Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pixelotto New Look

Something is strange there.
What do you think?

Maybe Alex Tew prepared a surprise for us?
"Checking for lice" for advertisers? :)
Or It's just bonus for advertisers of MDHP - to get an ad place as bonus on Pixelotto?
Or Pixelotto was just hacked? :)


Micheal said...

all the black spaces are the same size, and some are superimposed on one another.

Someone's been doing some colouring in. either a hack or prank

Anonymous said...

And the prize that was 150K yesterday became 653800 today !!!



Anonymous said...

I think it is hack


Filip Roman said...


Anonymous said...


I think "maybe" he bought his own space?

he would be putting his own money on his webpage, attracting lots of attention, mor clicks... still, another 347K left = 694K for him to get. do the math.


who hacked pixelotto (.com)?


Filip Roman said...

Is it hacked you think? Why does it take so long before there is any reaction from site owner?
Does somebody knows what's happening?
Is Tew sleeping or is it real?

Alex Filatov said...

I don't think the website is hacked.
Maybe tonns of advertisers decided to buy ads :)

Anonymous said...

wow - now it's almost all sold - way to go TEW, you did it again!

my verification word was:
smenita - WTF?

ZiQui said...

Looks like a hack or a redesign coming. Now it's at 999.700 or something with no new pixels but a pack of space blacked out.

pixelotto script Australia said...

Curiouser & curiouser!!

Filip Roman said...

It's quiet on the side of the non believers, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

FR said: "It's quiet on the side of the non believers, isn't it?"

No, not really you silly tit. Look at the site again now, its back to normal.

Normal being a total failure.