as to how many clicks an advertiser would get.

It was explained that there would be no refunds as soon as the image and link went online. This is because as soon as they are online the pixel buyer has technically advertised on the site. If you were at a football match and the match were so dull that you decided to leave at half-time, would you expect a refund? Obviously not, because you have already used the service, even if you didnt enjoy it in any way.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Alex Tew fan. In fact i think he is a greedy idiot, and that pixelotto is a worse site than the original MDHP.

However, I do believe that he has stayed true to the T&C's, and that he has not broken any law or damaged good faith.

Like i said, im not a fan of his. I just happen to think he has covered his ass very well.

Phil said...

A very good point! As "right" as people seeking a refund may be in theory, the question is: can anything be done legally?

I suppose it the sole purpose of setting up a new site is to answer that question then that is fine.

Anonymous said...

If you were at a football match and the match were so dull that you decided to leave at half-time, would you expect a refund? Obviously not, because you have already used the service, even if you didnt enjoy it in any way.


If you billed the match, and filled the stadium, and ... the players never showed up...

There are fine shades of meaning, and direct analogies are difficult to measure "right" or "wrong".

In one job, I had a pony tail, and my boss insisted that this would drive away customers. He used the analogy of "If you walked in, and my face was covered in metal and I had orange spiky hair, would you trust me with your money?"

I mean, the analogy was talking about something completely different. He knew he hadn't much of a case to make so he came up with something over the top.

Forget plumbers, cars, football matches ... in the end, "any court in the land" won't decide based on analogy, especially imaginary ones, the best you'ld get is precedent.

And Tew should refund.

What a lazy, cowardly knob. Not even TRYING to publicise. It's a lesson to us all, he got it all for free and without trying and it taught him nothing about execution.

He shoudl be out there, on Oxford street, with a billboard trying get some photographer's attention. Looking like a fool for the sake of his business, and the value his customers expect. And maybe people would not think so badly of him.

Or at least the approximately 23 people who read or ever WILL read this blog... out there, in the cold hard world, there are approximately 6 billion individuals who are not thinking about this... Including Tew himself.

Oh yeah, and even if he did, it woudln't matter much unless he got rid of the "ten clicks" rule, as that is stopping people looking at sites. One click maybe. And the opportunity to post a comment on a blog. or read his words of wisdom.

etc etc

Phil said...

Very well said!

Anonymous said...

well, to "alex fan" all i can say is that Alex Tew was never a millionaire in the UK anyway--- one million dollars is only around £550,000, if that.

whilst that is still a huge amount of money he would have been taxed like a bitch at 40%. so suddenly that is looking more like £300,000.

take away costs such as living costs since MDHP. Do you really think for one second that he wouldnt blow at least £30,000 on parties and a nice car etc? Oh, and then the promotional trips to the U.S would've cost a bit, and i would imagine there is some seriously hot girl getting her fair share as well (though, this is money well spent).

anyway, well done to alex on MDHP as it was good for himself and advertisers. And the guy can spend that money on whatever he likes because its his and he earned it fair and square whilst giving his customers value for money.

However, what he really got out of MDHP was probably enough money to buy a decent house at around £250,000 or so--- hes not even close to being a millionaire.

Plus, given the current house prices in the UK £250,000 wont get him that mansion. Im guessing he invested a bit in stocks and shares, but he aint no millionaire and will still need to work for a living because, as PL has shown, the world has forgotten about Alex Tew.