Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good objective point from Anonymous

Very good objective point!
The biggest (February 6, 2007 4:15 AM) comment from anonymous

I do not know if Alex Tew will refund all of the advertisers.
Personally I want him to reach the $2,000,000 point - this will be good for all advertisers too.

Pixelotto only needs GOOD promotion on mass media to reach the goal.
I'd like to hear Alex's opinion regarding Pixelotto situation.
1. How much does it costs to buy promotion campaign?
Alex has money to launch such campaign and
2. Why doesn't he invest in the promotion campaign?
This is interesting because this investment will return quickly.
3. And after promotion Pixelotto will get positive feedback from majority of advertisers
Is that important enought?

I'd love to get Alex's answer or opinion or even simple message here in the blog or by email alex@pixelottoreport.com :)
Of cause I don't publish answer without approval.


Hug said...

I don't think this is such a good point.

There is instead an excellent comment that was written by another anonymous. This should deserve a post itself:

The MDHP was a one-off, a fluke, a novelty, unique and with a slightly noble mission (to pay for a guy to go through university).

Alex left Uni early on the back of the success of MHDP and banked a fair bit of money as a result. At this point he had the chance to climb to great heights.

Many of us were pleased to see a guy make a lot of cash in a short amount of time, just to know it is possible.

We then waited to see what he'd come up with next.

Alex came back with basically the same idea all over again but at twice the price! It seemed badly thought out at the time and the fact it is dying slowly is proving that to be the case.

His best chance of coming out of this with some of his reputation intact is to close Pixelotto, refund everybody, lay low for a while think up something entirely different.

Hopefully two things will come out of this:

1) Unhappy advertisers will receive refunds.
2) Alex Tew wont destroy his reputation.

Best wishes to you all.

P.S. I didn't advertise on either the MHDP or Pixelotto - I am simply an objective observer of both.


hug said...

Sorry Alex, you can edit the above comment: I didn't realize we were referring to the same comment.

In any case I meant to say that the point made by anonymous is excellent, but I don't see how your blog post is related to it.

No advertising investment that Alex Tew can afford can transform this bad pixelotto idea in a good one. So we are really back to the point made by anonymous, with some modifications: admit the mistake, refund all advertisers who have asked for a refund (not all advertisers regardless), sell out pixelotto ltd to his partners (he can't close the site since he promised to give whatever price it reaches), and then lay low (and I would add go and get the University degree he asked money for through MDHM) and eventually come up with something completely different in a few years once he has graduated.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in my mind that Pixelotto could be saved. But is Alex Tew the man to do it? I am not so sure now.

I doubt that a big promotional campaign could save him either. Pixelotto has already received more than its fair share of free publicity a million dollars worth easy. Spend another million on promotion and where would Alex be?? Back to (10 x 10) pixel square one, I expect.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can't believe Alex Tew is still taking the occasional $200 from people signing up now. That is shocking! What sort of clicks are they going to get? It is bad enough that he took the money from the original advertisers, but for him to keep taking money now that the site is finished - that is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Alex Tew can't stop pixelotto because of legal issues.

Some people are clicking each day, if you stop and pay back all the advertisers, this is disadvantegous for those people. So, Alex has to drag this to December.

By the way, with the low number of clickers and still the possibility of winning 150k dollar, it is a rather good thing to click. Probably much better then any other lotto.


Anonymous said...

why did the prize fund go up yesterday but your site says nobody bought pixels?

Alexander said...

My website counts ad blocks on the board and calculates pixels.
But not the prize fund.

Anonymous said...

so the prize fund went up even when nobody bought pixels?

Anonymous said...

Look at this advertiser trying to get his money back from his advert on Pixelotto by trying to sell it!


I think he should ask for $20 for the advert, as that is all it is worth!

Alexander said...

It's up to Pixelotto website - not mine.
My website calculates only ad blocks :)

pixelya said...

