Friday, February 9, 2007

Update of ad schemas


I've modyfied script and now it's generates ad map with resized real ad block :)
You can take a look on the

We all love this advertiser for his 10 links submitted :)))


Anonymous said...

This is the ideal type of advert for any Pixel site advertiser - because of the size of the advert and nature of their business the following important things are achieved:

1) Your Business Name or URL is seen by everybody visiting the site whether they click on your advert or not.

2) Your product or service is international, so regardless of where the visitor is geographically based - they are a potential customer.

If an advert is too small for the name to be seen or the product or service is local (i.e. in only one country) then Pixel advertising is not such a great investment.

Finally, if any pixel site is badly advertised (or in most cases not at all because they are a "get-rich-quick" attempt gone wrong) - then this type of advertising is almost a complete waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

I love pixels and I love Pixelotto so get lost and stop trying to pick on is hard enough without scammers like this board trying to attack a legitimate business

Alexander said...

to the last anon:
you have a right to love it :)

pixelya said...

Mr: Anonymous

Relax, no body her is pecking on Mr. Alex Tew. Why should we?

We are just a group of entrepreneurs how are interested to watch, understand and analyze Pixelotto development.

Business was not hard for Mr. Alex Tew, very few people can make a million dollar in just four months. Mr. Alex Tew did that because he is one of the luckiest persons in the world.

By the way, if you know Mr. Alex Tew personally p, you may advice him to contact me. I have real brilliant ideas to make his project pick up soon, but he will have to pay for that.

Anonymous said...

To the second poster - you sound like someone who has set up a "rip-off" version of the MHDP or Pixelotto and it's all gone horribly wrong. ;)

You reckon pixel advertising is a "legitimate" business?

What business school did you attend?

Try setting up a REAL business, you know, where you employ people, advertise in REAL ways (Newspaper Ad's, Printed Flyers, TV etc), have a REAL product or service, a REAL office, where you have a REAL customer service department that makes sure your customers concerns are addressed and not ignored.

That's a REAL and LEGITAMITE business.

The reason I have never advertised on MHDP, Pixelotto or other fly-by-night Pixel site is because it is clogged up with "get rich quick" scam artists with MHDP rip-off websites.

Now I'm back off to the REAL world to run my REAL business and make REAL money. :)

pixelya said...

By the way, this is the first time to see one of pixelotto fans and defenders to admit that the "business is hard enough". This is a new remarkable development.

Anonymous said...

"What business school did you attend" said a blogger.

hopefully not Nottingham! Where A Tew (bless you... get it? get it?) went for a week or so.

here's a quote from the guardian when they asked a senior prof for comment on pixelotto.

Back at Nottingham University’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Innovation, they are proud of Tew. When Professor Martin Binks, the director, hears about Tew’s latest wheeze, he bursts out laughing. “What a brilliant idea!” he says. “It’s so simple. This is a lovely way of tying the Million Dollar Homepage, the advertisers and the visitors together even more tightly. I’m surprised he’s only charging $2 a pixel.

What a knob.

Imagine, he is paid to "teach" people "Innovation". He even gets to lecture people and call himself clever.

What. A. Knob.

I went to business school too by the way, but not Nottingham...

hence I know my arse from my elbow I guess...

Anonymous said...

Most of the greatest entreprenuers in the world never went to Nottingham University or any other Uni for that matter. I've been there done that, all they teach u is about your arse and your elbow and how to conform to the norm. Now how innovative is that.
As for the comments about "legitamcy" of Pixel advertising as a "REAL" business who are we to judge let the market decide.
P.S> Pixelya I too know how to turn Pixelotto around and so too will many others who look on as
Pixelotto dies a slow and painful death.

But rather than invest in a "lost" opportunity i prefer to invest my time and money in "REAL" one.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wouldn't want to take a course in business by "Professor Martin Binks", as he thinks Pixelotto is a "brilliant idea"?

WTF!!?! This is a guy who is supposed to know about business yet fails to see the OBVIOUS reasons why Pixelotto and other pixel sites are crap?

To the guy who said "let the market decide"....

Where the hell have you been dude? THE MARKET DECIDED - PIXELS ARE CRAP!

Anonymous said...

Like a previous poster said:

"The market HAS decided"

The "market" has basically said, Pixel Ads worked for ONE site, ONCE! - and thats all the markets going to give.

Seriously, these pixel-pushers need to look at their business model.

Firstly, if somebody was going to look for an Online Casino, a fashion store or whatever, the first places they'll look are Google or well-known brands or well-known web directories such as Yahoo.

They are not going to go to some amateurish pixel site that is not advertising anywhere and was set up purely to make money rather than provide a useful product or service.

The vast majority of people are NOT going to think "Hey, I need a new pair of shoes (or whatever) I think I'll waste a few hours of my finite life trying to find a Shoe store on some cheap-skate pixel site".

It happened once with the MDHP, in a blaze of publicity which attracted a lot of advertisers and the publics attention.

It's just not going to happen again.

Anything that follows are simply people jumping on the bandwagon, hoping for a piece of the action.

Sadly for those people the action has already left town.

The only people that seem to advertise on amateurish Pixel sites now are OTHER amaterish Pixel sites. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the above Poster has spent far to long at University. One has not the mindset of an Entreprenuer.

