Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pixelotto Draw Has Begun!

Hello Everybody!

So, there will be one lucky human in less than one month!
If you're pixelotto player you should receive the same letter from Alex Tew as I am:

Hi Oleksandr

How would you like to start the new year $153,000 richer?

Well it's time to get clicking, because the countdown to the Pixelotto draw has begun...

On January 5th 2008 we will randomly select one lucky winner to walk away with a cool $153,000. Plus, a charity of that person's choice will receive a donation of $15,300. That person could be you!

Remember, you have 10 clicks per day so the more days you play, the bigger your chance of winning.

Good luck and happy clicking,


So, if you're not Pixelotto player you still have a chance to win $153K :)


Meson Decay said...

good luck to me!!! :D

Anonymous said...

When I originally spent $2600 - I spent that much because the prize was a million. If I knew the prize was $153,000 I would not have spent but maybe $200 to $400...
Isn't this fraud??????????

micheal said...

well, put it this way, if the site had reached 1 million dollars then

a) your ad would be up less time before being removed

b) there would be more competition for clicks on sites other than yours

c) as overall traffic would be probably more you might have paid more in bandwidth charges

I don't think there's a mathematical connection between the jackpot size and what you should pay to get on board. Really, the "million dollars" is an emotional benchmark that people react to, whoever heard of the 800,000 dollar home page?

anyhow, I think the countdown functionality on the site indicates that Alex Tew reads this blog avidly, and picked up the suggestion for a countdown from the commenters. Clearly if the lotto was going to be won once a month which is probably what he had hoped, then he wouldn't have seen a need for a 30 day countdown. Thus this is a recent development.

I'm waiting for the Guardian interview, myself. "So, Alex, what's the last year been like? how has the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship treated you?"

Anonymous said...

d) if it was 1m then the traffic and popularity would also be higher but this way it is lower and the return of his investment is hardly justified.

obviously milliondollarhomepage was a one-time shot and was not sustainable.

Anonymous said...

I saw from PixelottoReport that there was another sale yesterday, went on to Pixelotto to click it, and found THREE new ads to click.

Pixelotto ROCKS, ROCKS and ROCKS.

I can't wait to see the Alexa ratings tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

Well i gotta give it to him ... he certianly did well. At least he's sticking to it :)

I guess he did find an easy way to make easy money. I mean $153,000 for that small site is still an awsome profit, even if he didn't make another mil im sure he's probably quite happy and will be buying himself some new socks again soon.
Man, if i had a surefire way to make another 153k i'd happily do it . It's just that nobody sees it that way.

Anonymous said...

"When I originally spent $2600..."

can you please tell what is the total number of clikcs you received from pixelotto?

just to estimate the odds :)

The Boss said...

I am not the original poster, but I can give you that information:

5000 clicks from registered pixelotto players so far said...

How could you possibly know how many clicks?

Anonymous said...

to The Boss


and what is the size and location of your ad?

I think these factors have a great effect on the frequency of clicks.

The $2600 ad of that anonymous poster ( - isn't it?) has probably received much more clicks than 5000, as nearly 30000 players registered so far.

micheal said...

has probably received much more clicks than 5000, as nearly 30000 players registered so far.
Probably indicates that not many people bothered to look at the site long after registering. After all, in the beginning there were lots of ads in one go, presumably one from Time Out, and people could only click ten at a time.

People tend to lose interest in sites that require them to perform too much work, like revisiting day after day, especially in this case when you consider that the content of the site is hardly (if at all) updating.

Having a registered user doesn't mean an active user, we all know that... how many forums have I joined cause i needed to post a comment that I don't return to once I get the answer I needed?

micheal said...

By the way, this version of PL will be the last of its kind. Why? Note in the FAQ (latest version):

"What is Pixelotto?

Pixelotto is a free prize draw with a $153,000 jackpot, funded by pixel ads."

Now there's a tagline, a "153,000 dollar jackpot". Word of mouth sensation if ever I heard of one.

Clearly someone is keen to put this behind them.

Of course, it also indicates that regardless of whether anyone decides to add more advertisements to the site to capitalize on the phenomenal press-stopping publicity generated by such an unbeatable marketing wheeze, the pool of cash will not increase.

There's so much that's wrong with the above picture....

Alex Filatov said...

Micheal suggested me one idea with his post: make Alex Tew contributor of this blog.
The reason - let Alex describe his life for the last year.
Or smth. like that.
What do you think?
Will you ask him together to do that? :)

Alex Filatov said...

I've sent an invitation for Alex Tew to be an author of this blog on this email:
Why this email?
Because before sending I've visited and saw there the following:

UPDATE: 5th Feb 2006
For my e-mail account I currently have 4,602 unread e-mails, a further 5,998 unanswered e-mails, with hundreds of new messages pouring in every day. Please bear with me as I try and get through them.

