Friday, June 15, 2007

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Anonymous said...

(I know this isn't relevant to this post....but it is to an earlier post)

I run a site called Luckery (

We provide a free lottery for users to play, and can provide advertising for any site that we approve.

I would appreciate any thoughts you guys have!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a licence to run a Lottery in the Countries where people may play?

Anonymous said...

Nasty pop-ups and Google-sense advertising on that gash website.

I predict the site will fail.

Anonymous said...

Well done for predicting the failure of the site. You really stuck your neck out when making that statement eh? lol

I am curious, like the first post, to know whether there is a licence to run a lottery.

Apart from that, I'd be curious to know how exactly this site would manage to stand out amongst bigger gambling sites like william hill & Ladbrokes (which also have a physical presence) or

There really are many many gambling sites out there, and im not sure how this one stands out.

Anonymous said...

"I am curious, like the first post, to know whether there is a licence to run a lottery."

In the UK a licence is required from the Gambling commission, perhaps it only applies to lotteries where you pay to enter, its probably worth taking legal advice.

Anonymous said...

Luckery is not a gambling site and as such does not require a gambling license. We have been running for about a year now and have built up a nice member base.....

Why do you think it will fail?

Anonymous said...

1) Too much competition, there are much better free-to-play lotteries, for example.

2) No one seems to know Luckery even exists.

3) The site itself looks cheap and tacky.

4) Pop-up Adverts annoy people and will drive people away.

Those are four good reasons.

Good luck, you'll need it.

Filip Roman said...

Is your stat counter still working?
It's interesting to know if there is any change in visitor stats.

Look also :

Anonymous said...



Jack Smith said...

Hey Alex.

Completely off topic, but just wondered who the hell was dumb enough to buy pixels on the 15th and 18th, were they the same person, how come so close together after such a big gap?


Alex Filatov said...

Definitely someone have bought pixels!

There were:
2007-06-15 12:59:04
2007-06-17 16:59:04

Jack Smith said...

what complete nutcases!

Maybe they paid to get featured on pixelottoreport instead!

Filip Roman said...

I don't understand why online businnes companies, selling things like viagra, ink cartridges, ringtones, dvd's... don't buy an ad on pixelotto.
50.000 clicks at least from now untill 5th of january. Probably lots more.

Jack Smith said...

"50.000 clicks at least from now untill 5th of january"

no way, most people get hardly any clicks.

Hey Alex, someone else bought pixels. What's going on all of a sudden! Do you think there has been marketing or something?

Anonymous said...

Hmm something is up with Pixelotto, the price fund went up to 600+K and half the grid is blacked out.

Anonymous said...

Almost every blacked out square is of 5x5, and it looks like many of them are randomly placed superimposing on others.

I suspect someone with a grudge / dark sense of humour hacked in or simply got at the laptop when A tew went to the bog during an all night drinking session

Maybe he's grown his hair long and is holed up with firearms in Cirencester and this is his way of crying for help

Anonymous said...

I reckon he's sitting there with a bottle of vodka, noone's returning his calls, and the cash is turning to ashes in his mouth. He got dumped by some chick who got tired waiting for him to go places, and after a few scoops just wanted to see what the site would look like if it had ever taken off... Just watch that number be bigger than what it is. Willing it on, somehow... Like viagra, pixelottoviagra, it swells momentarily and makes him feel like a big man...

Or else, it's a really bad marketing ploy / joke / hack