The reason MDHP was so successful was because it offered a cheap, upfront and quirky, alternative to the more conventional forms of advertising on the net.
You mention that if people are looking for a "online casino" they will use google or yahoo".

I don't think the majority of surfers think like that. Never heard of the woman who went into the shop looking for a pair of shoes and came out with the whole shop.
When I go online there are times when i have no idea what i am looking for and sites like these (pixel-sites) offer an opportunity to explore new sites which I would never have visited otherwise.

Never say never! "Impossible is Nothing."

Anonymous said...

I very much doubt a entrepreneur (a successful one anyway) would blindly follow someone elses idea, make no improvements to it whatsoever, conduct zero research into who may actually use the thing and spend nothing on advertising or marketing.

99.99% of these rip-off sites are NOT entrepreneurial in the slightest, they are people jumping on a long departed bandwagon who make no attempt to try and improve upon the original idea.

Seriously, $50 and a rip-off website does NOT make someone an entrepreneur.

If you go online not knowing what you're looking then how do you know when you've found it? :)

Anonymous said...

to first post of pixelya:

he was successfull not because he was lucky but because he is complete fuck. he has family member in bbc who promoted him at first. that was the key. stop making him an idol... he showed with pixelotto that he is not genious... he has absolutely no fantasy... so he returned to the same idea...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above post.....Alex was quite loud in subsequent articles after the success of MDHP about how you have to be innovative, and if you are you can be very successful. And of course he said this in a way as if it was so easy to do and he was some genius at doing it. Heck, he even said he was going to write an e-book about it. What ever happened to that Alex? He just got lucky with MDHP, he is no Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.

Anonymous said...

absolutely. he just used media power that was available as we know to his daddy or uncle to promote bullshit. that's all. he could also sell snikers in same way...

Anonymous said...

The fact that Tew had contacts in the business is a poor excuse for his success. 1000's of the others have even better contacts. So why didn't they come up with the MDHP idea first???

P.S. He definately couldn't sell snikers in this way. No chance!

Anonymous said...

///I very much doubt a entrepreneur (a successful one anyway) would blindly follow someone elses idea, make no improvements to it whatsoever, conduct zero research into who may actually use the thing and spend nothing on advertising or marketing.///

Who are you referring to in this post??? Tew, or Tew clones or the site that tew cloned himself.

Anonymous said...

Primarily the Tew clones, although there is evidence that the concept behind Pixelotto was actually someone elses idea entirely before being "Tewed".

A definition of: 'Tewed' is:

Rehashing a badly thought-out concept purely for financial gain whilst providing little service to its intended audience or the fee-paying advertiser.

Anonymous said...

Lol, nice new adjective you have invented there :)

Anonymous said...

haha, "tewed" actually DOES mean "worn out"! Look:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!

Poor Tew - all "worn out"

How can Tew be "tewed" he hasn't done anything yet. Let me get a blank piece of paper and a pen and I'll have a think about it on my bed, and see if i can come up with any bright ideas as to why he's all "worn out".

Maybe his fingers have been worn out counting all that hard earned cash.

Maybe his back's worn out carry all those heavy money bags to the bank, each day.

Maybe his brain's worn out thinking about what he is going to do with all that money he's been making (What a burden!)

Maybe his tongue's worn out talking all that garbage about "his next project - the one that will make Billions"

Maybe his knees are worn praying that someone or something will save Pixelotto.

I'd say keep praying Tew as you just never know your luck!

Alexander said...

How this my post of ads placement connects to blaming Alex Tew?
I really don't catch it :)

Anonymous said...

lol, you should be glad there is any chat about Pixelotto at all mate!

Bob said...

Alexander, why do you still report $1800 sold on Feb. 8 I realy don't know. Please read my last comment to the "Holy Moses..." post

Alexander said...

I would be very glad if every Pixelotto advertiser place a link to my on his website.
That's would really nice for this project.

Alexander said...

Bob, for my robot the meaning "pixels sold" is appearance within imagemap.
Any questions to my robot?

Anonymous said...

Note to Alexander.

Alex Tew should give you a big cut of his money, you've done far more for the Pixelotto site than he has.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Robot is "Tewed" :)

Bob said...

You are stubborn, Alexander!

The problem with your robot is that "appearance within imagemap" (meaning the source code of pixelotto) occurs only once the url is approved.

Instead, appearance within the PIXELOTTO BOARD occurs as soon as the pixels are sold, in the form of a black area which humans see but your robot does not see.

Luckily there is an example you can look at right now on Pixelotto: the black single square at the center-bottom right of the board. I believe it is at


You will see there is no link there. And there is no area shape="rect" coords="....... code for it inside the imagemap source code.

Nevertheless, these pixels HAVE BEEN SOLD and PAID FOR.

As soon as the advertiser adds the url/image and it gets approved, there will be code for it inside the imagemap and your tewed robot will finally find it.

If your robot will find out about it in a week, or thenever the url/image is added/approved, it doesn't mean that on that day $200 in pixels were sold.

The question to the owner of this robot is: do you care about correcting this mistake?

Otherwise you should call them "pixels for which an url was added to the board" today and NOT "pixels sold" today.

Bob said...

With this I don't want to undermine your work in any way, since what you did with the pixelotto report is really an incredible job!

Also, usually the two steps (pixels sold and url added) occur very close in time or most often coincide on the same day.