E-mails sent to are getting through and being replied to usually with 48hrs. Please DO NOT send any general/business/press related e-mails to that account, it is for existing pixel owners only. Other messages are deleted. Thanks for understanding.

So, there is no reason to send him emails on

Alex, if you're reading this, please answer, would you like to tell us a story?

Filip Roman said...

To Michael:

You wrote:

Of course, it also indicates that regardless of whether anyone decides to add more advertisements to the site to capitalize on the phenomenal press-stopping publicity generated by such an unbeatable marketing wheeze, the pool of cash will not increase.

You're wrong. Advertisers can't join anymore. Pixel selling stopped at december 5th.

micheal said...

>>>(on advertisers etc)
You're wrong. Advertisers can't join anymore. Pixel selling stopped at december 5th.
Correct! I suck.

>>>(on asking AT to contribute)
Will you ask him together to do that? :)
Awesome idea! Come on, Alex T!

Zub said...


The Boss said...

The information I am giving is in relation to a very visible ~$2000 ad one really can't miss, near the center of the board.

I can tell you exactly the clicks received from registered user because this information is provided in the advertiser's panel on

The ad so far received 8397 clicks of which 5006 from registered pixelotto players.

The Boss said...

Another info that is given is the demographic breakdown of clicks from pixelotto players.

As you might expect, they are mostly young. And an overwhelming 83% of them are males.

Vadykk said...

Damn I need that money, I want my parents to live happy all the rest of life =(

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say, I am very disappointed. I signed up in the very beginning to play Alex's game and accumulated over 400 chances to win and then ran out of advertisers pixels to click on, so I lost interest. After all this waiting, what, a whole year and all I get is a chance to win $153,000.00. Alex should have signed up with a good marketing company and spent some money to really get some interest in this idea. I wonder if, as advertisers sign on, in these last few days, will the prize money rise as well, or is this really it...just $153,000.00. Sad!

cxspan said...

quit your belly-achin'! you make it sound like it was a 9-5 job for the last year, as if it was ohhh sooo difficult. it takes less than 2 minutes to click on those ads.

"all I get is a chance to win $153,000.00"

all you get? this is sarcasm right?

kevinlid said...

Well id be happy with half of that. I would be fine if the other half went to charity.

Im sure Alex wasnt expecting such a poor turn out and i would imagine he is not feelin so good about not being able to give the full amount he intended, to charity.

Its still fun waiting to see if i won or not.

Anonymous said...

i would imagine he is not feelin so good about not being able to give the full amount he intended, to charity

Yeah, I really bet.

Mate, the reason why people have a "charity angle" is because they think this makes them look less greedy and also encourages people to participate as they are not just supporting a company but supporting a charity. So you think you're doing the world a favour by purchasing a product.

I think we all know what Alex Tew's favourite charity is...

Anonymous said...

what is the maximum entries you clicked on ? i clicked 486 entries so far? is there more ads to click above this ?

Anonymous said...

I've clicked 490

I suspect that some of the ads I clicked earlier are no longer valid. It's quite a mess over hear where the ad used to be.

Part of the watertight, failsafe, can't-sue-me robust software that AT built.

clearly he never envisaged anyone actually backing out of his grand plan.

Filip Roman said...

I clicked only 484 ads.
Strange. Nothing more to click on.

Anonymous said...

You must have missed most of the "Money Back Seven".

Also I recently noticed that one of the black blocks (underneath Sports Book), which looks like a pixel block that was paid for but never uploaded, in fact IS a valid ad to click on.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Alexa ratings and found that since Tew send round his reminder, the ratings have SOARED to levels not seen since, well, about April.

This last minute surge might even convince advertisers to repeat their ads for the next "round".

Anonymous said...


I've just looked at the grid to see if there was anything more to click on.

All the black squares (pixels paid for but not yet uploaded) have disappeared. I assume that means Tew has decided that whose pixel buyers will no longer be given an opportunity to upload their ads.

Which means NO more click possibilitites before the draw, so even the most diehard clickers no longer have a reason to check back.

Anonymous said...

I havent received any such message. Has everyone ? SDhould i have received one????

micheal said...

Happy Christmas to you all!

Alex Filatov said...

Thank you, Micheal!
Best wishes to you all guys!
I hope you also get lots of presents :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year.

loosers, i already know who gonna win :)

there will not be lucky from any of you, forget it :)

Alex Filatov said...

thanks, Alex :)

Anonymous said...

did the last Anonymous have something to do with the KARTING ad that appeared on the grid today (under FREE HOSTING), after Pixelotto was supposed to be closed to new advertisers, and the paid-for-but-not-uploaded ads removed?

If this is the case, then it's possible for new ads to be placed on the grid in the closing seconds before the draw, and only members of the Tew family get to click on them.