I agree with those how say :

1 – the pixelotto problem lays in the idea it self
2 – Nooooooo advertising campaign could rescue pixelotto even if he spend two million dollars
3 – Alex can not stop pixelotto because of legal issues

I would like to add :
1 – Alex will never refund the advertisers.
2 – If he refunds one advertiser, all of them will ask for refund.
3 – Do not forget the (Clickers) they have legal eights here. They expect a draw and a prize that is equal to half of sold blocks
4 – pixelotto fall into "coma" now and I guess they will announce her death soon.
5 - For sure there are ways to rescue pixelotto, but not advertising

Anonymous said...

i really wonder what will happen to the prize fund after this obvious failure of the page.

i honestly think that alex is not such a player to play it honestly even in case of failure. i think he'll keep the money for himself. for example he'll select a prize winner that cannot receive funds - find some loophole for the bank transfer and declare that there has been no winner and keep the money.

it's quite obvious that he doesn't want to part with the money he earned so far by investing it into advertising pixelotto (as he obviously should by sales reports).

this is just a thought of course, he may be honest enough to live up to his claims but... we'll see. in any case i've given up visiting pixelotto page even though i clicked hundreds of ads because i honestly believe that none of this money will be ever won by anyone except alex.

Anonymous said...

Or he might select as a winner his aunt, cousin, friend... whatever. That would keep him on a "honest" side in the eyes of the public :)

Even if he needs to split the share by 50% he still gets quite a lot back. Let's see if the "winner" will be someone from UK or some another country - that will be more than enough as a "proof".

Anonymous said...

With regards to the anomalies between the Pixels Sold and the Prize Fund, I'm wondering if its some cynical attempt to make it look like there are some sales happening.

This could be done to try and stimulate some interest within advertisers so they cough up some more cash.

Bearing in mind the fact that some large adverts "disappeared" soon after the site was launched - there does seem to be a few dubious tricks being used.

If Alex Tew really believed in Pixelotto he would fork out a lot of cash to promote it, after all it could make him a multi-millionaire within a few years - the fact he hasn't done this shows Alex Tew himself lacks belief in Pixelotto.

That begs the question, if Alex Tew doesnt believe in Pixelotto, how will anybody else?

Anonymous said...

Those are some very good points!

Anonymous said...

Yeah this has got to be some of the most constructive discussion I've heard since this blog started.

However to say that Alex is likely to fix the lottery draw to his own advantage is O.T.T and slanderous to say the least. Besides it would be classed as fraud in the UK and could land him in the jailhouse.

As for Alex's committment to the job. Well for me it all became crystal clear when he said (pre launch) "I don't intend to sell pixels all my life." Doesn't that say it all.

Anonymous said...

actually, by stopping selling pixels, and then giving away a cheque for 150k that would probably make the news. It's always newsworthy when someone who has done bugger all gets a whole load of cash for nothing. People love it, they get to hate and envy the person at the same time and rant about it in pubs.

then people would come visit this site and that at least would improve traffic. however, traffic for its own sake is a waste of money for all concerned, advertisers want you to actually visit their site and check them out.

the THING ABOUT THIS SITE IS... people don't care what's on the other side of the link, that was sdifferent with MDHP. And I would never EVER click on an ad for an online casino. If I WANTED one i'd google one.

Good old google, keeps on working...

Alexander said...

Great idea with cheque for 150K!
This would be shocked news if someone not related to Alex Tew or his family will win this Lottery round!

Anonymous said...


then Mr Tew could extricate himself from this, and in a TV interview talk about business lessons learned and the dangers of intransigence in Internet Time, and how the internet community in a sense got behind him by suggesting it and ra ra ra ra ra ra

startups are meant to be flexible and creative, not clinging desperately to the same single idea. No doubt his mum tells him not to listen to those bad people and continue to take the cheques. Fine, if you have no idea how to vault over obstacles and continue with the slow and steady wins the race mentality.