But, as in the case of Feb.8, when this coincidence wasn't there, and for such a large amount, I believe that the reporting gives a very misleading picture.

It was so strange that someone could spend $1800 on a long-failed project, that you exclaimed "Holy Moses!" In fact it wasn't true...

Anonymous said...

Pixelotto looks dead.

No new sales in the last two weeks (ignorning the Tewed-Robot-Blip on 8th Feb), no Alex Tew or people from his "Team" on here trying to repair his damaged reputation, answer his critics or at the very least to attend to disatisfied customers.

When MDHP became a success I was initially pleased for Alex until the auction of the last set of pixels (clearly fuelled by greed) and now the travesty that is Pixelotto.

Hopefully this is the death of the Pixel phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Here Here!

Anonymous said...

Alex tew started the whole Pixel Phenomena and could very well turn out to be the man who killed it too.

Started by a student killed by a Millionaire.

Jack said...

I know from reliable sources that Alex Tew will first try selling pixels in a glass souvenirs to tourists around the Tower Bridge, before calling it off once and for all.

Anonymous said...

It's almost schadenfreude what's going on here. At the end of the day however it's not quite appropriate, Tew (somehow, it boggles my mind) still managed to make $150K even this time round.

pixelya said...

Alexander, If Alex offered you $10,000 to close your sites, would you accept?

Alexander said...

It's a business proposition? :)

Alexander said...

I would not accept money for closing websites.
I just can sell my websites if there will be good enough proposition.

Anonymous said...

Tew would never buy this site or give money to close it. It is the only thing keeping any interest in Pixelotto whatsoever! He would gain nothing more by owning it or closing it! However, it is more likely Tew wants to forget Pixelotto ever existed!

Anonymous said...

I agree with above. Just wondering what the stats are for this site??? Are more people turning to for the support and info that's non-existant via the Pixelotto website???

Anonymous said...

Maybe this blog should be called PixelottoDEAD instead of PixelottoLIVE?

Anonymous said...

You mention that if people are looking for a "online casino" they will use google or yahoo".

I don't think the majority of surfers think like that.

Clearly not. After all, it's pure mad coincidence that Google are astonishlingy wealthy from people using their search engine to find goods and services on sale that are useful to the searchers.

Maybe YOU spend all day trawling the web randomly and avoid the direct route, but sadly reality is completely opposite to what you claim.

I think the "Tewed" joke is awesome.

Didn't know Tew had a relative in the BBC. that's handy. getting anything put into teh press is only done by contacts, PR firms charge lots of money for that because the average joe can't access the mainstream media

therefore there is a business opportunity there to remove this bottleneck and inefficiency in the market.

and it ain't pixelotto

seems to be a bit of a feeding frenzy on tew in this blog. Maybe the San (sic) will show a pic of him drinking his "university money" away in a beach somewhere and call it Pixelblotto...

anyway. he still made money and I'm sure he'll learn from something.

In a few years he could be back to square one by spending it all, and be too old to go to college, or even get a job. He'll prop up a bar somewhere and go on about his creativity.

but he is so not a genius of any sort. If he truly understood his business he'd not have started this. note to entrepreneurs : don't get greedy, if it looks like a free lunch it doesn't exist.

but seriously back in the MDHP days, he had a sense of perspective on his blog. but no more than you or I would have had. he just put a laurel crown on his head and started commanding the the tide to stay out til he had his tea.

Anyone seen the old Ealing movie "the Man who could do Anything?

Anonymous said...

Maybe YOU spend all day trawling the web randomly and avoid the direct route, but sadly reality is completely opposite to what you claim.
This is the kidn fo guy that Tew made his money from. An idiot who, against the overwhelming evidence dared to think that his dream was reality.

There really are suckers born every minute, and PL is like a tax on them. same a religion as someone pointed out once, once they get the bee in their bonnet they won't go back.

my old marketing prof explained that as the principle of commitment. Once people decide it may be hard to make them decide, but impossible to get them to reverse their decision. And media hoopla etc stops people thinking and greases the cogs of teh initial decision making. And afterwards when people realise that it was all baloney, they harden in their position.

all good stuff from business schoo1! A lot of people knocking business school here but don't.

Anonymous said...

Give an idiot a fish and they'll eat for a day.

Give an idiot a fishing rod and they'll sell it on ebay, set up a Pixel site and starve to death when the sales don't roll in.

Anonymous said...

I am British like Alex Tew, and I am proud that someone who had no capital was able to make $1M and then even more money from basically doing nothing. He created a one page website and proved that content does not matter. He was able to control the media, and collect more money that the average professional will make in ten years of full time work.

The economy is smaller and different in the UK and here we have very little investment money for anything.

The big US stories like Yahoo!, Google, Amazon were funded with millions at their very beginnings. Even with such large investments many of them lost money, or made very small profits. This is because their business models were very weak (and are still weak).

And after all the criticism of Tew, he has still earned 300K in a few weeks from his latest venture - about 3 years income for someone on a US income and a professional. For someone in the UK, that is about 5 years income.

So praise Tew's work and understand he made a lot of money. When his e-book is published, he will collected a few hundred thousand more or a few million. He will be able to retire at 25 years old, when most professionals are just starting work laden with heavy student debt.

Anonymous said...

You mention that if people are looking for a "online casino" they will use google or yahoo".

I don't think the majority of surfers think like that.