And guess which ad will be selected before the lucky clicker is chosen.

Ingus said...

It is well known that Tew's brother runs a kart business. He was the first one to place an ad on MDHM.

Anonymous said...

do not worry loosers - no one from you gonna get these $ :)

micheal said...

did the last Anonymous have something to do with the KARTING ad that appeared on the grid today (under FREE HOSTING),
>>>> (blah etc)

It appears to be already clicked in my page, so though I didn't notice anything new going up there, I must have clicked the squares at some stage

hey, does that mean I win :) ?

in any case, it's really a toss of a coin as to whether AT is honest about this or not. If he is, he is, if not, there's nothing can be done about it. I doubt any MPs will be bothered to get involved. That said, if the lottery is legal in the UK, perhaps that means that a legal auditor may have had to be nominated to watch over the prize giving. It beggars belief to think that AT would try and cheat AND try and make a big PR deal out of the charity angle etc etc.

My bet is he's been working (not too hard) on some other shenanigans with an ageing entrepreneur who thinks AT knows what the internet is all about.

I actually overheard him in a conversation (yes, I really did) telling his mum and brother that someone he was in touch with loved his latest idea (probably pixelotto, this was almost 2 years ago, when MDHP came out) so this same chap may have a soft spot for the young go getter.

Maybe he's learned patience after all...

Anonymous said...

Something definitely very fishy going on here...

It was me that spotted, and clicked on, the KARTING ad a few days ago.

But according to the Wayback Machine, the same ad was already on the grid by December 30, 2006.

Michael said it was already clicked on his page.

So some payers, and not others, are having their clicks randomly cancelled from the Pixelotto database. Perhaps ALL our clicks, except someone from the Tew family, will be cancelled on THAT advert.

Or was it done just to getextra traffic to the Karting site, something which other advertisers have not benefitted from?

Lynes said...

Hey, I didn't purchase any pixels because Im a little known website, and Im poor. But if I win the $153,000. I would spend it to advertise my new World Marketing System website; so please visit who knows maybe we can share in referrals!

Pisellotto said...

Hey Alex Filatov, I visited the Ukranian women website you link. Not bad!

Will you do a pixelottoreport draw and offer Karina as a prize?

plame said...

21 hours... and counting.

Anonymous said...

15 hours... and counting.

bruneisme said...

7hrs and 30mins to go.

Hmmm clicked 486. can't find anymore. Checked each and every pixels by placing the cursor over them.

You site said 497 ads and 7 removed so should have 490 ads. seems like 4 missing.

anyway, the draw is randomly picked.

Good luck every1.

Alex Filatov said...

Hey, Piselotto, good idea! :)
I'll tell the website owner this :)

Kees said...

4 hours and counting....
Does somebody know how I could change my personal information? Because I used some rubbish data, at the beginning of this contest.

good luck everybody ;-)

Alex Filatov said...

Kees, don't worry, I think you can log-in and change your info.
I have real info inside Pixelotto.

Kees said...

hehe, I couldn't find a edit-link.
But Alex, do you have more websites? I just stumbled upon this one.

Alex Filatov said...

all my websites are for masturbation :)


sid007 said...

Dear PixelLotto Report:

l am Mr. Eki Omorodion l know this
proposal will come to you as a surprise because we have not met before either physically or through correspondence. I have no doubt in your ability to handle this proposal involving huge sum of money I won $153,000.

Please call me at your earliest convenience at. Time is of the essence in this matter; very quickly the Nigerian Government will realize that the Central Bank is maintaining this amount on deposit, and attempt to levy certain depository taxes on it.

Alex Filatov said...

Dear sid007,

Thank you for your very interesting proposition!
I'll call you as soon as I get your phone number.
Now I'll go to our beloved Google for it.

Warmest regards,
Alex Filatov

Kees said...

hahhaha, i am the winner of the 157 000 dollars, but i need somebody to withdraw it for me, you will get 20% for your effort

from nigeria

Kees said...

hmmm he made that joke..

but who won actually?

nizzrx said...


I can confirm that the WINNER has already been chosen, So if you have NOT been contacted then its highly likely you have not won.

They are in the process of checking the winner's identity and performings ome other checks.

So a updated message will appear on the pixelotto site in some days.

Adult Liaisons said...

I advertised on pixelotto and it was the best advertising I have ever done!!!

Cheers Alex

Alex Filatov said...

Adult Liaisons, prove it by your stats here :)

BarcelonaMan said...

I've checked this blog and but can't find info about the possibility of renewing "the draw" for another year. Will it be renewed? I hope so.

I also hope Pixelotto will consider LOWERING the pay-out per 10X10 pixels. $200-per-box was too much, especially considering the traffic generated and eventual payout.