Monday, February 19, 2007

Dear Pixelotto belovers! :)

I've added countdown from the last sale on

Please do not come up again with "Pixelotto sale" definition - this is up to my Robot :)

Robots are rule the world!

BTW, today is 11 days from the last "sale".


Anonymous said...

I don't think a counter will be of much use, as nobody in their right mind would ever buy a Pixelotto advert ever again!

Anonymous said...

Good idea Alex, now we can see how long its been since the last sucker was separated from their cash.

Alex fan........... said...

So what if he has sold no pixels for eleven days.....his one page website has some generated over $308,000 in revenue........and $154,400 in prize fund for some lucky clicker and we still have many months to make more cash......Yep pixelotto is a great idea and Alex is doing very well selling pixels at twice the price of the milliondollarhomepage is obviously a harder task than selling them at $100 !!!! Well done ALEX KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Anonymous said...

somebody ban that last guy.

Micheal said...

his one page website has some generated over $308,000 in revenue........a
Actually... it hasn't

the vast majority of revenue came from the MDHP, as the "sales" came from his mailing list of people who had previously advertised on the MDHP or wanted to and couldn't.

Of the rest, everyone else was still assuming this would be MDHP 2.

However, the MDHP was a one-off, decoupled from A Tew himself, it was really about the story. Hence when he went off on his own to start a new mutant offspring (PL) it didn't work as there was no more hard-luck story that people wished they had thought of. Hence, all that was left was the promise that putting an ad on PL would increase sales for advertisers. Which, obviously is not ever going to happen.

Amazing how some people still don't get that...

Bob said...

We're starting to see negative sales on pixelotto now:

The prize fund today shows 149,800, down from the 150,400 it has been at for many days.

Who's the lucky advertiser who was able to get his money back? Tewed robot, wake up and go chase him!

Anonymous said...

MDHP not only used to get far more traffic (and of better quality) than PL, but it is actually getting more traffic than its counterpart NOW as we speak:

Anonymous said...


(add the two pieces together to get the full url)

Anonymous said...

Nothing, it will not let me post that link.

So trust me: as of Feb. 13, MDHM is getting more traffic per day than PL.