Apologies for not explaining myself more clearly with regards to the above comment. I have no doubt that the majority of people use Google or Yahoo to find what they are looking for (i do myself). Yahoo and google may be the first port of call if you know what your looking for. But what about all those spontaneous "on the spurr of the moment" purchases that are made everyday. Neither google nor yahoo could help you there, because these purchases are on "emotionally linked" not necessarily google or yahoo linked.

Anonymous said...

\\\This is the kidn fo guy that Tew made his money from. An idiot who, against the overwhelming evidence dared to think that his dream was reality.\\\

Tew lived the dream and so it became reality. Doesn't that make you an Idiot for thinkin otherwise?

\\\PL is like a tax on them.\\\

0/10 for creative expression i've heard this pun a million times before. Tew clones ideas. You clone comments, only you are unlikely to earn £150k for that one.

Anonymous said...

Someone said... "But what about all those spontaneous 'on the spurr of the moment' purchases that are made everyday."

So what "spur of the moment" things can you buy on Pixelotto? Usually one of two things...

1) Get-rich-quick scams.

2) Copy-cat Pixel websites.

I think you're just trying to convince yourself that Pixel websites have a sustainable business model.

They simply don't.

Seriously, what could I find on these pixel sites that I cannot find QUICKER and EASIER on a Shopping Directory or Search Engine?

Nothing - that's what.

Anonymous said...

Some one who isn't thinking posted:

"The big US stories like Yahoo!, Google, Amazon were funded with millions at their very beginnings. Even with such large investments many of them lost money, or made very small profits. This is because their business models were very weak (and are still weak)."

So Google has a weak business model?

What planet are you from?

Have a read:

The company made a net profit of $1.03bn (£524.4m) in the last three months of 2006 - compared to $372.2m a year ago.


Anonymous said...

To the person who thinks Tew is good because he made 300k from Pixelotto...

You are failing to see the big picture. Tew had the chance to launch a new company and make ten times that amount. Instead he has wrecked his reputation and instead of make millions has ONLY made 300k!

Anonymous said...

Yes yahoogle can do it quicker and faster but if everyone chose that approach then the World would be a boring place.

Advertisers love gimmicky sites because they keep their brands in the mind of consumers far longer than a yahoogle search can and at a fraction of the cost.
I for one (like it or not) are far more likely to remember Lastminute and bodog etc. than remember my last yahoogle search. So something must be working.

There will always a place for gimmicky sites as they provide a break from the norm.

Long live creative thinking and stuff the norm.

Anonymous said...

"Advertisers love gimmicky sites"


Well, they have certainly stopped "loving" Pixelotto and the dozens of cheap, tacky, rip-off clones.

In fact, many are now wanting a quick divorce.

Alexander said...

"quick divorce" :)))) LOL
I adore reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

I think its about time we take a timeout from slating Mr Tew and reminded ourselves of just how he managed to become so successful in the first place.
An extract from his blog in his own words should be enough to dispell any doubts that we have about his ability to turn this baby around and avoid disaster. Over to Alex:

"The eBook is going to focus on how and why the site worked as well as it did. I've been thinking a lot about that. Some people have some really hilarious conspiracy theories: that perhaps one of my parents worked high up in the media; that I didn't make a million and it's all been an elaborate hoax; that I'm some sort of middle-aged marketing manager, blah blah blah!

Hopefully my eBook will put those stupid ideas to rest, forever.

I will be explaining as best I can why the site worked and how I managed to create so much attention in such a short space of time. Plus I will share what lessons I learnt along the way (there were loads of things I could have done better, times when the whole thing could have collapsed under the weight of its own success, and so on).

But of course, the thing that everybody keeps asking me is how I created so much media attention. I will go into much more depth about how I did that in my eBook, but I will say this: in my view, business success is based on good, unique ideas that are well executed. I had a unique idea (it's novelty central to its success), and I believe I executed it well. This thing didn't just happen by accident - I had to make key decisions at key times to keep the whole thing running and working. My success was unexpected, yes, but not accidental."

Pity he didn't apply all of that knowledge and experience gained in such a short space of time to his latest venture. I wonder how much chapters he has dedicated to Pixelotto?? On the front it might read Success but on the back FAILURE!

Anonymous said...

nice comment :)

Alexander said...

I'll buy his book.
I'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

What book? He has lost about 90% of his "fans" now, so there would be no point in him writing his book. The time to have done that was just after Million Dollar Homepage had sold out. Once again he proves how useless he is by missing the chance of big book sales!

Anonymous said...

It is pretty clear Alex Tew has lost a great deal of respect and his reputation is badly damaged.

I envisage the only people that would by the book are copy-cat Pixel-site owners trying desperately to make a bit of money from their site and people who habitually try "Get Rich Quick" schemes.

Anonymous said...

alexander - if you buy his bullshit you must be fool...

Anonymous said...

i see monkeys writting posts :)

Anonymous said...

Pixelotto was doomed from the beginning for two simple reasons.

1) It is of no value to advertisers. If you buy pixels, the only people clicking on them are people that are only clicking to try and win the prize. They have no interest in whatever website pops up when they click a pixel. All anyone does is click on a pixel, close the window that opens, and click on another pixel. Then repeat.

2. Part of the success of MDHP was that it spread by word of mouth. But with Pixelotto, if I sign up and want to win the money, why in the hell would I tell anyone about it as that will only decrease my chances of winning if other people are playing too.

