Saturday, June 30, 2007

Keywords Statistics

This post is not connected to pixelotto itself.
This is about keywords - how people get my sites from Search Engines.

So regarding this blog keywords are:

1. pixelotto blog
2. pixelotto sucks
3. pixelotto
6. filatov pixelotto
7. alex filatov
8. pixelottoreport
9. pixelotto blogspot
10. pixelotto demand

Keywords for are:

1. pixelotto
2. gamesbob
4. bebo backgrounds
5. pixel lotto
6. pixelotto report
9. free bebo skins
10. bebo layouts

It was very funny when my website was visited by "Xenia Tchoumitcheva" keyword :)


Anonymous said...

you should ad - alex filatov russian knob polisher - to your list

Alex Filatov said...

No, piece of shirt, look here :)

Anonymous said...

This site is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What's up guys? Did pixelotto sell another half pixel or something.



Alex Filatov said...
Look there!
There is another one black square - sold pixels :)

Filip Roman said...

Alex, or others :
is there no news about what happene last week? Was it hacked? Is it still hacked (look at the black square on the pixel bord)?

I was always a believer, I admit it, but I find it really stupid that alex tew act like nothing happened. He doesn't answer mails, he doesn't have a blog: what must players think of it?

Is there no news at all on the internet? This seems to be the only site you can trust and use to get some news about pixelotto. Tew himself is unreachable.

Alex Filatov said...

I've asked him too.
No response.
But I think he doesn't obligated to answer.

Lucas said...

He is probably drunk.

Trying to forget his failure and trying to remember his moments of fame.