Friday, July 13, 2007

London to La Rochelle

Just found another guy who have bought pixels and published statistics.
I asked him about current stats.

London to La Rochelle: Pixelotto - I have bought some - the statistics so far

I think all of you can now predict this current stats.


Filip Roman said...

That's interesting. Thank you Alex.

Anonymous said...

This shows yet again, what I and many others have said so many times.

Pixelotto is a rip-off, scam site.

Matt said...

More so, this proves Pixelotto is a flop and a poorly conceived idea. Million Dollar Homepage was a fluke and Alex Tew is not a genius or he would have rolled out a second venture as soon as he sold out the initial Million Dollar Homepage. That is how the internet works, you have to keep the ball rolling, not stop for a year and write some jank book about how your an internet/business genius because you made a million dollars. Big frickin' deal, when you make 10 million talk to me.

julius said...

matt is right to the point:

1 million is peanuts

10 millions you're starting to talk business. And you can live a comfortable life without working anymore if you choose to. This is absolutely not the case with 1 million, pre-tax, to make things worse.

Kevin D said...

Stats from Fuelmyblog:-

Total clicks: 2321 (includes 2046 clicks by registered Pixelotto players)

This advert received its first click on 05 December 2006.

Average clicks per day since then: 9, Since Mid June they claim to have sent 120 clicks, actual stats are far worse, 38 in total..a fraud.

Alex Filatov said...

To Kevin:
I can't find your email of your blog.
Could you please point me on it or write me an email on

k.dixie said...