Considering these two massive flaws in Tew's business plan, Pixelotto was doomed from the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that about 2353 people on Blogs are able to see the glaring flaws in pixel sites, yet the guy who everyone hailed as Pixel Jesus (Alex Tew) couldn't see it. Maybe, just maybe, he isn't so smart after all!

Bob said...

Excellent point no.2 by anonymous above.

While many have pointed out how clicks from pixelotto can't have any value for advertisers, this is the first time I read a comment on how nobody this time will be interested in spreading the word around, as it decreases a player's chance of winning.

When we think of how much MDHP's success was based on "viral marketing" then this flaw that was pointed out above is indeed very important.

pixelya said...

Anonymous said...

"I am British like Alex Tew, and I am proud that someone who had no capital was able to make $1M and then even more money from basically doing nothing."

I thought that making money from doing nothing is a shameful matter!!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the reason of failure.

MDHP had a story. Pixelotto doesn't.

The only story that Pixelotto has, is this blog.

If you don't have a story, then it becomes plain business. And with business, people get more critical and ask value for money.

So, I suggest to Alex Tew to admit that it has been a failure. And that he will do some strange things to get attention.

Maybe it fails, but at least the honest Alex Tew is back and with him the story.

The other option is of course, that he becomes drunk with the money he already have.


Anonymous said...

I think the fact Pixelotto didn't have a story is an additional reason why it failed rather than the only one.

Those of us who are interested in setting up any kind of venture can certainly learn a few things from the Pixelotto failure.

Alex Tew can walk away from this (after meeting his obligations), learn from his mistakes (we all make them after all) and come back with a new idea that proves he is more than a one-hit wonder.

Or, like the previous poster said, waste the money he has and disappear into history.

Ian said...

I am not sute that Pixel ads are dead.. See this site

Anonymous said...

That Million Dollar site looks promising however, not until the accounts of Million Dollar Brands Ltd are examined (which by law, anyone can do) can you be sure they are making decent money.

I could quite easily set up a site, put dozens of logos and links to other sites on it (to generate interest) and sell the remaining space.

If you look at the other three "live" sites, 18 months on, they are not doing quite as well:

Anonymous said...

//Part of the success of MDHP was that it spread by word of mouth. But with Pixelotto, if I sign up and want to win the money, why in the hell would I tell anyone about it as that will only decrease my chances of winning if other people are playing too//

The answer to your question is simple?

If you don't tell anyone about it. Pixelotto will get no traffic, which means no advertisers which means no million dollar payout. And so you may have a big chance of winning a small sum of money.

Whereas if everyone tells everyone then Pixelotto will get tons of traffic, media attention and advertisers will be desperate to grab their piece of the action before the dreaded Last 1000 pixel ebay auction kicks-in and advertisers have to bust the bank just for the privilage.

With the second unlikely scenario you would have a smaller chance of winning a bigger prize.

Being greedy doesn't buy hapiness. So why not share.

Bob said...

To the above:

In reality, a visitor to pixelotto would never engage in that complex analysis.

They simply see the sign "Win 1,000,000" and they just go by that. Nobody will think that they have to take it upon themselves to market the site in order to reach the promised prize.

Theoretically, even if they would think that way, they would not be willing to promote the site for that reason. If they have to work, they'll rather do it for money rather than a chance of winning some more.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Bob on that point, most people have a short attention span and will seek their own personal gain as more important as that of others.

Please note I did say "most people" not all people.

The odds of winning any lottery are pitifully poor, don't forget the draw wont take place until December (at this rate) and will likely fall well short of the $1M jackport mark.

Activity may pick up closer to the draw date, but I'd say with some confidence that in a few months Pixelotto will be long forgotten by most of the players.

Anonymous said...

What's the update with the Paypal refunds?

I take it everyone who bought ads here already filed a dispute with Paypal??

If not, what the heck are you waiting for!!

Hopefully enough advertisers will complain so he gets his account locked (believe me, they WILL lock his account), that way not another person can get ripped off.

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to inform you it's The Year of the Dog and pixel ads are indeed dead.

The Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause are also fake.

Sorry to burst your bubble kid.

Anonymous said...


Could we have a new counter showing "Days since the last sale on Pixelotto" as I think that will be the only counter thats going to have any activity from now on.

I think it's 10 days since the "Tewed" Robot count and 17 or 18 days since the last real sale.

Anonymous said...

Tew lived the dream and so it became reality. Doesn't that make you an Idiot for thinkin otherwise?

Er... Which dream in particular would that be? What I am saying is that people who PUT MONEY INTO PIXEL ADS are wasting it. Clearly Tew made money from it. Hell, I'd like to be Tew right now, loads of money from idiots and no consequences.

\\\PL is like a tax on them.\\\

0/10 for creative expression i've heard this pun a million times before. Tew clones ideas. You clone comments, only you are unlikely to earn £150k for that one.
Probably because I've posted it a few times. Can't copy myself...

Anyhow with respect to all this "you don't make Tew's money so don't criticise, there's a great quote from Shakespeare "May not an ass know when the cart draws the horse?"

Just because I don't have money doesn't make me stupid, nor remove my right to comment. And just because Tew has a million bucks doesn't make him smart or right about anything. Nor does it remove my right to comment.

