Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Total selling action

Guys, I've added total selling action graph.
Selling Icon by pixelottoreport.com

Pixelotto total selling action
Feel free to comment this trend.


Anonymous said...

The massive sales at the start make it a bit hard to see the smaller sales that come after, but still good work on making the graph!

pixelya said...

I am happy that you liked my idea of that diagram. You see, now the whooooooole picture became extremely clear. Even a blind person can see to where is pixelotto going.

Marc said...

Nice to see an overview like this by showing the graph (I was just thinking about such a thing this morning).

However, why not show the sales from the very beginning? That would describe the tendency to what we have today the best.

Just my $0.02

Alexander said...

I've removed first day of pixelottoreport.com start because it was 89K pixels sold already.
Beacause of this amount graph looks very unreadable.
All 100-pixel sellings were to close to zero line.
Another point is that pixelottoreport has started from 6th of December 2006 but Pixelotto.com has started from 4th of December (if I'm not mistaken)