Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time Machine

Just found that my website can be viewed via "Time Machine" :)
So you can look back in time and see how it was :)

For instance:
12/30/2006 - 6 advertisers registered Today, and they've bought 600 pixels

Remember? :)


Anonymous said...

well, this comment has nothing to do with the time machine thing, sorry.

I already clicked all of the available spots in the pixelotto webpage (yeah, i have not much to do, 471 if any of you is wondering how many are those). Now, I cant click any of them, meaning I cant participate 2 times in the same block.

No wonder why the traffic is going down. all the people that have already click all of the 471 adds have no reason to come back.

Alex Filatov said...

This is not "real" time machine, just simple web archive.
Just in case if you do not know.
You "can go back in time" means that you can browse saved page on particular date and time.

Anonymous said...

I've clicked out 473 ads, who's more? :)

Alex Filatov said...

"You have placed 128 entries since you signed up."
I'm bad player...

Filip Roman said...

465 ads and everything green?????????

Anonymous said...

It looks like there are at the most 473 clickable ads, but according to Pixelottoreport.com, 487 ads were sold.

Alex, how this could be?

Alex Filatov said...

I don't know.
Probably some bug somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

can any of the 473 send a link to a picture of the grid??

just to see where are the 2 Im missing.