And that "Tew has cash and you don't so shut up" comment is the second most popular post on this and other sites, i.e. coming in a nose after the "tax on the stupid" one :)

Seems the best that Tew apologisers can come up with is to say "shut up" as opposed to "Actually you guys here's what i think about his business model and / or the reality of the market". You know, debate. Comment. Analysis.

etc etc

Here's another new phrase, apart from tewed, "Binksed", when someone, desperate to associate himself with another's success, latches on to it and praises it religiously without thinking first. This person is also likely to never back down and admit being wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have filed a claim with Paypal for refund a long while ago: it was rejected because one can't dispute an intangible good transaction with Paypal.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tew should be the one to issue the refunds, not Paypal.

Anonymous said...

"Here's another new phrase, apart from tewed, "Binksed", when someone, desperate to associate himself with another's success, latches on to it and praises it religiously without thinking first. This person is also likely to never back down and admit being wrong."

Spot-on, that's a great term.

I've no doubt that all the copy-cat pixel site owners are getting so desperate to get something out of the poor invest of their time and money they simply want to silence critics rather than look at what they can learn from the situation and approach ideas more wisely next time.

Personally I think trying to latch on to anothers' success is a really bad idea, far better to come in with something new, innovative or taking an existing idea and making clear, tangible improvements.

These copy-cat sites do none of those things - all they do is increase supply when there is little demand.

Utterly pointless.

pixelya said...


Could u make a table of advertisers who ask for refund and how mush did they pay in pixelotto?

Alexander said...

I have only 2 or 3 advertisers that gave me such information (regarding asking a refund only).
I've asked a lot of advertisers to give me such info but didn't get any answers :) Seems link they're quite happy with they investments :)))
You can ask Phil about it too - he will tell you the same: nobody didn't gave him any answer on his request.
What about how much did they pay - you can browse my website by advretisers, count pixels and multply'em to $2 (actually I did it already in green colored font):)

Anonymous said...

You're only assuming they are happy with their investment.

Another assumption is that they've just written it off.

If they are happy then the website would clearly be generating plenty of new sales for other advertisers, you and I both know Alex that is not the case - just look at the last few weeks.

Phil said...

A while ago I emailed every advertiser on Pixelotto. About half got back to me, and a lot of them were not happy with their purchase on Pixelotto. However, most didn't feel it was worth taking things further, or they didn't want to been seen as "negative" by speaking out publicly.

Anonymous said...

Alexander, no you are wrong.

Don't assume all advertisers are happy with their "investments" in pixelotto.

Did you ever think advertisers don't want to make a public spectacle of themselves on your blog?

This should be a private matter where people file disputes with paypal and receive refunds.

All of Alex Tew's fans are ready to support him blindly but it seems they forgot the reason why he was a success in the first place was because of the advertisers.

Now Alex Tew is screwing over the very people who made him his riches! Who can honestly support a person like that? If you still say yes, then you are wrong.

Alexander, just remember you didn't earn the visitors to this blog. You rode the coat tails of Alex Tew's success like everyone else.

So do the right thing and use your blog to expose pixelotto for the scam it is.

Micheal said...


so, we have two new terms : tewed and Binksed. Both are tools to help examine the models of businesses that do not deliver tangible value, but excite interest.

Tangible value is something that people agree on using a common shared metric, such as weights, size, returns on investment etc. Intangible value is measured in terms of belief in particular, and also "feel good factor". Not unrelated to dot com hype, or any of its historical predecessors (South sea bubble, Alaskan gold rush etc).

however, tewed and Binksed are measurements after the event, and when it has not worked out well. For example, some PL advertisers are Binksed when when irrationally biased towards defending their expenditures, claiming that a) it was a good investment all along even though no tangible results materialise b) the recipient of cash flows is now wealthy and legally untouchable and c) it's uncreative to criticise. the business model is Tewed when the only defensors are themselves Binksed.

All businesses are concerned with the accumulation of cash and / or other assets convertible to cash, hence the intangible benefits of any phenomenon must lead to, transform to, or be replaced by, tangible benefits in order for iot to qualify as a business. If no such tangible benefits accrue, which would have led to a surplus of cash inflow, then the business model has no more value and is tewed. People who continue to to participate in it regardless of the consistently negative cash flow have been binksed by the business model.

Binksing is in fact a multiphase process, Level One Binksing happens when hype generates interest in an unproven concept. Rather than be seen to be unimaginative, insecure at not having come up with something similar, and kene to touch celebrity, the Level One Binksed person hops on the rapidly-tewing business model bandwagon and encourages others to participate. This delivers a sense of participation in a success story, temporary gratification and vindication of ones worldview. When the underlying reason for this gratification does not transform into a tangible result, the subject moves onto Level Two Binksed, or leaves the tewed model.

Level Two Binksed subjects have realised that the overwhelming majority of public opinion is now against their publicly stated theories and thus they seek to find justification somehow through tangible examples (the Dan Grossman effect) that merely serve to quantify the meagreness of this one-off disaster.

98.7% of all Level Two Binksed subjects move onto Level Three Binksed, which means that the Tewed business model has acquired a saintly character which disallows criticism or indeed objective analysis of any sort. the Level three Binksed subject is so touchy about the festering sore that is the 200 dollars they pumped into this snake oil venture that their behaviour reduces to snapping and threatening critics with heresy.

But there is hope.

"Filatoving", or providing a forum for discussion helps rehabilitate all Levels of Binksed subjects, and even allow a few sneaky Level One Binksed subjects the opportunity to pretend that they knew it was a tewed model all along. A small price to pay to restore sanity to a lucky few. A competent Filatovist will not draw attention to their initial bullish postings, and siply let it slide. Level two Binksed subjects are, however, volatile and seeking to massage their egos could drive them to Level Three. Only those who seek the cure will find it. The rest will move to Level Three and being construction of altars to the founder of the Tewed model.

The story does not end here. Positive aspects of a intangible benefit business model must be identified from the ashes of the tewed model, to identify how future Tews can stop falling down the dizzying slide into laziness and hubris that caused so many waiting victims to reach various levels of Binksedness. Thus future entrepreneurs will be able to identify where to move in order to ultimately deliver tangible benefits to their customers (i.e. conversion to tangible from intangible such as increasing sales) and what to avoid (some sort of extension of the intangible benefits such as the new business model being the same old hokum under another name e.g. the Dan Grossman phenomenon).

Anonymous said...

I think there is a complete fixation with "immediate" tangible results here. If you were looking for instant sales then Pixelotto was never going to be for you in the first place.

Would love to know which advertising medium can produce the immediate, guaranteed, tangible value expected. And all for a measily $200? If anyone can provide an answer please share with us here.
As I'm sure this is the answer to all our problems.

Given pixelotto's poor performance can anyone explain why it in the top 5000 sites in Alexa???

Has anyone actually priced what a link on Pixelotto is actually worth???

Has any advertisers seen an increase in page rank???

I'm not tewed or binksed. Just looking for the bigger picture please!

Alexander said...

Regarding arvertisers' PageRank.
Friend of mine also Pixelotto advertiser and his website got PR4. Here is his website:

Alexander said...

Here is the correct link of website:
Lyrics & Video Collection

Bob said...

The above PR is the result of other links in addition to pixelotto. A site with only a pixelotto link got PR1.

To the comment about what $200 invested advertisement brings immediate returns the answer is easy: PPC. Try Google Adwords.

Problem with Pixelotto it doesn't bring either immediate nor long term returns. Nothing.

Or I should say almost nothing: regarding how much a 100 pixel square (the minimum lot) is worth on pixelotto, this has to be within the $1-$10 range (my estimate is $3) instead of the $200 Mr. Tew is charging for it.

I would say that even at $10, he would have sold out the entire board and make $100,000 within a month. A $100,000 winner would have been made right away, which would have generated added attention and spread the word for round 2.

With round 2, he would probably sell half the board before advertisers realized that it is not a good investement (but at least not a complete rip off).

So pricing it at $10 he would have made at least the same money he made by pricing it at $200, but without completely ruining his reputation.

Bob said...

Amend the above: pricing it at $20, not at $10.

Anonymous said...

(Apologies if this get sposted several times, pressing publish your comment doesn't seem to work....)

I think there is a complete fixation with "immediate" tangible results here.

I think we've just identified a Level Four Binksed...

OK. How about this.

Tew offers his ads for sale and you pay whenever you want. Say, when you actually get some sales in.

Of course A Tew isn't up for anything of the sort and wants cash up front. A sort of "complete fixation with immediate tangible results" as it were. And sayonara to actually delivering on the premise.

Honestly, this approach of "it'll all somehow work out" is the last refuge of a business charlatan.

How about this: cost of capital. An advertiser is financing Tew all the while that the value is not being delivered, that is to say "money up front, nothing delivered in the meantime". There should be a financing charge until the sales kick in. I'm sure he'll be happy to pay. Otherwise a bubble is growing.

Good comments on the pricing BTW, great value-add to this site, hope A Filatov is keeping track of all the useful bits and bobs amidst all the schadenfreude and envy

Anonymous said...

immediate, guaranteed, tangible value expected.

No rational human being would make the above statement. Especially in the context of

And all for a measily $200?

In 4 months of ad campaigns, my firm sold 15,000 USD (equivalent in another currency) of services DIRECTLY through Google Adwords. TOTAL COST of adword campaign, under 15 USD.

MDHP was cool. it was quirky. But it didn't deliver jack.

Why would ANYONE advertise on a PL site? Answer : they have no idea where their business lies, and / or their customers don't know they need it. Hence they need to advertise on a random site that people might visit out of curiosity. Buit at the end of the day, if their product has no value, it will not survive.

You can't be quirky all your life, sooner or later you need to deliver value to a customer.

Hear that, Alex?

Anonymous said...

A four month ad campaign and $15,000 sales for under $15 that is absolutely amazing stuff.
No wonder you want to remain anonymous.
/// No rational human being would believe that this is the norm.///

Nice thought Bob but your figures just don't add up (even after your adjustment). If your credit rating takes a spike after that set of figures just remeber there is a disclaimer on this site.

Even if he charges $20 dollars a square and sells all the squares the max sales he can make is 200k, split50/50 and he is left with 100k max minus overheads i.e server charges etc. He has already made more than 350k in sales. So even if he never sells another pixel he is still better off than the model you are proposing.

Bob said...

My figures do add up:


$200/square x few ads = 300.8k revenue (150.4k prize, 135.4k Tew, 15k charity).

RESULT: Tew pockets 135k with advertisers that previously supported him now furious for this shameless rip off, his reputation completely ruined by not granting refunds and running away with the money in face of this obvious failure.



$20/square x 1 full round = 200k revenue (100k prize, 90k Tew, 10k charity)

$20/square x 1/2 round = 100k revenue (50k prize, 45k tew, 5k charity)

RESULT: Tew pockets 135k, advertisers can't be too angry since at most they have lost a few dollars, his reputation is not completely ruined since PL did what it was supposed to do: a low priced, low profile game that lasted for a couple of rounds and made a couple of happy winners at 100k and 50k each.

Anonymous said...

That is a very sensible way of looking at things and it would have been very cool to have seen Pixelotto run that way! I for one would have taken a $20 advert on it!

Phil said...

Say you are right, and it happened like that...

All that means is that the advertisers would have simply lost a lesser amount of money (no bad thing). It still does not solve the other main issues i.e. the traffic itself is useless, etc.

Unfortunately the Pixelotto concept sucks regardless of the money paid to be part of it ;)

Bob said...

Yes, it wouldn't have solved problems for advertisers. Only minimized them.

micheal said...

A four month ad campaign and $15,000 sales for under $15 that is absolutely amazing stuff.
No wonder you want to remain anonymous.
Actually, it's because for some reason the blogger id wouldn't let me publish the comment, some bug int eh system, I had to use anonymous, I'm micheal from postings above.

and it's not so difficult, simply have a service that people want, and one that they search the internet for. focus on your target customer group.

Oh yeah, and not a dollar a pop kind of product either ... :) I got overall about 20 customers, 15 of which were in one group.

But they all looked in teh same palce for their goods and services, Google. And they all trusted the ads that came up as being relevant so they clicked. And then the website laid out clearly the value proposition and had contact details. And they called and we said "come in for a chat". And they came in and we demonstrated competence and understanding, and also gave away a valuable little freebie. and they got back to us and said right-oh, we'll be your client.

and we delivered and they were very happy.

Now, imagine if Nero Tew in his ivory tower of diminishing savings acted like that, he'd be a real business person.

god, when I think of the platform he had, the credibility, the vast opportunity, there was so much he could have done. And all he did was pick his nose between pints and asy "ahhhh, same again. Woo-hoo! I drive a mini! Parp Parp! damn I'm smart..."

As SoulIISoul once said, don't believe the hype is a sequel

Anonymous said...

Some great points in there MichaeL. Tell me have you seen that new film where everything revolves around the number 23. I think you could write a sequel based on the number 15. :)

Micheal said...

Commment number 99 coming up. Who'll break the magic 3 digits?

Some great points in there MichaeL. Tell me have you seen that new film where everything revolves around the number 23. I think you could write a sequel based on the number 15. :)

what's that movie? I'm sure I could whip up a script in no time. Damn, I can go on and on...

Anyhow. Fifteen.

in the early days of Chaos that followed the birth of universe 15, the fifteen subatomic particles that would ultimately decide all life forms in the fifteen dimensions of the Quintadecaverse combined in one fifteen millionth of a second to form a strange fifteen heavy boson.

this became the building block for the fifteen gods that brought Order to Chaos, with ,....

AAHHHH I get it, 15k for 15 bucks and 15 clients...

FREEAAKKYYYY... didn't spot it til now

can't wait til 30 kicks in!!

thanks... I think....

Is fifteen some sort of lucky prime combination... five times three... next combination is seven times five times three...

a Hundred and Five

Yoo hoo, Alex, the secret is do everything in terms 105!!!

but will he listen? will he ever...

Anonymous said...

Big 100 coming right up!.

Great answer Michael well impressed. If only Tew had twisted your creative melon then it could have all been so different. 100 and-not-out.

Alexander said...

101! Ha-ha :)

Micheal said...

If only Tew had twisted your creative melon then it could have all been so different. 100 and-not-out.

Ah, I'll twist my own melon... Not sure I want Alex laying his hands on it...

actually, sent him some emails back in the MDHP day along with several hundred other fans I'm sure, basically throwing out some ideas for how to make the rather intangible asset he owned (his perceived midas touch) into a more tangible one (getting involved in more bricks and mortar stuff that thrives on cool and word of mouth.

But I guess they either went into the spam bucket, loony bin, or "too much hard work for a genius like me" one.

ah well. he has cash, and could do with a bit of discipline now. in fact if he set up a stall in a local market in his town he'd learn everything there is to know about running a basic business. I've often reduced products and services to the basic mediaeval paradigm of putting up your stall in a market place and getting people to check out your goods. Expect to have to actively sell. Expect to haggle. Don't expect your customer to be stupid. Don't think you have a right to anything, only a right to try and sell. Remember that if your product is useful people will set up stalls just like yours and shout out to the crowd as well. If not, there's a reason as to why you're the only one in the market place. Personality goes a long way in selling, people like to help out people they like, don't underestimate that. All marketplaces crowd after a while, get used to it. Grow or watch your market share decrease naturally. Expect changing times to change markets. Be different, but relevant. And finally, very importantly, people are not stupid.

Ah, if Oprah could hear me now...

Anonymous said...

Its time that people come up with a new idea instead of selling pixels. Recently saw , it's the top of the internet or highest place of the internet. It's a place where you can place banners. What do you think about it? I think it's a funny idea.